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80+ "He‘s a 10 but" Questions – The Viral Trend Dissected

"He‘s a 10 but…" has taken social media by storm, captivating millions with its addictive blend of attractiveness ratings and quirky dealbreakers. Where did this peculiar phenomenon originate, and what makes it so compelling? As a social media expert, let‘s analyze the trend‘s appeal, usage and psychological drivers through 80+ hilarious examples.

The Explosive Growth of a Viral Sensation

The "He‘s a 10 but…" format first emerged in early 2022 on Twitter through posts like "He‘s a 10 but his name is Gerald🥴." But it exploded in popularity thanks to TikTok compilation videos showcasing the funniest examples.

The TikTok hashtag #hesa10but has over 780 million views at the time of writing, demonstrating the remarkable resonance of this trend. As it continues spreading across platforms, it has evolved beyond the original male-focused iterations into a versatile meme tackling all kinds of absurd quirks.

The Addictive Premise Behind "He‘s a 10 but…"

On the surface, "He‘s a 10 but…" offers an amusing framework for calling out undesirable behaviors we wouldn‘t expect from someone seemingly "perfect." But several psychological factors make this such a compelling formula:

Contrasting Expectations

Starting each question with a high score builds up appealing expectations that are immediately contradicted, creating surprise humor.

Social Judgment

The trend lets us judge others under the pretext of humor by calling out unappealing quirks. The exaggerated scenarios make it feel harmless.


Many quirks touch on universal dealbreakers faced in real relationships, making the examples relatable despite the absurdity.

Sense of Standards

Dropping ratings drastically shows that despite initial attraction, certain qualities are total dealbreakers to us. It affirms our standards.


Dating often requires compromise. This trend plays into the idea that someone can seem flawless initially before revealing their baggage.


During divisive times, outrageous humor offers escapism. The extreme quirks let people briefly detach from reality.

This blend of judgment, contradiction and compromise gives the trend its addictive appeal, making it irresistible viral fodder.

How "He‘s a 10 but…" Became Gen Z‘s Latest Obsession

Beyond the psychological draw, "He‘s a 10 but…" possesses the perfect hallmarks of Gen Z viral success.

The attractive/unattractive contrast maps onto Gen Z‘s love for ironic contradictions. The exaggerated quirks match their affinity for absurdist and shocking humor. Their fluency in meme culture ensures rapid mutation into endless variants.

But most importantly, their lack of boundaries and filters enables them to bluntly call out undesirable behaviors for comedic effect without hesitation. Whereas older generations may avoid being so judgmental publicly, Gen Z‘s constant online presence normalizes exposing others‘ flaws for laughs.

This combination made "He‘s a 10 but…" spread like wildfire across TikTok and Twitter as the logical evolution of Gen Z ironic humor trends.

The Anatomy of Viral "He‘s a 10 but…" Questions

While the simple premise can generate endless scenarios, the most irresistibly viral examples follow a proven formula:

  • The Build-Up – Start with an attractiveness rating that sets up appealing expectations. 10 is standard but you can experiment with other numbers for ironic humor.

  • The Contrast – Next, flip expectations with a quirk that contradicts the initial rating completely. Generate surprise and absurdity.

  • The Dealbreakers – Choose a quirk around universal dealbreakers related to habits, physical traits, interests etc. that spark instant judgment.

  • Exaggeration – Heighten the quirk through hyperbole. Outrageous extremes generate more shock value.

  • Touch of Truth – While exaggerated, the best quirks reveal kernels of truth about dating experiences and pet peeves.

Viral "He‘s a 10 buts…" tick all these boxes. Now let‘s see some examples in action!

80+ Hilarious and Relatable "He‘s a 10 but…" Scenarios

Here are 80+ original "He‘s a 10 but…" questions to inspire laughter and horror:

Dating/Relationship Quirks

  • He’s a 10 but he says "I love you" on the first date.
  • He‘s a 10 but he proposes on the third date.
  • He‘s a 10 but he insists you spend every waking moment together.
  • He‘s a 10 but he photoshops you together into all his profile pics after a week of dating.
  • He‘s a 10 but he gets your face tattooed on him after the first kiss.

We‘ve all dealt with clingy or overly eager romantic interests. These exaggerated examples spotlightattachment issues in absurdly extreme ways.

