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Top 15 Best Google Snake Mods 2023 (With Github Download)

The snake game has progressed over time from some sort of classic game to a household addiction. Resulting in Google deciding to develop its version and have it installed on the Google Search Bar. You could have played the game countless times, but most of us have not lost traction of asking –  can you really win this game?  The highest score to be recorded stands at 256 points.

Besides, a GIF trending on a Russian forum showing a sped-up version of the Snake Game triggered a nostalgic urge to try and win the game. The GIF evidenced that one could actually complete the game, but one more question still rang. Did the player actually win, or the snake could not fit anymore inside the pixelated frame? You can find the GIF clip here at the r/woahdude subreddit. It was tough to establish what version of the game the clip came from. However, it’s apparent it's nothing close to Google Snake or the classical Nokia Snake Xensia.

In this article, we look at the Google Snake game. You will learn how to get and use the Google Snake mod menu, find out the best 20 mods and learn golden tips on how to win the game. There is also a FAQ section to answer some of the world’s biggest questions surrounding the frenzy.

Let’s dive in.

How to get and use Google Snake Mod Menu?

How to get and use Google Snake Mod Menu

You are going to enjoy playing this game. In fact, Google Snake is the best version of the game, out of the many different versions out there. There are high chances you have played the game. But the heightening urge to win over the computer is making you want even more. Believe it or not, you could unlock a variety of features that are hidden from the basic version of the game.

There exists a Menu Mod that will enable players to unlock more features. In this section, we take a look at how to get there and get to see the different features of the Google Snake Mod.

A step-by-step process for how to get to the Google Snake Game Menu Mod

1. Open Github from the link below

Open Github from the link below

Visit this repository on Github – Github Google Snake Mode.

Note: You might find different versions of the link leading to a Github repo with the game, mainly because there exist different mods of Google Snake. We are going to look at the top 20 Google Snake Mods in the next section after this.

The next step after clicking the above link is downloading the MoreMenu.HTML file. Your computer will save the HTML file on your browser’s download location.

Up next is to import the file back to your browser. I recommend using Chrome for all this. Now had out to click “Customize and Control’.

You are going to find 3  vertical dotted buttons on the top right frame of your screen. Once clicked, the nav bar will reveal a drop-down menu.

2. Open the Google chrome bookmark manager

Click Bookmark manager on the drop-down menu. On the manager, pick Organize option and then you will get another 3 vertical buttons. Here you should click the ‘Import Bookmarks’ option. You are going to get a new window where you will have to select the HTML file you just downloaded and import. It is also advisable to rename the file to Google Snake Mod.

3. Type Google Snake Game on a new browser tab

Once done with the previous step, the browser will create an imported files folder on the Bookmarks navigation bar. You will have to close the Bookmark manager and then click a new tab on your chrome browser. On the bar, type Google Snake Game. At this point, you will get the game on the screen, and a PLAY button. However, do not click on the play button just yet.

4. Unlocking more features from your Google Snake Mod

Click the Chrome Option once again before hitting the PLAY button and then open the Bookmarks option. Choose Imported on the resulting navigation bar and then click on ‘More Menu Stuff’ A gear icon will appear containing your Snake Mod, and here is where you can unlock other items on the menu. Now is the time to play around with these features and see how the game grows more interesting. Well, this is the time to hit the PLAY button.

The above is everything you need to understand about getting the Google Snake Mod Menu from Github and setting up your browser for the play mode. Now let’s head out and learn about the different variations of Google’s Snake Game.

Top 15 Best Google Snake Mods in 2022

Top 15 Best Google Snake Mods in 2022

Below is a list of the top 15 Google Snake mods you can play in 2022. There are several versions and it might take you time before settling on a favourite.

