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15 Adult Games Like Milfy City [2023 Ranked]

Are you interested in more games like Milfy City? There are various games you’ll learn through this article that serve the same purpose as Milfy City.

Game name Milfy City
game type adventure, ADV
gaming platform Android
publish time 2021

Background: Milfy City is a popular game mostly for adults since it contains erotic adult content. The story involves a young student who goes to the school’s therapist to seek guidance on a particular encounter. The student starts an erotic adventure with the school therapist, a young lady. The guy explores more by messing around with other milfs in the city where his school is located.

Mode: this game is divided into four moments which are Morning, Day, Evening, and Night. You can jump ahead in time if you want to play at a particular moment. The game has levels from 0 to 4.

Price: different levels have different prices. The prices are

  • Level 0 – $1.20 monthly
  • Level 1 – $12 monthly
  • level 2 – $18 monthly
  • Level 3 – $30 monthly
  • Level 4 – $120 monthly

Number of players: single player

Main features:

  • The player has the freedom to make choices in the game
  • There are secret scenes that increase the complexity of the game
  • The game has other mini-games
  • There are various scenes to play in

There are lots of games that serve the same purpose as milfy city. These games include

1. Dream of Desire

Dream of Desire

Opener Lewd Lab
Gaming Platform Microsoft Windows, Linux
Publish time November 2019

The story of this game involves a man who lives together with his family, that is, his parents and 2 sisters. The young man’s father wants him to go to the military and train. The son has no wish to join the military and rebels. He later finds an old book that erotically opens his mind.

Note that you are supposed to help him make the right choices to process with the game.  Dream of Desire has very nice graphics that makes the characters look almost real. The game is quite interactive, which keeps the player well-engaged.

2. Sisterly Lust

Sisterly Lust

Opener Perveteer Games
Gaming Platform Microsoft Windows, Android, Linux, macOS
Publish time

The game is about a dead protagonist’s child who goes back to live with her sisters and mother in her hometown.  The game has various kinds of intimacy, such as submission, domination, and paid sex, among many others. It mainly entails lesbian sex. Sisterly lust is easy to understand and play.

Different scenes have suitable backgrounds and soundtracks. This game revolves around the incest taboo. The choices that the player makes will determine how the game’s story will go. Trust and corruption are also highlighted in this game.

3. Waifu Academy

Waifu Academy

Opener Irphaeus
Gaming Platform Android, Microsoft Windows, Linux
Publish time

Waifu Academy has its scenes in a school with students. The story starts with a certain boy whose father passed away and swears that he will bring out the truth behind what caused his father’s demise. The boy is planning on revenging, which will be very intense.

The boy also wants to mess around with lots of pretty high school girls to gain fame. There are many ways in which the game’s story will go. It depends on your decision as the player. You are allowed to name the protagonists. There are very many characters that you can converse with.

4. Man of the House

Man of the House

Opener Faerin Games
Gaming Platform  Microsoft Windows, macOS
Publish time

Man of the House is a narrative-driven type of game that has its own story to be followed. The main character of the game is a man who happens to live in residence full of hot women. The interesting part is that this man lives with other women in his house.

The main objective of the game is to make the man get laid by as many women as possible. The women in this game have different body sizes and shapes. Are they the butt shapes and boob shapes? They are also of different races. You have to be very keen on this game since it is challenging.

5. Harem Hotel

Harem Hotel

Opener Runey
Gaming Platform Android, macOS, Microsoft Windows
Publish time

In this game, the main character is a man who got his grandfather’s hotel as an inheritance after his death. The hotel is on a different continent from the one he grew up in. you have the duty of maintaining the hotel and interacting with other characters who are pretty ladies.

The erotic scenes are uncensored. Therefore, you get to see everything in action. There are upgrades in the game that can buy and unlock lots of content. The player gets to bang the female character in different scenes and styles.

The man can buy sex toys, spy on different ladies, make out with different ladies or even break other ladies' hearts.

6. Taffy Tales

Taffy Tales

Opener UberPie
Gaming Platform Microsoft Windows
Publish time

The game is based in a town called Taffy. There are plenty of missions that the player has to complete to move to the next level. The characters in this game have different personalities, which makes it more interesting. Our main character in this game is a guy with a split personality and a dark side.

Note that there are seven storylines that you will play through and complete. Even though there is the main plot to follow, the player can interact with other characters differently, leading to banging or getting laid. There are puzzles you can solve in the game to break the monotony.

