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15 Games Like Terraria You Should Play in 2023

Terraria is a game that allows you to explore new biomes, fight a range of enemies, and encounter random events. Playing Terraria will leave you hungry for more sandbox games with similar mechanics, survival systems, and adventurous events.

Whether you are looking for an action-adventure, side-scrolling, or free game that is like Terraria, we have compiled the best of the best games to try out.

Terraria is an epic 2D sandbox that requires players to create to survive. It is a complex and immersive game where players play while building structures, fishing, and killing zombies in a randomly generated world. You will have a lot of adventurous activities to engage in, from gathering basic resources to exploring different places in the game.

Ever since its release, Terraria has inspired the development of similar games in gameplay and survival mechanics. Let’s look at some of the best games similar to Terraria.

1. Starbound

Starbound is an epic version of Terraria, from its gameplay to its mechanics. It takes you on an adventurous expedition with different randomly generated open worlds to explore. You will find different gameplays to experiment with and enjoy. You will travel on your ship across different unique planets as you collect goods and expand your empire.

Starbound is more of an epic version of Starbound that takes you into space. There is no other game more similar to Terraria than Starbound. Given how closely these games are related, you will not find it challenging to play Starbound if you are a Terraria fan.

2. Minecraft

You can never mention Terraria without talking about the popular Minecraft game. Minecraft is the ultimate sandbox adventure game that is more of the 3D version of Terraria. Minecraft, just like Terraria, gives you a lot of activities to engage in. They range from fighting intimidating bosses, and building complex structures to hunting monsters.

Other than the 3D aspect, which makes Minecraft the best game like Terraria, these two games are similar in almost everything. If you enjoyed Terraria, why not try out the most loved game identical to it? This game has become one of the most successful games like Terraria.

3. Don’t Starve

Don’t Starve is a creepy sandbox that takes you to a dark fantasy world. This makes it a unique game with a different atmosphere, gameplay, and more thrilling missions for a Terraria fan. You’ll find yourself in an epic world where you have to scavenge for food, light, sunset craft gear, and tools.

Even though you might think Don’t Starve is a simple game, surviving in it is a struggle but also an exciting experience. You can also explore this thrilling world with your friends in multiplayer mode. As a Terraria fan, it is time to build, fight, grind, and hunt your way to success in this exciting game.

4. Raft

Raft is a game that takes the survival aspect of Terraria, allowing you to build your world on the sea. This gives you a different setting than the usual land setting. You will have to use your skills to survive in a hostile environment.

A player can choose to go it alone or play with a friend in the multiplayer coop sessions. You will explore different islands to uncover secrets as you fight various man-eating sharks along the way. Would you like to take the adventure to the sea? Try Raft.

5. Crea

Crea is a crafting and survival sandbox RPG that Terraria enthusiasts find appealing. You are in for a new and exciting Terraria alternative from gameplay to dangerous and menacing monsters. Even though it is an RPG, Crea has many features similar to Terraria.

Like Terraria, Crea has many monsters to defeat, a robust crafting system, and various generated worlds to explore. It features a day and night cycle, but its graphics are more basic than Terraria. Nonetheless, Crea is a great Terraria alternative that will give you a new adventurous experience.

6. It Lurks Below

It Lurks Below is a 2D survival RPG that is more of the darker and gloomier version of Terraria. The game takes you to randomly generated underground levels where you can engage in different exciting activities. They include cooking, farming, crafting portions, and tackling varying quests.

You’ll also have plenty of enemies and items to collect, just like in Terraria. Even though its graphics do not match Terraria, It Lurks Below is immersive and gives you a great gaming experience. Its gameplay similarities make it one of the top games like Terraria.

7. Alchemage

Alchemage is more of a Terraria clone which means that you’ll find your favorite Terraria features and aspects in this game. These games are in an open world with different opportunities to exploit.

Alchemage takes you to a mysterious land where you have to work extra hard with the hope of returning home. Apart from building homes, you will also fish, dig for resources, fight monsters, and challenge your friends to a battle.

The game also comes with relaxing music and soundtracks that create a soothing atmosphere for adventurous missions. Playing Alchemage will feel like playing Terraria.