  1. The Toggle Snake Death Screen
  2. Custom Menu Snake Stuff
  3. Dark Mode Google Snake
  4. Skull Poison Google Snake
  5. Aiyiwowtgwl
  6. Input Counter Google Snake
  7. Centred FBX Google Snake
  8. Pretty Timers Google Snake
  9. Wall Endgame Sooner Snake
  10. Burger Mode Google Snake
  11. Snake Time Keeper
  12. Combined Modes of Google Snake – Bonus
  13. Custom Snake Colors
  14. Snake DVD Screensaver
  15. Animated Colors Google Snack

1. The Toggle Snake Death Screen

The Toggle Snake Death Screen

The Toggle Snake Death screen allows you to conduct a Death Screen, which is a method of turning the game on and off. However, this Google snake mod doesn't score your game or statistics. Here is a link to the mod’s Github.

2. Custom Menu Snake Stuff

Custom Menu Snake Stuff

Probably one of the most popular and fun Google Snake Mods out there. This mod allows you to unlock multiple Modes, background themes, colours and features. You can install this Mod according to the steps shown below:

3. Dark Mode Google Snake

Dark Mode Google Snake

As this title suggests, Dark Mode Google Snake Mod allows you to play the game on a dark-mode theme. The one single way to do this is by typing Window.snake.dark(); into your PC console. On the other hand, you can click this Github link and follow the provided steps.

4. Skull  Poison Snake Google Snake

Skull Poison Snake Google Snake

You are used to playing with the normal red apples that usually make the snake grow longer and speed up. But in this Google Snake Mod, you are feeding the snake with Poison Apples. These poison apples make the snake grow haywire until you cant easily focus on controlling it as it spirals around the dashboard. Click its Github repository and follow its steps on how to install and play the game.

5. Aiyiwowtgwl or the Invisible Snake Mod

Skull Poison Snake Google Snake

This Google snake mod allows you to make the snake invisible by triggering a wither function. All you need to do is type the following command into the console: “window.snake.invisible();”, or could just head out and download the bookmark from this link.

6. Combined Snake Mod

Combined Modes of Google Snake – Bonus

The combined mods used to be one of the best Google Snake Mods until Google realized that and offered the Blender Mode. Therefore, you do not have to toil installing the Google Combined Mod, when you can only utilize the preinstalled Blender Mode. There is no point in downloading this one. If you understand the existing Snake Modes, it will be easy for you to filter what you want from what you don't want.

7. Input Counter Google Snake

Input Counter Google Snake

Just as the name suggests, the Google Snake Input Counter tallies the number of food taken as your snake navigates through your game screen.

Here is a link to the game:

8. Centred FBX Google Snake

Centred FBX Google Snake

This mode comes in handy for players that would to center align the FBX/arcade mode of the Google snake mod.

Here is a link to the game:

9. Pretty Timers Google Snake

Pretty Timers Google Snake

If you love stopwatches and pretty timers are you best playing mode, then the Google Snake Pretty Timers is the best way to explore the fun.

Here is a link to the snake mod:

10. Wall Endgame Sooner Snake

You only have to type “Snake.wall_every_apple();” command into your computer’s consol to trigger the start off this game.

11. Burger Mode Google Snake

Burger Mode Google Snake

For players that want to explore a mixed experience of the Google Snake mod, this mod is the best option. The burger mod was released in 2021, and is one of the most enjoyable Google Snake Mods out there.

Here is a link to the game:

12. Snake Time Keeper

Snake Time Keeper

This game mod provides a leaderboard that helps you keep track of points, high scores and completion duration for each game you play.

Here is a link to the game:

13. Combined Modes of Google Snake – Bonus

Combined Modes of Google Snake – Bonus

Blends most of the features in all of the above mentioned snake mods. Google realized majority of the people enjoyed the combined modes for Google Snakes and went on to launch an official version, the Blender Mode.

This mode is inbuilt on Google tools, and will enable you to experience a range of features without struggling.

Here is a link to the game:

14. Custom Snake Colors

Custom Snake Colors

You need to experience Google Snake on a beautiful UI and UX interface? The custom snake colors will give you a perfect blend of colors, from washed lavender colors or scarlet red.

Here is a link to the game if you think it’s a perfect version for you:

15. Snake DVD Screensaver

Custom Snake Colors

Like the name suggests, this snake mod gives users a DVD screensaver mode to experience the game.

Here is a link to the game’s Github repo:

16. Animated Colors Google Snake

This mode has an animated user interface for both the snake and the background theme. Here is a link to download it: