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20 Best Dynamic Shooter Games Like Halo

Are you looking for action games that you can play during your free time? These games like Halo will add you some wisdom on how to handle world problems.

Game name Halo
Game type First-person shooter, Real-time strategy, Twin-stick shooter, Arcade game
Opener Bungie, Ensemble Studios, 343 Industries, Creative Assembly
Gaming Platform Xbox, Windows, macOS, Xbox 360, Windows Phone, iOS, Xbox One, Arcade, Xbox Series X/S
Publish time 2001/11/15

Background: Halo Infinite is one of the best games of all time. It is a top-tier shooter game with a unique storyline, a strong campaign, and multiplayer mechanics. Previously,  the forerunners were in charge of the region.

However, the precursors were against the Forerunners. They wanted them out of power so the human race could have it. A battle led to the extinction of the precursors. A spore was left, the only hope of repopulating the precursors.

However, it made a parasite known as the flood, which made the forerunners fight it. This was a great battle. After the rediscovery of the Halo rings, it set the humans against the covenant.

Master Chief and Cortana, the A.I., tried their best to destroy the Halo ring to stop the Covenant and the flood threat. Will they manage to save humanity?

Mode: Freed, arena, big team, and Spartan.

Price: $39.99

Number of players: Multiplayer

Main Features

  • It’s a game about humans versus aliens.
  • Game based on battling enemies and claiming victory.
  • A wide variety of soundtracks.
  • Allows switching between graphics, old to the new mode.
  • Customize your mission playlists.

If you love such gameplay, you will love these other games like Halo Infinite. They all have similar gameplay and challenges. Toughen up and start playing!

1. Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal --9

Opener Bethesda Softworks
Gaming Platform PlayStation 4, Stadia, Windows, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S
Publish Time 2020/03/20

Doom Eternal is a continuation of the Doom slayers saga. In the first game version, the gods were denied power which led to the awakening of a dangerous evil.

You need to strike a balance to return life to normal. However, some demons can easily frustrate your efforts to save humanity.

Luckily, you can use the sentinel hammer to stop the demons. How well will you deal with the demons?

2. Wolfenstein

Wolfenstein –9

Opener Muse Software, Apogee Software, FormGen, Activision, EA Mobile, Bethesda Softworks (current)
Gaming Platform  

3DO Interactive Multiplayer, Acorn, Archimedes, Amiga 1200, AmigaOS 4, Apple II, Atari Jaguar, Classic macOS, Commodore 64, Game Boy Advance, iOS, Microsoft Windows, MS-DOS, NEC PC-9801, Nintendo Switch, OS X, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Stadia, Super Nintendo, Entertainment System, Windows Mobile, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One

Publish Time 1981/09 and current version – 2019/07/25

This is a first-person shooter game with some grand adventure. In the game, Wolfenstein sends some players on a mission to bring down the Nazi war device. It also features a small group of resistance fighters that infiltrate some heavily guarded facilities, battle the legions, and take control of some powerful weapons.

The game features memorable characters that will keep you craving more. In addition, you get to experience intense first-person combat as you go against the Nazi robots.

3. Titanfall

Titanfall –7

Opener Electronics Art
Gaming Platform Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch
Publish Time 2014/03/11 and 2022/05/17

Do you love action games? Then you will love Titanfall. The game introduces a single-player campaign that explores the bond between the Pilot and Titan. You have the freedom to choose between the single-player or multiplayer experience.

The game features 6 new Titans, deadly new Pilot abilities, expanded customization, new maps, and modes. All the fun that you can guess!

As a single-player, you can play as a militia stranded behind the enemy lines who encounter a veteran vanguard class Titan. You must work together to uphold a mission.

4. Destiny 2

Destiny 2 –6

Opener Activision, Bungie
Gaming Platform Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S
Publish Time 2017/09/06

In the Destiny 2 world, get to explore the stunning solar system. In addition, you can unlock powerful elemental abilities and collect gear to customize your guardian’s look and play style.

There are three guardian classes: Titan, Warlock, and swift hunter. You can choose the cooperative or competitive multiplayer mode.

If you love weapons, it's your lucky day! There are a wide variety of weapons to choose from. Therefore, you can define your style with ease.

5. Crysis

Crysis --6

Opener Electronics Arts, Crytek
Gaming Platform Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Publish Time 2007/11/13 and 2021/10/15

The classic first-person shooter called Crytek is back with action-packed gameplay. There are also some thrilling epic battles and remastered graphics optimized for a new generation of hardware. The game starts as a rescue mission but turns into a battlefield. Certain aliens come to invade the peace.

Luckily, the players can use their invisibility tactics to defeat the enemies. You also can become a victor on the battlefield. You just need to use your wisdom to fight back. Don’t be left out! Play Now.

