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17 Games Like Maplestory to Play in 2022

MapleStory is an MMO that features a simple combat system and vast content. It is a masterpiece that will leave you looking for another fantasy-based video game like it. There are many games that you can play that are similar to Maplestory. Here are some thrilling fantasy games like MapleStory that you will enjoy playing.…..

Maplestory is one of the best side-scrolling online games with five classes and seven factions. In this Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) role-playing game, you will choose a character to play. You then explore the Maple World, tackling different challenges as you enjoy your adventurous expedition. A player will battle different monster enemies in the game.

Maplestory is an addictive game that will leave you searching for similar games to play. Here are different Maplestory alternatives that you can explore as a Maplestory enthusiast.

1. Dungeon Fighter Online

Dungeon Fighter Online

Dungeon Fighter Online is a horizontal 2D fighting game with different characters and more than 1000 props. Each character has 13 props and unique skills and abilities, making the game more exciting. The game is set up in a mystical realm and allows a maximum of 4 team challenge levels. In this next-level game, you get a chance to save the Kingdom from the Monsters.

Delve into fantasy adventures with an epic storyline and various characters, and get ready for the ultimate fight against unrelenting monsters. If you’re looking for games like MapleStory, this is a great one, to begin with.

2. Latale


Latale is another 2D side-scrolling MMORPG where you choose a single character and traverse across two virtual continents tackling different quests. It has anime-inspired graphics similar to Maplestory's. The game's library of character classes, each equipped with other skills and abilities, makes it more exciting. This simplifies the game because you'll not have any problem figuring out the purpose of each skill.

It's time to venture into the many exciting quests available, tackle various bosses, and crush your opponents while using the game's multiplayer feature. If you loved Maplestory online game, this alternative would offer you almost equal, if not more, thrill.

3. Nos Tale

Nos Tale

Nos Tale is an action-adventure fantasy MMORPG that has managed to endure time. Its simple fundamentals and excitingly vivid gameplay make it one of the best Maplestory alternatives.

You will choose your character, who starts as an adventurer as you progress to higher levels. Furthermore, the specialist cards allow you to customize your character to your liking. You'll enjoy summoning, capturing, and training your pets that will help you fight Fernon.

Get into a game with a great quest system that sticks to its captivating storyline, making it more interesting, addictive, and enjoyable.

4. Tree of Savior

Tree of Savior

Based on Lithuanian mythology, the Tree of Savior has four main character classes – Swordsmen, Wizards, Clerics, and Archers. Choose your desirable character and utilize their unique abilities to progress through the game. You can utilize the PvP environment to play with your friends.

With amazing soundtracks, Tree of Savior is a game on another level. The game also allows you to customize and build your dream house, making it even more captivating. Get ready to lead and fight against all evil with your army of wizards, sworders, clerics, and archers.

5. Soul Saver Online

Soul Saver Online

Soul Saver Online is similar to Maplestory in almost everything; graphics, gameplay, and play style. It has five character classes to choose from and equip it with the necessary accessories. Let's not forget the two factions to choose from.

The game takes you to a fantasy world with souls of the dead lurking around. Enjoy slaying the monsters as you collect their souls and use them to improve your skills and accessories.

6. Mabinogi


This is another MMORPG that will thrill Maplestory enthusiasts. With its name and setting similar to Welsh mythology, Mabinogi has enough content with open-world exploration that will keep you on the game.

The game features an immersive storyline, social aspect, and great players' community to guide you whenever you need help. You will enjoy a great deal of character customization tools while also exploring all the three fantasy worlds in the game. Even though there is no class system, its unique style, wide content, and hand-painted textures will blow your mind.

This game puts your monster-hunting skills to the test, and with its own time and weather system, Mabinogi takes you to its thrilling world. Develop a strategy and predict your enemy moves as you explore the great adventures in Mabinogi.

7. Spiral Knights

Spiral Knights

Spiral Knights take you to the universe of Cradle, where you are in a mechanized dungeon called Clockworks. In this action-adventure game, you lead your knight to explore the Clockworks as you conquer your enemies and solve the many puzzles in the game.

You can play the 6×6 PVP games or fight against the many enemies in the game. Spiral Knights are more exciting than you can imagine. It allows knights to shop, trade with each other, and train to perfect their abilities. It’s a great option for anyone looking for games like Maplestory.

8. Dragon Saga

Dragon Saga

Dragon Saga takes you to a world where dragons roam around, and you are obliged to create your warrior guilds. Even though the dragons and humans co-exist, war breaks out between them every once in a while. Choose your character from the available classes and fight off dragon attacks as you collect the required resources and items to progress.

