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15 Turn-Based Strategy Games Like XCOM (2023)

Can’t get enough of the XCOM game? If you are done with the whole game series, you need not repeat it since other games have almost the same concept as XCOM.

The game is about alien theories and how they came about, if you love alien stories and conspiracies, then this game would excite you. Some of the other alternatives to XCOM Chimora Squad are:



This game was launched in 2014 and is compatible with Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems. The storyline is based on 1958 when a UFO was spotted within the atmosphere. The government takes this as a threat to humanity and tries to come up with solutions to get rid of the alien ship. A group known as Xenonauts is brought up by the government to help fight the aliens.

Note that the aliens disappear for a while before coming back years later when they are stronger. The player has to ensure that the aliens are defeated. The world depends on your skills. There is an isometric view that enables you to see through the different atmospheric layers and see where the alien ship is. Use different tactics to overcome the aliens as you level up through the game.

2. Invisible Inc.

Invisible Inc

With time a rival organization comes up and overthrows the government to take over the nation. Your main role as a player is to send agents to various missions and heists to conquer the rival team.

The more you progress in the game, the more agents are unlocked, and they have unique features and skills. Invisible Inc. is your organization, and you acquire different equipment and missions.

3. XCOM: Long War 2 Mod

XCOM Long War 2 Mod

Long War 2 was officially launched years after Long War 1. It has new features and character skills through the plot is still the same as the first one. To progress quickly, you should be familiar with the first game. You can send up to 12 troops to different missions or heists.

You could also measure the chances of aliens finding you and your troop depending on the number of troops sent out. This game is quite complex and not for the faint-hearted.

4. Jagged Alliance 2

Jagged Alliance 2

Jagged Alliance is a mission adventure game in which the player has to create the main character and devise a squad to fight Arulco.  Your main character is hired by the country’s former leader to bring down the recent leader who misuses the power.

You will be guided by a map on various things such as enemies nearby or weapons to acquire.  While exploring, you could hire mercenaries and assign tasks to the squad you created. Playing this game is not complicated, and you could also team up with your friends.

5. UFO: Afterlight

UFO- Afterlight

This game was launched in the year 2007. The game is about aliens trying to take over the world and control humanity.  Note that this game shows how some humans who fled from earth to a Martian colony are dying after the initial attack by aliens.  You have a strategic global view that you can explore the red planet Mars and build structures, research the safety as well as build squads.

When your squad members perform specific roles well, they acquire more points. You will be able to gain more skills from such points and also be able to improve the squad members’ base stats. The game has very great visuals and new features.

6. Battletech

Battletech game

In this game, you get the character of a commander on a battlefield. The game entails a world governed by five noble houses in a war that is taking back humanity in terms of development. You get to choose the noble houses that you want to serve as you perform other missions to earn more money.

Mechs have become a very precious and scarce resource in this world.  They are divided into four categories which are light mech, medium mech, heavy mech, and assault mech. You can assemble a great death machine by mixing and matching different mechs that will fight and defeat the enemies.

7. Phantom Doctrine

Phantom Doctrine

This game can be played using PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Windows on PCs. The game has a James Bond theme that makes it very unique. The action is also almost similar to that 80’s Bond movie. The storyline involves the time when the Cold War was occurring. Your role in the game is to either be a CIA or Mossad agent.

In the game, you can be advised to do some moves while sometimes performing actions yourself. For example, when you find out one of the members of your team is an imposter, you have the options to either investigate, interrogate them or leave them alone. Your decision affects how the game’s story will go. A map is provided to explore and also find the enemies easily as well as weapons.

8. Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus

Warhammer 40000- Mechanicus

The game involves a team of Tech-Priests in the marines.  When playing, you get to know the role of Adeptus Mechanicus and how they influence the Omnissiah religion.  You can edit your squad and choose the kind of heists you want to complete to get certain scores and awards.

As you continue playing the game and leveling up, you will get the option of adding more members to your squad. There are unique features such as cognition and cogs that improve your gaming experience. Cognition assists you in summoning cannon fodder troops. Cogs are used to generate more power for weapons.

9. Mutant year zero

Mutant year zero

The game is based on the post-apocalyptic period, where the world had very few humans who survived the disaster. The stealth and combat are almost the same levels in this game; therefore, stability is guaranteed. Some weird creatures have mutated from the remains of humans since they have been exposed to radiation.

Your mission is to stay away from a duck and boar mutant sent by an elder to find you who is known to be a stalker. Note that once the enemies get you, they torture you leading to your downfall.

10. Phoenix point

Phoenix point

The game Phoenix Point was officially launched in the year 2019. It is based on the future where the polar ice is melting, and it has been found that there is an extraterrestrial virus going around. The marine life was at stake since it was getting affected by the virus too.

After some time, the aliens and other mutated creatures have taken over the world making humans extinct.  You are one of the human survivors and have the role of a commander of the Phoenix project. You can customize the teammates in your squad and increase their strength.

11. Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3

The game is based on the era when the world was poisoned by radiation and frozen over.  The main character in the game comes from a City called Arizona. When playing this game, all the decisions you make and the actions you take affect how the game’s story will go.

Therefore, when making decisions be wise enough and think of the outcome. While playing, you can see the strength left on your enemies and how you can attack and defeat them.

12. Gears Tactics

Gears tactics

The game's storyline involves a Diaz family history, but Gabriel does not come back as the main character. Gabriel was tortured in the past, which affected his status. When sent on a mission, Gabriel does not give his all since he is already fed up with the leadership in power.

A squad led by Gabriel is to fight against locust enemies. They all have unique features and strengths you must analyze well before attacking.

13. Crusader kings 3

Crusader kings 3 game

The game has both love and fight scenes that are well blended.  You can play this game in single mode while offline or play with your friends online. You are to choose a noble house that you will lead. While in the lead, try gathering as much fighting equipment as possible to come up with a strong squad that will protect your kingdom.

The game also entails dramatic romance and roleplaying.  You can expand your kingdom after choosing the noble house you want. You can explore and check out different sites using the map provided.

14. Humankind

Humankind game

This is a historical-based game that was officially established in the year 2021.  The game makes the player participate in re-writing the story about humans and the various cultures to come up with a type of global civilization.

You can write up to 6o different cultures and lead the people to a new era that will help them develop socially, economically, and politically.

15. Battle brothers

Battle brothers


This is a free world game in that you are to make your own decisions that will make the game continue as per your decisions. You can accept or decline contracts. The game can only be played in single-player mode.

Battle Brothers low-key has a touch of Game of Thrones that is epic. The player leads a mercenary company where they can decide who to hire or fire. You can also choose the people you want on your team while battling against enemies.


To conclude, when playing an individual game, play it with passion and a mentality that when you finish the game, you can get another game like it. You need not play a game at a slow pace thinking it will be the end when you complete it. There are lots of games to explore and play.