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Do’s and Don’ts to Grow Social Media Following 

Do you want to optimize your online presence and increase your follower base, but you don't know where to start? Discover the key do's and don'ts for increasing your social media following!

Over the past few years, social media has become one of the most important elements of most marketing plans. In general, this is not surprising – social resources are one of the most popular channels of interaction for both entrepreneurs and influencers.

The importance of platforms has grown significantly and has become an integral part of the lives of most Internet users. Now, with a few minutes of free time, a person is more likely to visit one of the networks than spend this time on something else. Scrolling through news feeds, watching short videos and following the lives of Internet favorites has become commonplace, and even in some ways a habit of people.

That's why businessmen and influencers are increasingly using various resources to promote themselves and improve online visibility – their target audience is already here. However, in order for the marketing strategy to work in your favor, and not the other way around, you need working tactics that will help you achieve results.

In today's article you’ll find useful information that will  help you build an effective strategy and optimize your online presence. We’ve compiled the top do's and don'ts to boost social media following for the best results. Let's get started!


1. Delegate some advertising tasks

Delegate some advertising tasks

Delegation is one of the most important elements of any strategy that requires the knowledge and skills of several specialists. But not all business owners and creators are able to delegate their tasks to other specialists. Most people think that no one will do anything better than them, and this is a big misconception.

When it comes to promoting and effectively attracting an audience, you can't do without special knowledge and vast experience. The competition in the online space is too great, and if you don’t learn to trust other specialists as well as yourself, your path to online recognition, increasing your audience and expanding your presence will be more thorny.

That's why the first rule is delegation. There are many advantages to this : you don't waste your time, energy and nerves, but at the same time the tasks are completed. Plus, by choosing the right investment option, you won't spend a lot of money.

For example, on you can find very cheap but effective incentives to improve statistics and audience engagement. They cost ridiculous money on the scale of the advertising budget, but they are additional support for both beginners and experienced creators.

If your marketing budget allows for more, then you may also consider hiring a copywriter, content creator, or manager. Such an investment presupposes long-term cooperation with specialists, so we recommend that you calculate in advance whether you are financially ready for such cooperation.

2. Stay active

After reading this paragraph, you may think: I already know this. You probably really know and understand that activity is one of the factors that directly affects the strengthening of your position on social networks. But are you as active as you think you are?

As practice shows, most newbies choose one social network for promotion. Then they start posting some posts, some videos, and show a little activity in some other formats (for example, Insta Stories). That's it – they think they've fulfilled their plan for a few days and go off into the sunset. Such activity is just a drop in the bucket. And that's why :

  • One platform is not enough. If you want to attract as much audience as possible to your business or personality, make sure that you are seen on several resources at once. In this case, you’ll reach a wide audience and expand your presence several times.
  • The flow of high-quality and fresh content should be constant. This is quite a difficult task, especially at the beginning of the journey. But you should understand that without this step, your accounts won’t start growing. Publish content in various formats as often as possible and always stay in touch with subs – this is easily feasible in formats such as Stories. Regular content is like a reminder that you are there and worth following.

If you stay active, taking into account the above nuances, your growth will be much faster and more efficient. Further, when you already have a certain base, the number of publications per day may decrease.


1. Ignoring questions and comments

Ignoring questions and comments

Ignoring your fans is never a good idea. In fact, your growth directly depends on users and their attitude towards you. If people see that you are reluctant to answer questions (or basically ignore them), try to hide some facts, or do not respond to comments, this will only cause negative emotions.

Moreover, by following this tactic, you won’t only upset your current and potential followers, but also significantly damage traffic and statistics. High-quality interaction, on the contrary, will increase user loyalty to you and may even affect revenue in the future.

It is important to know: you should respond to all comments, whether negative from hater or positive from a client/fan. All the messages that are written under the publications have weight. Therefore, if you see a bad comment, don’t rush to delete it, show people how you can get out of conflict situations to improve your reputation.

2. Use too many hashtags

Do you want to add “trash” to your posts? Then a bunch of hashtags is what you need! We're joking, of course. Excessive use of keywords in your publications is a completely useless activity.

Yes, keywords are still used to rank various posts on resources, but if there are too many of them, you will confuse the algorithms. Your posts will look too unnatural and in the eyes of users it will be a direct advertisement. Plus, this way you risk attracting more bots and fewer real active users.

But keywords are still important, so we recommend choosing  2-3 the best ones for your niche and correctly including them. Good luck!