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15 Post-Apocalyptic Games like Fallout Shelter (2023 Ranked)

Vault Dweller is the leader and Overseer of Vault, a place where a small number of citizen residents reside. It is under the ground to remain protected from the danger of the Wasteland.

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Game name Fallout Shelter
Game type Simulation, tycoon
Opener Bethesda Game Studios, Behaviour Interactive
Gaming Platform iOS, Android, PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Tesla Arcade
Publish time June 14, 2015

Background: The nuclear events on this earth have led to a post-apocalyptic world. Humanity faces a new threat after their beautiful earth has turned into Wasteland. People must adapt and stand firm to survive.

Mode: Fallout Shelter is a survival economy-management type of game. Meaning there is no ending to the game. You can keep playing as long as you want, but it is important that you keep your dwellers happy and fed. There are sources that you need to manage, and they are food, power, and water.

Price: Fallout Shelter is completely free-to-play on all platforms.

Several players: Fallout Shelter is a single-player game.

Main features:

  • Attract dwellers to settle in your Vault
    Look after your people, then assign them to their perfect careers.
  • Build suitable rooms underground for the citizens to live and work in.
  • Defend your vault from dangerous creatures that lurk in the Wasteland.
  • Balance your resources and build a thriving community.

1. Rimworld


Opener Ludeon Studios, Tynan Sylvester
Gaming Platform Xbox One, PlayStation 4, macOS, Linux, Microsoft Windows, and Macintosh operating systems
Publish Time 4 November 2013

A shipwreck in a foreign world has led three individuals to start their settlements hoping for survival. Rimworld is a colony simulation game with an AI narrative. This intelligent AI is capable of creating new stories based on many in-game features, keeping this world of survival dynamic and fun.

As a player, you will have hundreds of tasks to complete. Oversee your people and manage the resources. Build bases and create relationships between colonists. Watch them build families and populate settlements while fighting against predators and horrifying large insects.

2. Frostpunk


Opener 11 Bit Studios
Gaming Platform PlayStation 4, Android, Xbox One, Macintosh operating systems, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Xbox Cloud Gaming
Publish Time 24 Apr 2018

While it might be intriguing to discover the story of how this world became entirely frozen, one thing remains more critical, your survival. If you want to find answers, then you better find a method to generate heat in this cold and cruel world. Frostpunk is a society survival game created with fantastic particle effects and graphics.

You aim to keep your people alive from the cold and natural disasters. Not only do you need to worry about heat, but you must also worry about every other aspect of building a society. Hunger, crimes, faith, you will be the one deciding the path of your people, play endlessly, and see where your decisions take you.

3. This War of Mine

This War of Mine

Opener 11 Bit Studios
Gaming Platform Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S
Publish Time 14 Nov 2014

Isn’t war an awful thing? Well, now you can experience it in a way you would never anticipate before! This War of Mine is another game made by 11 Bit Studios. It starts with a single soldier in a besieged city, trying to scavenge and find a way to survive. Still, later, he encounters innocent citizens suffering from the current war, having nowhere to live after their houses get destroyed.

Now, you must take them in and work together as a group to survive the harsh reality of this war. Lack of food, medicine, and safety will affect all survivors; your job is to provide for and protect the innocents. Brewery and murderous snipers can be found all around the place. One bullet is all it takes.

4. Sheltered


Opener Team 17 Digital Limited
Gaming Platform iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, and Macintosh operating systems
Publish Time 4 August 2015

Sheltered is a survival post-apocalyptic game that takes place after millions of people died in a nuclear holocaust. Sheltered has humble textures but an excellent gameplay experience. It sets up the atmosphere correctly for the player to understand that if he doesn’t keep going forward, all hope is lost. In Sheltered, you will have to build your base while scavenging for items outside your safe home.

You must protect your family from the cruel world while providing them with resources. The more you work efficiently, the stronger you and your family, eventually becoming able to survive without much struggle.

5. Wasteland Survival

Wasteland Survival

Opener Joyloft Co., Limited
Gaming Platform Microsoft Windows, macOS
Publish Time 4 Jun 2019

Wasteland Survival is another post-apocalyptic survival game, but this time, it was because of a sudden virus spread that caused people to become undead, in other words, Zombies! Your warm, peaceful and calm neighborhood has turned into a graveyard because of the outbreak.

It is your job to keep yourself alive long enough to keep humanity’s hope lit. Perhaps mankind will overcome this apocalypse and bring civilization back again. For the time being, start gathering resources, create tools, craft weapons and adopt a new companion to help you survive this journey. Your dog will be your best friend, kill zombies and keep your base safe.

6. Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid

Opener The Indie Stone
Gaming Platform Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Macintosh operating systems
Publish Time 8 Nov 2013

Although this game was released in late 2013, it didn’t receive much popularity until recently. Project Zomboid is a survival game set in an apocalyptic world. The game is a 2D open world with a realistic surviving experience. As you spawn for the first time in a random house, you will have nothing on you except your outwear. Your next goal is to secure food and water, but if you’re unlucky, you won’t find what you need in the first house. Breaking into houses can sometimes require breaking glass.

You must remove the broken glass before entering the household. Otherwise, you will cut yourself. Zombies are everywhere, like, seriously! A single sound you make will attract them. Keeping the house lights on will attract them. Killing another zombie will attract them. Using guns in this game is suicide. Project Zomboid is still in Alpha, but it has been growing, becoming rich in content, and showing great potential.

7. Oxygen Not Included

Oxygen Not Included

Opener Klei Entertainment
Gaming Platform MacOS, Linux, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems, Classic Mac OS
Publish Time 30 Jul 2019

Oxygen Not Included is a space-colony sim game hinted at in the product title. Oxygen is the most important requirement for mankind’s survival. The lack of Oxygen will prove to be a huge threat to+ your space colony, as well as the absence of warmth and other factors. You must build a base for the people and expand it, not only for survival but for productivity.

This space colony has a chance to thrive and build a whole new civilization! By controlling and managing all resources, it is your job to remain calm under stress. All the people are counting on you, and you must keep them somehow amused.

8. 7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die

Opener The Fun Pimps
Gaming Platform PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Xbox Cloud Gaming
Publish Time 13 December 2013

7 Days to Die is one of the most popular survival games ever made. Although the game received some criticism for the way it started to shape and change, it remained a survival, base-building game that is worth mentioning on this list. Isn’t much known about the story of the game, but everything started with the declaration of a nuclear war. This war has caused corpses to rise from the dead.

The player will have to live in a post-apocalyptic world. There are only a few lands left on this planet that are fit for human survival. By occupying those lands, you must protect yourself from zombies while also building a base and keeping your human needs met. One last note to keep in mind, on the 7th day, a horde of zombies will attack you; they will be able to climb, dig and destroy anything in their path to get to you; good luck!

9. Banished


Opener Shining Rock Software
Gaming Platform Microsoft Windows
Publish Time 18 February 2014

You might wonder why Banished is on the list, considering that it doesn’t take place in a post-apocalyptic world. Banished is a city-building game that was developed by a single person. It deserves the honor of being on the list because of how engaging it is. Alongside the hundred mods created for this game, you must take control and manage your settlement, then turn it into a vast city. Banished will prepare you for any other colony-sim game.

Educate your people, gather food in spring and save it for winter, chop down wood and turn it into charcoal. Brewery of disease as they can spread if corpses are not dealt with. Do not overpopulate your people. Otherwise, you will run out of food, and citizens will die from hunger. Banished will remain one of the best city-building games of all time.

10. Kenshi


Opener Lo-Fi Games
Gaming Platform Microsoft Windows
Publish Time 20 March 2013

Kenshi is an RPG-focused game where you can play in a massive open world and become whatever type of individual you wish to be. Kenshi puts you in a complex survival world because the possibility of you becoming overpowered with stats is not a feature.

Every other individual you meet can rival you, whether a trader, a farmer, a traveler, or a warlord, especially a warlord. Inside this game, you’re free to recruit new men and train them up to form a small party of a Warband, depending on the training they had. Together as a group, you can become strong, and the survival elements of the game will become less harsh.

11. Timberborn


Opener Mechanistry
Gaming Platform Microsoft Windows, and Macintosh operating systems
Publish Time 15 Sep 2021

Timberborn is a recently released game that is still in early access. The game would revolve around the planet if mankind were to become extinct. What would happen if humans no longer existed? Well, have no fear because your Lumberpunk beavers are here.

Those animals will take the role of humans by building cities again. They might be small animals but do not underestimate their carpenter skills! As a player, manage those hard workers and create new settlements, then expand them into more significant settlements. Try to use the terrain in your favor. Adapt to the landscape and achieve a thriving community!

12. Endzone – A World Apart

Endzone - A World Apart

Opener Gentlymad Studios
Gaming Platform Microsoft Windows
Publish Time 2 April 2020

After getting an idea of how to manage cities, settlements, and probably civilizations as well, it is time to come back to the post-apocalyptic genre when a global catastrophe has put the world into chaos. In 2021, humanity almost went extinct, but likely a small group of people was able to escape to the Endzones.

Inside those underground locations, humanity was able to survive, and after more than 100 years, they returned to the surface of the earth. As their leader, you must build cities for them again and manage the power and other resources. The earth has become harsher than it ever had before. The weather conditions are much more unsuitable for human survival. What will you do to build back the home humanity lost?

13. The Forest

The Forest

Opener Endnight Games
Gaming Platform PlayStation 4, Android, Microsoft Windows
Publish Time 30 May 2014

The best cooperative survival horror game ever made. The Forest has unique original soundtracks, a fantastic storyline that goes deep into history, and survival mechanics that you will not find in any other game. After a sudden plane crash, you find yourself regaining your consciousness inside the plane's remains.

However, your son Timmy is missing, and you must find him to ensure his safety. As you discover your surroundings, you will realize that the plane has crashed onto a small island inhabited by cannibalistic tribes. Cut down trees, gather sticks and stones, craft weapons and tools, build your base and defend it with walls, and try your best to survive, all while tailing down your missing son.

14. Raft


Opener Redbeet Interactive
Gaming Platform Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems, Linux
Publish Time 23 May 2018

The surface of the planet has turned into pure water. It is unknown how this natural disaster came to be, but cities have drowned, and mountains have become islands. Raft is a survival ocean game that puts the player in a harsh situation. The player starts on a small, weak, and shallow wooden raft. They must collect resources from the sea to expand their raft as it will become their only home.

However, sharks and other dangerous creatures will hunt the player down. Crafting a spear should keep them safe, but they have a bigger problem. Hunger and Thirst are lethal, and if they are not satisfied, then the player will find themselves done for in no time.

15. Satisfactory


Opener Coffee Stain Studios
Gaming Platform Microsoft Windows
Publish Time 19 March 2019

Satisfactory is a single/multi-player game on a foreign planet. This first-person game provides complete freedom in exploring the planet alongside fighting mechanics. To thrive on this new planet, you must build new factories from scratch.

But once your factory starts running, you can turn nature into large numbers of factories that will keep you rich by living in a modern state again. Look out for new materials that can be used. Remember, it is a new planet, and you will never know what mother nature has in hiding. Fortunately, you can always invite your friends to help you with these tasks.