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8 Best Games Like Stardew Valley for Peaceful Farming

Do you enjoy taking care of barn animals and looking after all the different crops on your farm? Do you also enjoy fishing, exploring, mining and crafting? You can do that and much more in Stardew Valley!

One of the most successful Pixel Art games ever made. The game is super fun to play, especially when seeking a calm and enjoyable atmosphere. You can chill and relax as you explore the new town nearby your new piece of land.

Socialize with the NPC, get to know them, help them complete tasks, and perhaps even marry them! However, some monsters lurk during the night and inside caves. You will need a sword to protect your farm and yourself. Each day you will have the energy to spend; every task requires a set amount of energy. Eating and Sleeping restore your energy to perform more tasks.

1. My Time at Portia

My Time at Portia

Simulate a role-playing game in your new time at Portia, a lovely small town where an old workshop is waiting for you to claim it. Start collecting resources through logging, digging, fighting, planting, breeding, and many more activities.  Meet many of the town's residents and try to complete tasks given to you by the NPCs you met.

Upgrade your workshop inside the town. You can also explore ancient ruins in the game and use your pickaxe to dig the treasures. Of course, you may also encounter terrible monsters. You will spend an unforgettable time in this wonder of a place at Portia.

2. Graveyard Keeper

Graveyard Keeper

The game is entitled the most “inaccurate medieval game”. Graveyard Keeper is a Pixel Art game that starts by transferring you into a new world after being caught in an accident in your real world. You’re the new Graveyard Keeper; your job is to bury all the corpses and keep the Graveyard as appealing as possible. The game contains many funny dialogues, like people calling the Archaeologist crazy for believing the earth is round.

You will also encounter a talking donkey. There is a set of skills in different trees; new skills will be required to unlock to progress through the game. Fight using your steel sword. Cook, farm, and fish to gain different kinds of EXP, which are used to level up.

3. Farm TogetherFarm Together

Farming alone might be calming and relaxing, but farming together is more fun! Ever wanted to farm and plant crops with your friends? Perhaps also take care of different animals, like chickens, cows, and pigs. Farm Together over a wide 3D world for you to start your farming business;

Although it starts on a small piece of land, you will later be able to expand it. Discover and unlock new kinds of crops. Harvest them to find their values and decide how you will spend your time with your friends in Farm Together.

4. World’s DawnWorld’s Dawn

Another Pixel Art game leans more toward anime in terms of character styles. A social life sim with plenty of characters to be introduced. Each has its own story and own quests to progress through. There are beautiful cutscenes with delightful calming images in the background presented in certain special events.

The world has seasonal changes, from lovely spring to the cold winter. Farm the fish, increase your relationships with the neighbors and discover all rooms and areas that can be entered. World’s Dawn is one of the best relaxing games close to Stardew Valley.

5. Slime RancherSlime Rancher

Perhaps farming crops isn’t something exciting to do. Are you not a fan of having a green thumb? Well, now you can farm Slimes instead! Huge smiley, colorful slimes in a whole new world! Slime Rancher takes place in Far, Far Range, a planet thousands of light-years away from earth.

The game will have hidden notes for you to discover; once you progress in the story, you will want to search and look out for more. The way you harvest those Slimes is by using a special weapon. Unlike the other games on the list, this one is in First Person in a 3D world.

6. Story of Seasons

Story of Seasons

Olive Town is a delightful small place that has been established under the responsibility of your grandfather. Now, that responsibility has been passed down to you. Start building your farm from the ground. The beginning might be slow, but with enough hard work, you will be able to gain lots of profit. With more gold in your pocket, you will be able to expand your farm, raise animals and obtain tools that make tasks easier to use.

Story of Seasons puts you in a 3D world where your character can run around and explore of your free will. Take a trip to the beach and look for fish to catch with your rod! There are endless possibilities in Story of Seasons; it’s all up to you.

7. Minecraft


Every gamer has heard of Minecraft at least once through the span of their life. It is one of the most selling games in history. A sandbox survival first-person game in a randomly generated world of blocks! Each world is dynamic and can put you in easy or harsh environments. Desserts, snowy mountains, hills, or forests! Collect resources by breaking wood with your hand or an ax.

Collect ores and put them in a furnace. Kill zombies, skeletons, and other monsters that spawn at night. Players have built so many castles and worlds by spending hours in the game. There are limitless things to do in Minecraft. And it’s best if done with friends!

8. Moonlighter


Unnatural events have occurred! And portals have spawned in the human world. Alongside this event, magic has started to exist. Play a wandering traveler as a rogue who seeks to explore different worlds by using those portals that appeared out of nowhere. Your journey will be difficult, however, as there are monsters to be defeated and killed.

Inside those strange worlds, there is also loot and treasure to obtain. You can use all your belongings to put them on sale in a new small shop that you own in the real world. Many customers will come and ask you to sell those items. As you gain gold, you will be able to upgrade your equipment and loot for even rarer loot that is protected by more difficult enemies.