With a 3D plane to control and different attacking tactics to implement, you'll love Dragon Saga. You can customize your characters as you progress in the game. Unlike the other games, Dragon Saga features 3D graphics that make it more realistic and enjoyable. It’s by far one of the most popular Maplestory alternative games.

9. Elsword


If you're looking for a game with fast-paced animation and skill-based combat, Elsword should be your choice. With a thrilling combat system and crisp graphics, Elsword is an action-packed game that you can't afford to miss. The game features various character classes, each with different characters with unique backgrounds and abilities.

Customize and make your characters better with the earned equipment and accessories. Find a character that suits your style of play, and don't forget to have your name rise in the game's ranking system in its PvP challenges.

10. Lunaria Story

Lunaria Story

Lunaria Story is a 2D side-scrolling game with cartoon-style graphics like Maplestory. You choose your favorite character and utilize their abilities accordingly to fight the different monsters in the game. You can also play against other players or join hunting parties to sharpen your skills. When bored, don't hesitate to play Lunaria Story.

Get into the action with thrilling quests and train your pets to help you in different battles. You also have the option to take on many adventurous challenges, fight cute monsters, and get the support of your pets in this browser-based game. If you’re looking for a match with almost equal thrill as Maplestory, look no further. Lunaria Story is all you need.

11. Eden Enternal

Eden Enternal

After you wake up in a war-torn world with the Crystal Child, you'll have to look for clues to save it. You'll be mesmerized by how the story unfolds. The game has different unlocked classes that you can switch between whenever you feel like it.

You can create your character and choose a killer trait that will give you exciting gameplay. You can use your hard-earned points to buy new weapons and amour, making it easier for you to cruise through the different classes. The game's PvP system allows you to play against other online gamers.

12. Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online

This is the longest-running MMORPG that takes you to a battle between humans, God, and Demons. The freedom given to players in this game makes it more fun. Apart from having many character classes to choose from, you can also select challenges that meet your skills and abilities.

After a howl disrupts the peace between God, humans, and demons, you have a chance to explore the Kingdom of Rune Midgrad as you fight against the monsters. The game offers amazing quests, player vs. player modes, and PvE combats. Sharpen your skills as you embark on a thrilling adventure in Ragnarok Online.

13. Lunia


Lunia is another amazing fantasy MMO browser-based game. The game is set in a beautiful fantasy world. It uses real-time combat elements with captivating music to improve your gaming experience. Lunia also has many character classes, with each character having their own set of skills, weapons, and personalities.

You are free to customize your character to suit your gaming style as you tackle challenging tasks. Since Lunia is updated regularly, you'll always have new features and improvements to try out. Because Lunia supports multiplayer mode, you have the option to create your guild with other players and venture into adventurous expeditions to gain experience.

14. Trickster Online

Trickster Online

Influenced by Greek mythology, Trickster Online is a 2D fantasy MMORPG great for anime enthusiasts. You'll compete in a contest to win different treasures on the island. It has different classes, and its storyline is broken into six episodes that will keep you wanting to know more.

As you proceed, the game will become more than just hunting treasures. Even though it does not focus on PvP, you'll enjoy leveling up your character as you tackle different challenges. If you want to take a break from leveling up, you can try some available mini-games.

15. Flyff


Flyff is the best anime MMORPG game that will give you a next-level gaming experience. Fighting while you fly on your wings, a broom, bike, or riding boards is just among the few thrilling features in this game. In addition to that, the varying classes, social features, and multiple PvP modes make Flyff worth trying out.

Choose from the many classes and shop items in this exciting game. If you would like to engage in battles while flying or fly for fun, check Flyff out.

16. Grand Chase

Grand Chase

Grand Chase is an exciting, action-packed 2D scroller game with exciting dungeon adventures and player vs. player modes. The game supports up to 6 players at a time. Therefore, it's time to explore the different dungeons with other players. You'll never get bored with the game since you'll have many quests and challenges to tackle.

With its timely feature, you can quickly advance through the game by carefully timing and fighting your enemies. You can also utilize Grand Chase's combo moves to create devastating attacks. You are looking for a 2D scrolling MMO role-playing game that focuses on co-op missions and team play? Look no further. Play Grand Chase.

17. The Word of Magic

The Word of Magic

The only MMORPG available on mobile devices, The Word of Magic, is an exciting game that takes you to an ancient world with two forces fighting against each other. It's time to pick a side and choose from its three unique character classes –  warrior, ranger, or magician.

You can also create and customize your character giving you a personal connection. Its PvP feature allows you to fight against other players in real-time. The Word of Magic takes you to a magical world with endless adventure where anything is possible.

Wrap Up

That marks the end of our detailed review of the best games like MapleStory. We hope you found the post very useful. Which of these Maplestory alternatives is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.