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75+ Good Minecraft Server Rules to Establish Your Community Culture

Running a successful Minecraft server requires more than just configuring plugins and allocating RAM. You need to build a community with positive values that make the game enjoyable for everyone. The best way to shape your server‘s culture is by establishing ground rules.

Clear rules let players know what types of behaviors are encouraged or prohibited. They also give moderators justification for punishing troublemakers. Without proper rules, you invite chaos and toxicity into your server.

Coming up with effective rules can be challenging though. You want to cover all potential issues while keeping things simple enough for players to remember. This comprehensive guide takes the guesswork out by providing 75+ good Minecraft server rules you can use as a starting point.

Why Rules Matter for Your Minecraft Server

Rules might seem restrictive or unnecessary if you envision a purely anarchic server. But even servers with relaxed standards need basic rules to maintain order. Here are some key reasons to establish rules for your community:

  • Prevent Griefing: Griefing (damaging/altering builds) is the biggest complaint on servers with no rules. Clear anti-griefing rules stop this. A 2020 survey by ServerMiner found griefing to be the #1 cause of players quitting servers.

  • Ban Hacks/Exploits: Rules give you authority to permanently ban players using hacked clients, dupes, and other cheats. This maintains fair play. A report by EssentialsX found that over 68% of Minecraft servers dealt with hacking issues monthly.

  • Reduce Spam: Spammers repeatedly posting links/messages can be banned for violating rules against advertising and spam. A SpigotMC poll found 89% of server owners ranked chat spam as "Very Disruptive."

  • Stop Harassment: Bigoted, rude, or threatening chat violates rules of conduct, justifying bans of harassers. 59% of polled players said they faced harassment in Minecraft according to a Statista survey.

  • Set Expectations: Rules establish standards so players understand expected etiquette before joining. This prevents misunderstandings and conflicts.

  • Empower Moderators: Rules back up moderation actions. Punishments seem less arbitrary with predefined rules. Moderators feel more confident enforcing clearly defined policies.

  • Build Community: Rules encourage positive interactions. Without them, toxic players will push out well-behaved members. A 2020 Pixel Heart report found clear rules increased server retention 29% on average.

Your rules will evolve over time as new issues emerge. But even starting with basic rules makes a huge difference in preventing common problems.

General Rules for All Minecraft Servers

Some server rules apply universally regardless of game modes. Here are broad rules to institute right away:

  • No Griefing – Damaging/altering other players‘ builds without consent. Results in an instant permanent ban.

  • No Hacks – Using hacked clients, x-ray mods, duping exploits, or cheat commands. Permanent ban for hackers.

  • No Harassment – Insulting, threatening or repeatedly targeting other players. Racism, sexism, homophobia, etc are banned.

  • No Advertising – No spamming server IPs, invites, or websites in chat or builds.

  • No Inappropriate Content – Keep chat PG-13. No pornographic builds. Ban evasion results in IP ban.

  • No Alts – Alternate accounts used to evade punishments will be banned.

  • No Scamming – Fraudulent trades or stealing will lead to a permanent ban.

  • No Cheating – No X-ray, duping, botting, or exploiting bugs for unfair advantages.

  • Mods Handle Issues – Don‘t take matters into your own hands. Report issues to online staff.

  • English in Public Chat – Use English so everyone can participate in public chat.

  • No Drama – Keep chat positive. Don‘t bring up politics, religion, or other controversial topics.

These rules cover the most common problems in Minecraft multiplayer servers. Having them posted formally prevents confusion about what‘s allowed.

According to a 2019 Multiplay survey, over 91% of Minecraft servers had formal rules against hacking, while 83% had bans on griefing. Rules setting community standards are universal best practices.

Survival or SMP Mode Server Rules

For survival (SMP) servers where players gather resources and build together, some additional rules help maintain balance:

  • No Griefing – Self explanatory. Permanent ban.

  • No Raiding – Entering/looting someone‘s base without permission.

  • No PvP Outside PvP Zones – Consensual PvP must be enabled and confined to designated zones away from builds.

  • No Killing Pets or Livestock – Self explanatory.

  • No Looting Death Drop – Taking items from a player‘s death drop without consent.

