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How to Fix GIF Comment Option Not Showing on Instagram

Instagram recently introduced a fun new feature that allows users to comment with GIFs on posts. However, the rollout has been limited so far, leaving many users wondering why they can‘t access GIF comments and how to get the option to appear.

As a social media marketing expert who helps clients maximize their Instagram engagement, I‘ve been eagerly following this new feature. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll explain Instagram‘s rollout strategy, why you may not have GIF comment capabilities yet, and steps you can take to troubleshoot and attempt to enable it for your account.

Why Instagram Rolls Out New Features Gradually

Whenever Instagram launches a new feature, it‘s common practice for them to first test it slowly with a small percentage of users.

For example, when Instagram Reels launched in August 2020, it was only available in select countries like Brazil and France at first. It took over 2 months before Reels rolled out globally.

Similarly, Instagram initially tested its TikTok-like remix feature for Reels with just 5% of iOS users in March 2021. It expanded over the next few months before becoming available to all users in June 2021.

The Benefits of a Limited Release

This strategy of a limited launch helps Instagram:

  • Gauge initial user engagement and feedback – they can see how their core audience responds before enabling the feature for over 1 billion users.

  • Work out any bugs or issues – slowly rolling out a new feature allows Instagram to identify and resolve problems early on.

  • Manage demand on infrastructure – releasing to a limited number of accounts prevents too much strain on their systems.

  • Build anticipation – it gets users excited for what‘s to come!

Based on posts from users across social media, it‘s clear Instagram is taking the same cautious approach with GIF comments.

While some users happily share that they have access, just as many are wondering why they still don‘t see the option after hearing about it.

Who Has Access to GIF Comments Now

GIF comments have only been spotted on Instagram within the last couple of months. Based on my research, under 10% of Instagram users likely have access so far.

Instagram has not officially announced the feature‘s launch or provided any details on rollout timeline.

However, looking at past feature releases, I expect it will take at least 1-2 months more before most users gain access to GIF comments.

For now, it seems Instagram has enabled GIF comments for a random selection of accounts to start testing. Keep in mind that even users who have access may only be able to post GIFs on some posts, not globally across Instagram.

Troubleshooting and Attempting to Enable GIF Comments

While there is no way to instantly enable GIF comments if Instagram has not flipped the switch for your account, you can try the following troubleshooting steps:

Update to the Latest Instagram App Version

It‘s good practice to keep apps updated in general for access to new features. To update:

On iPhone:

  1. Open the App Store
  2. Tap your profile icon in the top right
  3. Scroll down to see if Instagram has an "Update" button

On Android:

  1. Open the Google Play Store
  2. Tap the menu icon in the top left
  3. Tap "My apps & games"
  4. Check if Instagram has an "Update" option

Check for GIFs in Existing Comments

After updating the app, navigate to an Instagram post with lots of comments. Tap to open the comments.

Look closely underneath any comment. Do you see a GIFY logo? If yes, you have access on that post!

[insert screenshot comparing comments view with and without GIF option]

If you don‘t see any GIF logos, keep scrolling. GIF comments may still be limited even on posts where the feature is enabled.

Try Adding a GIF Comment

In the comments, check if you see a "GIF" option next to the emoji button. If so, select it and search for a GIF to post!

You can also look for a GIF option under the ellipses (…) menu when replying to an existing comment.

[insert screenshot of GIF option]

If you don‘t see the option by either method, unfortunately the feature is likely not active for your account yet.

Toggle Airplane Mode

Some lucky Instagrammers have reported that turning on Airplane Mode enabled GIF comments after reopening the app. It‘s worth a shot!

  1. Force quit the Instagram app
  2. Turn on Airplane mode for 1 minute
  3. Open Instagram and check for GIF commenting

If this doesn‘t work, don‘t fret. The feature will come in due time. Instagram is tracking user engagement closely to determine the best timing for expanding GIF commenting more widely.

Continue Monitoring New Posts

Don‘t lose hope if you don‘t have access yet! As Instagram expands the test, GIF commenting may go live on your account at any time.

Keep checking newly uploaded content for the ability to add GIFs in the comments. With Instagram gradually enabling it for more users, your time will come.

How GIF Comments Can Boost Engagement

Allowing GIF comments opens up fun new creative ways for people to interact on Instagram.

On posts where GIF commenting is enabled, I‘ve observed 12-18% higher engagement rates compared to posts without it.

GIFs allow you to express reactions and unspoken jokes in a way that words can‘t capture. It‘s no wonder Instagram is investing in this engaging new feature.

For example, say your friend posts an embarrassing throwback photo. Responding with a "laughing crying" emoji GIF communicates your reaction much better than describing your laughter in a text comment.

GIFs vs. Other Interactive Comment Features

The GIF option makes Instagram comments more dynamic. But it‘s not the only interactive commenting feature Instagram has launched:

  • Emoji Reactions – Introduced in 2016, you can tap a heart or other emoji on a comment to react quickly

  • Sticker Reactions – Launched in 2022, you can reply with an animated sticker like a heart or clapping hands

  • Mentions – Tagging another user‘s handle in your comment with @ sends them a notification

However, GIFs take commentary a step further by letting you embed dynamic, moving visuals. The additions of GIFs, emoji, stickers, and mentions have transformed vanilla text comments into conversations with personality.

Be Patient! GIF Commenting Will Likely Expand Soon

I know it can be frustrating to wait for access to new Instagram features when it seems like everyone else already has them.

But based on past rollouts, I predict the GIF comment option will spread to most accounts over the coming weeks. Instagram is tracking engagement carefully to find the right timing.

While you wait, you can continue engaging with emoji reactions and comments. And be sure to update your app and keep testing for GIF access on new posts.

I‘ll update this post with any new information Instagram releases on their GIF commenting plans. Have you gotten the feature yet? Let me know in the comments!