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9 Games Like Yandere Simulator – Silently Get Rid of Rivals

Do you love school adventure games? Well, these games like yandere simulator will suit you best. They are all interesting with different storylines.

Which games do you like playing most? Have you ever tried Yandere Simulator? It is a game about an innocent girl obsessed with a boy. She eliminates anyone who shows any interest in him.

When you kill, you should ensure no evidence is left behind. This is to prevent the police from linking the murder to you. If the guy you like sees you killing, he won't love you, and the game ends.

1. Yandere School

Yandere School

The game is based on Akari Furutaka, an ordinary Yandere school girl. She falls in love with a certain guy but doesn't confess her feelings.

As time goes by, she realizes that the other two classmates have their eyes on him. To make it worse, out of nowhere, the his-to-be bride appears.

It is exciting gameplay with some bit of a love story. In addition, it involves normal school life, having classmates, and attending classes.

2. Hitman: Absolution

Hitman Absolution game

The storyline starts when the original assassin is back. Agent 47 has been betrayed by the agency and hunted by the police. He is trying his best to redeem himself in the twisted world.

The game is formulated with a great AI system. You get a chance to disguise yourself to confuse and defeat your enemies. It is a great action survival game that will leave you craving more.

3. Schoolgirl Supervisor

Schoolgirl Supervisor

In the game, you take control of the Japanese high school girl Saori Sato. She has become the supervisor of the Sayama High school and comes to be referred to as officer Sato. It is a great simulation game with a mysterious storyline.

With the new game features, you can extend the open-world map and access everything through story mode. The game allows you to ride and jump using the horse and bring schoolgirls into your house. Surprisingly, you can migrate from schoolgirl supervisor to wildlife easily.

4. High School Simulator GirlA

High School Simulator GirlA game

This game is similar to Yandere Simulator. In the game, you control a young Japanese high school student. However, you will need to conquer her crush by killing her. The main scenes happen at school, but you can run freely around the city.

Additionally, you can interact with the other characters by talking or killing them. In killing, you have a wide variety of weapons that you can use. You also have an opportunity to kill other characters without any consequences.

The boy you like will be your ally to help hide the dead bodies. It offers crazy fun violence and lets you change your character using different skins.

5. Doki Doki Literature Club

Doki Doki Literature Club game

The literature club consists of cute girls. Will you be able to please them and win their hearts? However, the game is not suitable for children or those easily disturbed. Every day you encounter adorable club members, engage in fun activities, and chitchat with them.

One of the characters, Sayori, is a youngster who values happiness. There is also Natsuki, the assertive character, and Yuri, a timid and mysterious girl who finds comfort in books. Monika is the leader of the club. Enjoy the game as you interact with the literature club girls.

6. High School Simulator

High School Simulator

This is a great game based on Japanese high school life. It allows you to experience the school in a 3D world. In the game, you play the role of a high school girl or boy studying in a Japanese school. It is not your typical video game when you follow certain quests.

Instead, in this game, you live your Japanese high school life experience. There are certain buttons that you can use for action, talking, jumping, or picking up. The game starts when you are in your bedroom preparing to leave for school.

Think of it like a normal school day when you attend classes, join clubs, and participate in certain activities. In addition, you can choose to be violent, pick up weapons, and go on a rampage. You can also roam the city streets, interact with other characters, and decide whether to attack them or not.

7. Bully


The game is based on a mischievous teenager, Jimmy Hopkins. He joins a new school and engages in certain activities that make him raise the hierarchy socially.

It has a great soundtrack that features 26 original tracks. He is involuntarily enrolled in the school, which makes him want to rise the ranks and stop bullying. He also attends classes as he strives to complete various side missions.

The two-player multiplayer mode lets the two players compete for the high scores in the different classes. How well will Jimmy survive in the school?

8. Persona

persona game

The game is based on a certain age story. The main character and his friends are on a journey to kick-start a journey of serial murderers. You will get to meet kindred spirits, have feelings of belonging, and confront your dark side.

This is one of the finest RPGs ever made. It has great gameplay with variable frame rates, steam achievements, and trading cards. The game follows groups of high school students in various settings in Japan.

The story takes place over a year in which students attend school, celebrate holidays, and control conflicts. Some enemies might appear on the screen as you explore. You can decide to run or fight as you wish.

In the battles, you need to learn your enemy’s weak point and launch all-out group attacks. Try your best to emerge the victor.

9. Gravity Rush

Gravity Rush game

In the game, you play Kat, a strong-willed girl trying her best to protect her future. The world is crumbling into pieces, and you need to find a way to survive. As Kat, you have some amazing altering abilities, and you are the only one who can save Hekseville city.

The world features beautifully enhanced graphics in the unique 3D world. In addition, manipulate gravity with a wireless controller using some inbuilt motion sensors. You will have a great level of control.

Play As Many Games As Possible

Play As Many Games As Possible

If you are a fan of games played in the school environment, these will please you. Most of them are based in a school environment with you as the main character.

The different game adventures will leave you craving for more. All the best as you encounter enemies in these games like the yandere simulator. These school dramas will leave you craving for more.