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20 Best Horror Games Like Dead By Daylight [2023 List]

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical online survival horror game that took over the multiplayer horror scene since its debut in 2016. In this game, the killer is hunting for survivors, and the survivors must avoid him.

They should work together to escape from the killer and turn on the five generators. Generally, survival horror games are always exciting to make your heart beat faster.

Are horror fans looking for horror escape games like Dead by Daylight? Here is a list of games like Dead by Daylight that you can enjoy.

1. Deceit


Deceit is an excellent game like Dead by Daylight since it uses the same concept of players needing to escape from an enemy of some sort. The game is divided into the camps of the infected and the innocents. There are two phases of turning on the lights. When the lights are turned on, the infected need to use actions or voices to confuse the innocents.

At night, they become terrifying monsters and kill humans; the goal of the innocents is to live. In the end and escape to life! The game requires 5-6 players, of which there are two infected, and they can enjoy a real role-playing game in a terrifying and exciting atmosphere in 5-10 minutes.

2. White Noise 2

White Noise 2

White Noise 2 is a 4 Vs. 1 asymmetric horror game that allows you to either become part of an investigative team or control the creature and devour them. You can also become one of the four investigators who should work together to find their way out. You will have to collect eight clues to perform an ancient ritual that will keep the arcane asleep while fending off the creature that hunts you. Remember to carry your flashlight with you because light stuns the monsters lurking in the dark. If you die, you can rise as a ghost with enhanced abilities and help the remaining investigators accomplish their mission.

As the creature, your work is to stalk your prey and hunt them without getting noticed. You'll have to stay away from your flashlights and do everything possible to divide them, making them easy prey. White Noise 2 is a great game that will remind you heavily of Dead by Daylight with its adrenaline-pumping gameplay.

3. Friday The 13th: The Game

Friday The 13th- The Game

Friday The 13th: The Game is an intense and terrifying game that puts players in both the shoes of the good and bad guys. In this game, you can play Jason Voorhees, the most famous killer in horror. As Jason, you will have various abilities to track, hunt, and kill your prey in the most brutal way possible.

Friday The 13th: The Game is also an 8 vs. 1 game where you join six other unlucky souls to escape and survive against the player in control of Jason. With enough tools available in the game, you can prove that you have what it takes to survive against the most brutal killer in horror cinema.

4. Identity V

Identity V

Identity V is a 4 Vs. 1 game that you get to play as either a Survivor or a Hunter. Survivors have to collaborate to make it out of the trap-filled dungeons. To do that, they should secure the cipher towers scattered across the environment.

After all the towers have been decoded, the gateway to safety is revealed, and the Survivors can escape. As a Hunter, your work is to stop all this from happening. You'll have to hunt them down before they reach the exit and make it out alive.

5. Hide Or Die

Hide Or Die

Hide or Die is a large-scale multiplayer horror game that takes you into a world corrupt with darkness. Players start as survivors, but as the game progresses, darkness consumes some players and makes them join the dark side. Therefore, you can either be a survivor or a hunter.

Survivors must locate abandoned extractors, turn them on, and escape before darkness consumes them. You can set traps and run as fast as possible to ensure that you do not meet your certain death. Those consumed by darkness become terrifying killers whose objective is to kill and stop the survivors from escaping.

6. Depth


In this game, four divers on the treasure hunt must protect themselves and their robot companion from terrifying sharks that try to stop them from achieving their mission. You can play as one of the divers on a mission to collect as much treasure as possible from the ocean floor or a man-eating shark. The more treasure you collect, the more money you get to buy advanced tools and weapons to give you a chance against the two sharks.

Imagine playing as a shark. You have full control of the waters, and with your abilities and speed, the divers cannot hide from you for long.

7. Hunt: Showdown

Hunt- Showdown

Hunt: Showdown is a first-person PvP bounty hunting game with heavy PvE elements that will keep you glued to your screen. You take the role of a bounty hunter who has to explore and clear the swampy area of Louisiana Bayou of its monsters.

This game is more exciting because other players have also been given the same task. Therefore, everyone wants to fulfill their bounty to earn experience points and other rewards. Other players will try to track you and steal your bounty or gun you down. Hunt: Showdown is a great game that you can play alone or in teams of two to three players.

8. Last Year: The Nightmare

Last Year- The Nightmare

Last Year: The Nightmare was a multiplayer game at Lakewood High School on a Halloween night in 1996. In this game, serial killers are chasing after you as you try to escape from your high school. You can choose to either play as one of the teenagers being chased or the killers hunting them.

The five teenagers must team up to defeat the evil that haunts their school. They will have to come together and complete the objectives that will make them escape their pursuer. You can also choose to play as one of the three available murderous and torment the other players in this chilling game.

9. Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2 is a cooperative action horror FPS that takes you to the zombie apocalypse with many choices on how and what you can play. In Left 4 Dead 2, you can choose to be a survivor and take down monsters as you explore the vast cities, swamps, and cemeteries.

You will be one of the four new survivors who use classic weapons and firearms to take the monsters after them. You can play as a monster in the player versus player mode and taunt your opponents. This game promises a satisfying and uniquely challenging experience that will blow your mind.

10. The Evil Within

The Evil Within

The Evil Within is a survival horror video game brought to light by Shinji Mikami, the legendary creator of Resident Evil. In this game, detective Sebastian Castellanos, during an investigation, finds himself in a deranged world where hideous creatures wander among the dead.