6. Apex Legends

Apex Legends –5

Opener Respawn Entertainment, Electronics Arts
Gaming Platform Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Android, iOS
Publish Time 2019/02/04

If you have never played Apex Legends, you miss a lot. It is a hero shooter game where different powerful characters team up to battle for fame and fortune. The game features well-known legends who have unique abilities that can be used to defeat others.

Apex Legends allows you to choose your legend and combine its skills with other players to form the ultimate crew. The main secret of the game is collaborating with other team members to discover new tactics you can use.

The game also takes place in an immersive universe where the story evolves. There are in-game purchases of certain virtual items to help prosper the game.

7. Resistance

Resistance –5

Opener Sony Computer Entertainment, Insomniac Games, Bend Studio, Nihilistic software
Gaming Platform PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita
Publish Time 2006/11/17

Just imagine being tasked with the mandate to download information from the servers of the enemies. How would you do it? Well, just like normal life issues, you need to strategize and plan on how to go about it. First, how will you get into the enemy's territory? After that, how will you enter their ground?

Once you answer that, you will know how to go about the game. Also, together with the reinforcements, you will be needed to capture the command post. How fast will you be able to download the information and leave the enemy's territory in a one-piece?

There will be traps and obstacles you will need to overcome. Resistance will help you be a better planner and take risks. How well can you handle the pressure? Gauge yourself!

8. Splitgate

Splitgate –4

Opener 1047 Games
Gaming Platform Microsoft Windows, Linux, PlayStation 4, PlayStation, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S
Publish Time 2019/05/24

Splitgate is another game like Halo Infinite that features player-controlled portals. The game evokes memories of some of the best shooters of the past two decades. In the game, you can fly, flank, and flag through the air using portal combat.

Splitgate also features dozens of customizable characters, a competitive leaderboard, and a ranking system. You can even choose a game from 15 game modes. Moreover, get a chance to party with your friends on multiple platforms and challenge friends on multiple consoles & PCs. How well will you handle the situation?

9. Dead Space

Dead Space

Opener Electronics Arts, Dead Space
Gaming Platform Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows,

PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S

Publish Time 2008

In the game, Engineer Isaac is sent on a mission. While on his mission, he discovers a bloodbath as some ship crew has been infected by an alien scourge.

Now Isaac is trapped and needs to fight for his survival. There are different enemies, such as the necromorphs. To defeat them, you must dismember their insect-like limbs one at a time.

In all cases, remember not to drop your guard. Any action you take allows the necromorphs to attack. Therefore, you need to be careful.

10. Half-Life


Opener Valve, Gearbox software
Gaming Platform Windows, macOS, Linux, Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Shield Portable
Publish Time 1998/11/19

The game is a blend of two genres; action and adventure. This helps to create a frighteningly realistic world where players must strive to survive. It also features one of the best multiplayer modes that allow you to play against friends and enemies worldwide.

The game is given through scripted sequences, keeping the player in control of the first-person viewpoint.

The game doesn’t have levels; instead, it has chapters whose titles flash on the screen as the player moves through the game. For most of the game, you play alone but occasionally get assisted by non-player characters like security guards.

11. Call of Duty

Call of Duty—4

Opener Activision
Gaming Platform Windows, OS X, Nintendo DS, GameCube, Nokia N-Gage, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PlayStation, Portable, PlayStation Vita, Wii, Wii U, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, J2ME
Publish Time 2003/10/29

This game brings the cinematic intensity of World War II. Call of Duty II game is based on the eyes of citizen soldiers and unsung heroes from an alliance of countries who helped to shape modern history.

Also, get to play through the chaos of battle as part of a well-trained squad. The war is captured from multiple perspectives through the American, British, and Russian soldiers.

Moreover, get to battle through the 24 missions spanning the historical campaigns. There are authentic weapons, locations, vehicles, and sounds that make the environment more realistic.

12. Borderlands

Borderlands –4

Opener 2K Games, Telltale Games
Gaming Platform PlayStation 3, Windows, Xbox 360, OS X, PlayStation Vita, iOS, Linux, Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5
Publish Time 2009/10/20

Borderlands is another ideal game like Halo Infinite, where you play as one of the four trigger-happy mercenaries. You need to take out anything that stands out in the way. Borderlands is a breakthrough experience that challenges all the conventions of modern shooters.

You are assigned the role of a mercenary on the Pandora planet with a mission to get the Vault. You can choose either the single or multiplayer game mode.

Luckily, there are a wide variety of weapons that you can use to succeed in the game. You can also engage in intense vehicle-to-vehicle combat.