8. Craft The World

Craft The World is a sandbox game with strategy elements that result in an addictive and dynamic game. Like Terraria, you will start an adventurous journey by collecting basic resources like food and wood. You are a lonely dwarf who ventures into different missions with different difficulty levels in this game.

Each level also introduces its mechanics and unique characters. Even though the game focuses more on building and managing your fortress than adventuring, it is no different from Terraria.

You are supposed to develop your dwarf community as you venture into the random-generated worlds, collecting and crafting tools and discovering new technologies as you fend off various enemies.

9. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a role-playing simulation game where you play as a farmer. Even though it is not a sandbox game, Stardew Valley is considered similar to Terraria since it takes you on grinding, exploration, and fighting expeditions.

In both, you will start from scratch, collecting wood and other resources that will help you build your home. Apart from the day and night feature, Stardew Valley also has different seasons making it more realistic and fun.

With great gameplay and art style, Stardew Valley is a game worth playing if you find Terraria exciting.

10. Valheim

Valheim is a Terraria alternative that combines the complexity of a 3D sandbox game and an action-adventure game. In this game, you become a Viking warrior who has to fight, build and conquer for peace and order to prevail.

Apart from being a sandbox game, Valheim shares many features with Terraria. Like Terraria, Valheim set the record of having the most concurrent players after its launch.

In addition to that, you will collect many items, fight different enemies and build anything you want. Valheim is the best Terraria alternative with quality graphics, coop, and solo game modes.

11. Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved is a survival 2D game that takes a page from the Terraria playbook in many different ways. In this game, you are on a vast, dangerous island where you have to do everything possible to survive. You will have many items at your disposal to build and craft everything you’ll need.

Like Terraria, you will explore an open world as you fend off various bosses and enemies to progress. The game features realistic visuals that make it even more exciting. Ark: Survival Evolved has adventurous and thrilling quests to conquer, making it perfect for Terraria lovers.

12. Forager

Forager is an open-world survival game that is not only adorable but also addictive with thrilling gameplay. You will buy land to explore and build from the ground up. Like Terraria, you will craft, gather and manage resources, uncover secrets, and build your purchased lands from nothing.

You will also have to fight and defeat monsters as you conquer different dungeons and expand your territory. If you love Terraria, you love survival and crafting games. This is something that Forager delivers perfectly. It is a game that you will want to keep playing because of its appealing gameplay.

13. Steamworld Dig 2

Steam World Dig 2 is a 2D platform action-adventure game that adopted the exploration, mining, and combat aspects of Terraria. You are required to hunt and mine during the night. You will also have different worlds to explore as you collect riches, equipment, and other assets that you can trade for more valuable items.

Like Terraria, you will also have to conquer various bosses to make progress in the game. Even though Streamworld Dig 2 does not focus on the building trait of Terraria, its great experience makes it a game that Terraria enthusiasts must try out.

14. Growtopia

Growtopia is a 2D creative sandbox game that is no different from Terraria. It allows players to create adventurous and quest-driven worlds that they can explore. You will have so many things to do in the game, making it worth investing in.

What makes the game stand out is the splicing mechanism that allows you to plant a combination of different seeds to create something more useful.

If you enjoyed the building and multiplayer aspects of Terraria, Growtopia is worth trying out. It is also available across different devices and consoles and gives you a break from monsters and zombies.

15. Magicite

Magicite is a 2D survival game that brings you rogue-like and action-adventure gameplay with a platforming experience. It takes you to randomly generated dungeons to collect trees and resources as you battle various enemies. You will have to craft better tools to help you survive and advance through the game.

With different biomes to explore, you will have plenty of exciting expeditions to venture into. Having both the single and multiplayer modes, you can choose to play alone or with up to 4 players. Magicite is a fun-filled game that you can play if you love Terraria.


If Terraria blew your mind, these Terraria-like games would suit you. You might be disappointed at how Re-Logic is slow in providing updates or producing another edition of Terraria.

Luckily, you have different alternatives to try out as you wait. Each game recommended here is a great fit for any Terraria lover. In these games, you’ll enjoy the open-world experience as you find different exciting activities to engage in.