You'll play as Sebastian, who must survive and thrive in the horror around him. You will have limited resources at your disposal and face dangerous traps and encounters that require you to use your wits to not only survive but also manage your resources. The Evil Within is one of the best survival horror games that a Dead by Daylight fan will enjoy.

11. Secret Neighbor

Secret Neighbor

Secret Neighbor is an asymmetrical multiplayer spin-off of the popular survival horror series Hello Neighbor. In this game, a group of kids sneaks into their creepy neighbor's home to rescue their friend, whom they believe had been kept prisoner. However, they will have to find six scattered keys to reach his basement. Unknowingly, they proceed with one of the kids in the group being the neighbor in disguise.

He uses his abilities to shapeshift and take the form of one of the kids. Therefore, he tries his level best to prevent them from getting into his house's lower chambers so that they do not succeed in their mission. He separates the group to have an easy time eliminating them one by one.

12. Crawl


Crawl is a chilling game that combines asymmetrical multiplayer with crawling in dungeons/. It allows up to 4 players to compete for the hero title. When the game begins, one player is given the role of a hero while the other three players become ghosts. The hero must make their way through randomly generated dungeons with deadly traps and scary monsters.

Ghosts have the power to steal the hero's humanity by killing him and making him a ghost. The killer will then emerge as the new hero. Therefore, the main aim of Crawl is for players to maintain their humanity in all ways possible.

13. In Silence

In Silence

In Silence is a multiplayer horror game where one player plays as Rake the monster while the other group of 2-6 players plays as survivors. Even though the monster has poor eyesight, he has hypersensitive hearing that helps him track his prey. Rake can hear the slightest noise over huge distances and uses his incredible speed to pursue his prey.

The survivors must try to escape or try to hunt Rake down. When you play as a survivor, you can only use proximity voice chat to coordinate with the other survivors. However, the tricky part is that voice chat makes noise. With Rake's hypersensitive hearing, they must try their best to coordinate without making too much noise.

14. Devour


Devour is a survival game that revolves around a scary cult leader who wants to drag you to hell. A maximum of four players must coordinate and work together to stop possessed cultists before dragging them to hell. To stop the cult leader, players must look for locked doors and key items that can be used to exorcise the demon that possessed Anna's body.

These items include gasoline, a ritual goat, and a fire pit randomly placed in the game. Search for them while you are on the lookout for Anna, who does a good job killing her victims.

15. GTFO


GTFO is an explosive shooter game with a terrifying atmosphere and creatures to fight. You play as one of the four prisoners dropped into the Rundown, where they are trapped in a decayed research facility with all sorts of horrifying creatures.

You will have a series of expeditions that take you deeper into the research facility. Together with your team, you'll descend level by level, looking for tools and weapons that can help you make your escape. Players are required to complete all their expeditions for them to fulfill the Work Order, clear the Rundown and free themselves.

16. Predator: Hunting Grounds

Predator Hunting Grounds

Predator: Hunting Grounds is an action-oriented asymmetrical multiplayer game where an elite squad of soldiers fights against a powerful alien hunter. In this game, four players play like soldiers on a mission in a remote jungle location but face off a deadly predator who tries to prevent them from achieving their objective.

The predators have highly advanced weapons that allow them to become invisible, jump greater distances and quickly kill anything that stands their way. The soldiers have to use their weapons and teamwork to stand a chance against the threat that stands in their way.

17. Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2

Killing floor 2 is a survival horror FPS game that takes players into continental Europe, where an outbreak caused by rogue elements of Horzine Corporation causes mayhem and paralyzes the European Union. This game allows up to six players to battle their way through massive maps.

You'll join a group of civilians and mercenaries to fight the outbreak, rescue prisoners, and locate the origin of the scary monsters. After collecting the specimens, you'll have to survive the zed-laden hot zones by exterminating them.

18. Dread Hunger

Dread Hunger

Dread Hunger is a game of survival and betrayal that splits players into innocent humans and deadly predators. This game features eight explorers who must guide their ship through the brutal and unforgiving Arctic. In this game, you'll have to build fires, fend off wolves and hunt for food to survive.

Unluckily, two of your crew members call on dark powers t undermine them and work against you. These traitors use various tricks to separate players, place traps, and even kill them. You can also choose to betray your friends by feeding them tainted food, luring them into animal attacks, or just shooting them.

19. Propnight


Propnight is a 4 Vs. 1 game that features a prop hunt mixed with classic horror survival. This game takes you to a small town where teenagers keep disappearing. In this game, players can turn into any prop to hide from the killers.

You can, therefore, disguise yourself as a chair, barrel, and any other item to hide and escape from whoever is pursuing you. While doing this, players will have to utilize voice communication and work together to repair the prop machines that help them escape.

20. Phasmophobia


Phasmophobia is a thrilling game that allows up to 4 players to track and hunt ghosts and other supernatural beings. In this game, you must take pictures of the ghosts or demons and escape before it kills you. Players are equipped with limited items making communication and coordination vital in making progress.

Even though players cannot play as a monster, a player is free to sabotage their team's strategies to make them lose. After playing Dead by Daylight, it's time to go ghost hunting in this popular intense survival game.