13. Rage

Rage --3

Opener id Software, Bethesda Softworks
Gaming Platform iOS, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, OS X
Publish Time 2010/11/18

The rage video game is set in a time when Earth is destroyed. You are presented in the wasteland and need to find a way to rebuild the environment.

However, there are certain forces against you that you need to overcome. World leaders are faced with the task of ensuring human survival. The game combines powerful storytelling with some great action.

Get to battle bandits and mutants. There are unique characters, side quests, and compelling storylines. Will you save humanity and revert to the environment?

14. PlanetSide

PlanetSide –3

Opener Sony Online Entertainment, UbiSoft
Gaming Platform Microsoft Windows
Publish Time 2003/05/20

In PlanetSide 2, certain battles prevent peace from prevailing. The war and battles never seem to end, which becomes worrying. To return the initial peace, teamwork is required.

As a player, you have the freedom to customize the character, armor, weapons, and vehicles to match the play style. Luckily, each empire has access to weapons, attachments, vehicles, abilities, and more.

15. Red Faction

Red Faction –3

Opener Volition, THQ
Gaming Platform PlayStation 2, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS,

Mac OS X, N-Gage, Mobile

Publish Time 2001/05/22

In the game, thousands have come to seek their fortune and work for the mining company. However, not everything is as it seems. There is a deadly plague that is sweeping through the barracks. The miners then suffer daily abuse at the hands of the guards.

Red Faction allows you to alter and destroy the environment in real time. It features 5 controllable vehicles, 15 weapons, and unparalleled multiplayer action. There are five land, sea, and air vehicles to command and control.

Fortunately, there are compelling storylines across 20 diverse levels. Each day will feel like you are playing a new game.

16. TimeSplitters Future Perfect

TimeSplitters Future Perfect –2

Opener Free radical Design, EA Games
Gaming Platform GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox
Publish Time 2005/03/21

This game has online multiplayer gameplay different from its predecessors, Time Splitters 1 and 2. It explores the origin of the TimeSplitters species, their creator, and the concept of characters interacting with their pasts and future.

Humanity is at war, and you must travel through time to stop the aliens. You get to battle through the centuries to change the past and alter the future. You can use powerful firearms to ensure you survive brutal fighting. Will you manage to save humanity in TimeSplitters?

17. Gears Of War

Gears Of War –2

Opener Epic Games, The Coalition, People Can Fly, Splash Damage, Mediatonic, Xbox Game Studios
Gaming Platform Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, iOS, Xbox Series X/S
Publish Time 2006/11/07

This is another third-person shooter game with certain concepts gotten from the Resident Evil game. Gears of War requires you to use the right tactics to take cover and defeat the enemy.

While undercover, the player must take cover well to prevent being shot and even fire blindly to get the enemies.

The player can regenerate their health by staying away from any kind of harm. As a player, you can carry four different weapons. Remember to choose wisely for utmost success.

18. Overwatch

Overwatch --2

Opener Blizzard Entertainment
Gaming Platform Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch
Publish Time 2016/05/24

In Overwatch, all the players have a unique set of abilities. It is an online team-based game played as a first-person shooter game. It features several game modes that allow squad game combat and opposing teams of six players.

Players get to select one out of 24 hero characters from the damaged heroes, tank heroes, and support heroes. Each hero has a unique skill kit that defines their intrinsic attributes, running speed, primary attacks, and active skills.

Additionally, the game features modes for casual play and ranked competitive play.

19. Singularity

Singularity –2

Opener Raven Software, Activision
Gaming Platform Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Publish Time 2010/06/25

While in the game, you get to learn what led to the event that fractured time that is now threatening the world. As a player, you are armed with power, advanced weapons, and experiments. This allows you to fight enemies from the past, present, and in between.

You can use the time manipulation device to change the age of objects and enemies. Will you be able to stop the mysterious singularity that threatens the world?

20. Killzone Shadow Fall

Killzone Shadow Fall--2

Opener Sony Computer Entertainment, Guerrilla Games
Gaming Platform Playstation 4
Publish Time 2013/11/15

30 years after the Killzone 3 events, the world has changed. A marshall is given the role of preserving peace and return life as it was before.

Killzone Shadow Fall features a stunning environment and a powerful AI system. In the game, you can utilize an expansive arsenal of futuristic weapons and gadgets. Try your luck and meet your target.

Play The Best Action Shooter Games Of All Time

Suppose you are looking for the best way to spend your free time. These games will help you. They are all enjoyable and can help raise your adrenaline. However, you need to be cautious not to allow children under 18 years to play due to some violence that may disturb them.

However, if you are a fan of action games, these games like Halo will do the trick. Just choose a game, learn a bit of the storyline, and start playing. Happy Gaming!