Lifestyle Habits

  • He’s a 10 but he eats pizza crust-first.
  • He‘s a 10 but he seasons food by just dumping salt on it.
  • He‘s a 10 but he wears the same socks for months until they stand on their own.
  • He‘s a 10 but he showers once a year.
  • He‘s a 10 but he drinks orange juice after brushing his teeth.

Some lifestyle habits can be endearing quirks initially but ultimate dealbreakers. Hygiene issues, in particular, tap into universal turn-offs despite physical attractiveness.

Pop Culture Interests

  • He’s a 10 but his favorite movie is Morbius.
  • He’s a 10 but he writes erotic fan fiction about Thomas the Tank Engine.
  • He‘s a 10 but he only listens to the Minions soundtrack.
  • He‘s a 10 but he has a waifu body pillow he takes everywhere.
  • He‘s a 10 but he runs a Succession roleplay group.

We all judge each other‘s pop culture tastes – especially on dating apps. Picking ridiculous fictional examples allows us to mock "bad tastes" harmlessly while revealing what we value in relationships.

Physical Quirks

  • He’s a 10 but he has a neck tattoo of himself.
  • He‘s a 10 but he has frosted tips and a soul patch.
  • He‘s a 10 but he has Guy Fieri flames shaved into his head.
  • He‘s a 10 but he has a tail like a Corgi.
  • He‘s a 10 but he has a third nipple on his forehead.

Besides behavior, physical qualities also offer rich comedic fodder, from questionable styling choices to fictional mutations. They remind us looks aren‘t everything.


  • He’s a 10 but he dropped out of Flat Earth college.
  • He‘s a 10 but he insists dinosaurs are a government conspiracy.
  • He‘s a 10 but he exclusively dates extraterrestrials.
  • He‘s a 10 but he runs a cult worshipping garden gnomes.
  • He‘s a 10 but he‘s on a mission from God to defeat the Lizard People.

Outrageous backgrounds allow us to mock absurd beliefs and personalities through harmless exaggeration.

The combinations are endless, but the formula remains focused on attraction subverted by laughably ridiculous dealbreakers.

Not Just Humor – Why This Trend Matters

Beyond just memes and jokes, "He‘s a 10 but…" offers intriguing insights into modern dating attitudes, judgments and compromises.

A 2021 survey found the top dating dealbreakers include:

  • Bad hygiene – 62%
  • Lazy – 45%
  • Self-centered – 36%
  • Stubborn – 29%

The viral examples often center similar universal turn-offs related to cleanliness, self-absorption and personality clashes. They highlight the importance of going beyond initial impressions.

The trend also reveals modern humor‘s embrace of irony and contradiction for viral success. But problematically, this rewards judgmentalism as long as it‘s framed as exaggerated jokes.

As we share these absurd examples, it‘s important to remain thoughtful about what behaviors we normalize mocking publicly. There‘s an ugly side to rating people‘s worth on narrow attributes taken out of context.

While seemingly just harmless fun, trends like "He‘s a 10 but…" offer intriguing windows into how society constructs humor, standards and compromise.

Maximizing Success with "He‘s a 10 but…" on Social Media

For brands and marketers, "He‘s a 10 but…" represents a tempting viral trend to incorporate, if used responsibly. Some tips:

  • Survey your audience on quirks or scenarios related to your industry that would work for humorous examples.

  • Adapt the questions into formats beyond text, like reaction videos, polls and images.

  • Reward engagement by encouraging audiences to share their own questions.

  • Use exaggerated fictional examples around mascots or products gone wrong rather than mocking real people.

  • Avoid capitalizing on shock value or insensitive associations at the expense of marginalized groups.

With creative thinking, the trend can inspire laughs for marketing without resorting to offensive humor.

The Future of Our Viral Obsession

It‘s unclear whether "He‘s a 10 but…" has longevity or if it‘s a short-lived meme feeding our appetite for judgmental humor.

Either way, it has undeniably captivated millions by tapping into the dual desires to judge others‘ flaws and express what behaviors we find unacceptable, even from seemingly "perfect" partners. We crave reminding ourselves that superficial impressions aren‘t everything.

As long as compromise exists in dating and exaggerating quirks elicits laughs, the DNA of "He‘s a 10 but…" will continue resurfacing in new viral forms. This meme proves we secretly enjoy evaluating others more than we care to admit!

So next time you encounter an irresistible "10," remember even supermodels have their flaws. Unless they eat pizza crust-first. Then it‘s an instant dealbreaker! What "He‘s a 10 but…" examples would you add?