7. My sister Mia

My sister Mia

Opener Inceton
Gaming Platform Microsoft Windows
Publish time

The main character in this game is a student who is trying his best to cram school content into a late-night study. He has a sister called Mia who came home drunk, changing his studying session to something steamy.

Since their parents are away, he tries to take advantage of Mia. There are various tasks you have to do that will lead to you banging Mia. The game has lots of forms of entertainment that will keep you going.

8. Life is Good

Life is Good

Gaming Platform Microsoft Windows
Publish time

Life is good is about a young man who relocates to another town with his mother and sister. The player gets to control what the main character does. The mother and sister start acting differently, which can be interpreted as wanting to have intercourse with the brother/ son. T is up to you, the player, to know what you want to do with that observation.

9. vis


Opener Madkinggames
Gaming Platform Microsoft Windows
Publish time

The game is based in a state of flux where the kingdom of Colonia exists. The king is this kingdom that rules over the people using an iron fist. His son, Aeden, has to make the right choices to prove to his father that he is fit to be a successor.

Note that the way to ensure success is to engage in different levels of sex. The game revolves around power, incest, corruption, and sex. The main character in this game is Aeden.  The sex scenes are not shown.

10. Flirty F

Flirty F

Opener Oppai Comics
Gaming Platform Microsoft Windows
Publish time

Flirty F involves a mother and three other females. The story is not well followed up, but the banging scenes are plenty.  The layer has choices, such as the room to go to and the time to see any lady. The main thing in this game is having the main character engage in sexual intercourse almost the whole time. There are four pretty ladies, and they all have large tits to entice the players.

11. Hentai Heroes

Hentai Heroes

Opener Komisari
Gaming Platform Microsoft Windows
Publish time

This is a roleplaying game that the player can mess with different girls in whichever way. You go through the town acquiring new skills and find ways how you will interact with lots of pretty women who live in that area.

The main purpose is to befriend them and seduce them, and bang them. Technically, you are a survivor of a certain demon attack that makes you famous in the town. You use this advantage to seduce women and get laid.

12. Summertime Saga

Summertime Saga

Opener Kompas Productions
Gaming Platform Android, macOS, Microsoft Windows
Publish time

This game gives the player a first-person view and makes it more fun. You experience everything in the first person. The story is about a son whose dad got murdered; in his pursuit to find out who performed that dreadful act, he gets distracted by the opposite gender, which is very hot.

The main character gets to interact with lots of women, which leads to sex. There are about 50 different characters you have to talk to in the game. Every kind of sex is covered in this game which gives the player a great experience.

Note that the games get updated regularly, so new features are added now and then.

13. Mythic Manor

Mythic Manor

Opener Jikei
Gaming Platform Microsoft Windows
Publish time

The game has five female characters who are designed to have completely different personalities. The player’s role is to know these ladies and please them to get laid. Mythic Manor has a lot of sex scenes in which the player will be involved. In every girl’s story, you will find an individual visual novel that sums up the whole storyline of the game.

Other activities the player can participate in our fishing, looking at cams, and shopping. There is a map provided that guides you on the location and where you would want to go.

14. My cute roommate

My cute roommate

Opener Astaros3d
Gaming Platform Microsoft Windows, macOS
Publish time

The main character is a guy who has just graduated high school and is relocating to another place for college. He must share a place with his cousin, who had a recent glow-up. The player should find ways of getting the main character a chance to have intercourse with his cousin.

You have the chance to bang other ladies, which depends on the choices you make as the player. Stats that the player has to focus on are strength, potency, and intellect. Activities like showering, having intercourse, and having a good sleep will improve the stats.

15. Camp Pinewood

Camp Pinewood

Gaming Platform Microsoft Windows, Android
Publish time

This game is about a guy who goes to a summer camp and realizes he is the only male with lots of hot girls. The guy can flirt with whichever girl he wishes to and bangs her. There are multiple answer choices that you can use when making decisions or interacting with different characters.

The game has many erotic scenes in which the main character is involved, and you, the player, are controlling it. To bang more girls, you have to be social and build a good relationship with them girls. Some animation characters are placed in this game, and you will recognize them.


Adult games are very interesting since they show the player how people may interact to bang the other character. It also teaches the players self-control regarding restricted characters in the game. These erotic games sure do know how to manage their feelings. The visuals of these games are great. To conclude, do not expose these games to children under 18.