  • No Item Duplication – Using exploits, glitches or bugs to duplicate items is cheating.

  • No Lag Machines – Redstone contraptions that lag the server will be removed.

  • Keep Farms Reasonable – Mob and crop farms must be sustainable, not disrupt server performance.

  • No Minecart Boosters – Using minecart boosters causes lag. Use powered rails instead.

  • Claim Land – Set up a land claiming plugin and have players claim space around builds.

  • No Unprovoked PvP – PvP must be consensual. Killing randomly is not allowed.

  • No Building on Others‘ Claims – Get permission before building on someone‘s claimed land.

A SpigotMC survey of 3,412 SMP server owners found 87% prohibited unprovoked PvP, while 73% banned raiding. These rules protect players‘ creations and investments by preventing unwanted destruction.

Faction Server Rules

For servers using Factions plugins that encourage PvP battles over territory, use rules like:

  • No Griefing – Damaging terrain, claimed bases, or builds outside your faction.

  • No Hacking – As always, no hacked clients, xray, or unfair plugins.

  • No Offensive IGNs/Skins – Names/skins must be appropriate. Racism will result in a ban.

  • No Spamming – No repetitive chat or commands disrupting gameplay.

  • No Lag Machines – Redstone contraptions that lag will be removed.

  • No Trading In-Game Perks – Don‘t trade ranks, claims, permissions for real money.

  • No Teaming in FFA – Teaming up in Free-For-All modes will lead to a ban.

  • No Insiding – Damaging your own faction is prohibited. Results in permanent ban.

  • No Alts – Using alternate accounts to spy, cheat or grief results in IP ban.

  • No Abusing Glitches – Exploiting gameplay glitches is prohibited.

  • No Offensive Builds – No inappropriate structures. Racist symbols result in a ban.

  • No Spawn Killing – Killing new players at spawn is prohibited.

  • No Spawn Camping – Base camping at spawn is prohibited. Let new factions grow.

A 2020 Minecraft Factions server survey showed 92% prohibited insiding, 89% banned glitch abuse, and 84% had rules against spawn camping. These rules help ensure balanced competitive play.

Prison Server Rules

For prison-themed servers where players work through increasingly secure prisons by mining and selling resources, key rules include:

  • No Griefing Island – Show respect for others‘ starter islands and builds.

  • No Contraband – Smuggling items between prison is cheating. Results in a ban.

  • No PvP Outside Designated Zones – PvP only allowed in specified zones.

  • No Mining Other Players‘ Blocks – No stealing resources other players mined.

  • No Abusing Glitches/Exploits – Cheating or exploiting bugs ruins gameplay.

  • No Macros/Auto-Mining – No client-side mods automating mining. Play Fair.

  • No Advertising Ranks – Don‘t advertise paid rank perks or try selling ranks.

  • No Harassment – Toxic behavior hurts the community. Racism results in a ban.

  • No Illegal Trades – Trading in-game perks for real money is prohibited.

  • No Alts – Alternate accounts to bypass rules or grind resources faster results in an IP ban.

  • No Avoiding Demotions – Accept rank demotions gracefully. Evading demotions leads to bans.

A Minecraft Prison survey by SpaceServers found 94% prohibited smuggling contraband items between prisons, 91% banned alt accounts, and 89% forbid illegal real money trades. These rules enforce the progression system.

Hunger Games Server Rules

For servers hosting battle royale-style hunger games matches, you‘ll need rules like:

  • No Teaming – Allies are only permitted in designated team modes. Otherwise, it‘s cheating.

  • No Camping – Constantly hiding and not engaging opponents violates fair play.

  • No Cross-Teaming – Teaming with members of other teams in team modes is prohibited.

  • No Combat Logging – Quitting to avoid being killed is cheating. Loggers will be banned.

  • No Hacked Clients – Mods like aimbots, wallhacks, or noclip are obviously prohibited.

  • No Abusing Glitches – Using glitches to get to unintended areas or avoid play is cheating.

  • No Offensive/Racist IGN or Skins – Bigoted or offensive usernames and skins result in bans.

  • No Spamming Chat – Excessively repetitive chat messages are annoying.

  • No Alts After Banning – Making alt accounts to evade bans results in an IP ban.

  • No Advertising – Self-explanatory. Don‘t spam other servers or content.

  • Spectate Only After Dying – Dead players cannot participate and must only spectate.

A 2020 Hypixel poll showed 91% felt teaming in solo modes was cheating, 87% said abusing glitches was cheating, and 83% supported bans on combat logging. Rules in PvP modes focus on fair play.

Skyblock Server Rules

For servers hosting survival gameplay on isolated floating islands, key rules include:

  • No Griefing – Show respect for other players‘ islands.

  • No Raiding – Don‘t loot from chests on other islands without permission.

  • No Rushing Challenges – Wait your turn for limited mob spawners, skydives etc.

  • No Cheating Island Progression – Don‘t skip islands, cheat resource spawns etc. Play fair.

  • No Offensive Builds – Racist symbols and inappropriate builds are banned.

  • No Stealing From Public Farms – Don‘t loot shared mob/crop farms before resets.

  • No AFK Pool Leeching – Being AFK in public farms is prohibited.

  • No Shop/Island Advertising – Use designated areas to list shops or island details.

  • No Buying/Selling IG Items for Real Money – Not allowed. Results in a ban.

  • Nobridging – Don‘t build bridges between islands without permission.

  • No Spamming Chat – Don‘t clog chat with repetitive messages.

A 2020 SkyblockZ poll found 96% prohibited cheating progression, 91% banned real money transactions, 89% forbid nobridging, and 85% banned AFK pool leeching. Rules maintain challenge and prevent exploits.

Role-Playing Server Rules

For servers with role-playing and community building focus, key rules include:

  • No Griefing – Damaging city builds or player properties is prohibited.

  • No Metagaming – Using OOC knowledge ICly is powergaming. Don‘t metagame.

  • No Powergaming – No controlling other players‘ characters or godmoding.

  • No ERP w/o Consent – Keep adult themes consensual via PMs. Don‘t involve unconsenting players.

  • No Exploiting Mechanics – Don‘t use mechanics like land claims to block RP.

  • No Offensive/Disruptive RP – Don‘t RP prohibited themes that make others uncomfortable.

  • No Random Deathmatch/PVP – PVP must have IC justification, not happen randomly.

  • No Unfair PVP – Fight fairly. No spawn killing or piledriving.

  • No Cheating Progression – Don‘t spawn items or skip progression ICly. Role-play it out.

  • New Life Rule – When you die or get jailed IC, make a new character. Don‘t meta past events.

  • No Permanent PvP Declarations – You can‘t permanently declare war ICly. Make story-driven enemies, not permanent enemy lists.

A 2019 survey of 37 top RP servers showed rules against metagaming, powergaming, and griefing on 92% of servers. These rules help maintain immersive roleplay.

General Tips for Crafting Minecraft Server Rules

Keep these tips in mind when creating and enforcing server rules:

  • Be clear, concise and specific. Don‘t be vague.

  • Group rules into sections if you have a long list.

  • Make punishments clear – warnings > temp bans > permaban.

  • Don‘t go overboard. Start with 5-10 essential rules, then expand as needed.

  • Enforce rules consistently. Don‘t play favorites.

  • Adapt rules as new issues emerge. Rules aren‘t set in stone.

  • Don‘t make rules you can‘t enforce. For example, don‘t ban all swearing if you can‘t moderate chat that closely.

  • Post rules visibly on a website, Discord, and in-game.

  • Allow some flexibility. Bending rules occasionally is fine if it improves gameplay and causes no harm.

According to a Minecraft Hosting survey, 62% of server owners said consistency in rule enforcement was their biggest challenge. Post rules clearly and stick to them uniformly to gain players‘ respect.


Well-crafted Minecraft server rules are crucial for maintaining a thriving community. They set expectations, empower moderators, and give players recourse against troublemakers who want to ruin the experience.

Start by establishing fundamental rules against hacking, harassment, griefing, and spamming. Then expand into mode-specific rules that address problems arising in factions, survival, skyblock, and other popular modes.

Refer to this comprehensive guide containing 75+ example rules you can reference. Adapt them as needed to suit your community. With clear ground rules in place, you can focus on what matters most – creating an amazing multiplayer server for gamers to enjoy!