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Top 19 Hottest Shemales (Transgender) Models in World 2024

On today's list, we have set aside the top 14 hottest shemales of all time. Our list explores their past and present life and some of their modelling life.

They are also inspiring to the community as they have risen to beat all odds and have given the transgender community a place in society. Their creativity and style are higher, and they share their social media platforms to educate more on being transgender and sharing their cutest photos which will leave you salivating for more.

These women have also accepted and embraced their womanhood and have risen above all heights to be among the most influential shemales. These shemales are so hot that you might fall in love with them once you view their drolling photos. Some have even appeared nude on popular magazine covers.

So here goes our hottest shemales list, not forgetting their eye-catching physique, and hopefully, you will get to follow them back on their social media platform if you are a huge fan of this shemale babes.

Model Age Figure Nationality Social Media
Andreja Pejic 31 5'11” Serbian-Australian Instagram
Valentijn de Hingh 30 6'1″ Dutch Instagram
Ines Rau 32 5'10” French Instagram
Lea T 31 5'11” Brazilian Instagram
Geena Rocero 38 5'10” Filipino Twitter
Laverne Cox 50 5'11” American Instagram
Carmen Carrera 37 5'10” American Instagram
Claudia Charriez 28 5'9″ Spanish Instagram
Isis King 36 5'9″ American Instagram
Nikita Dragun 26 5'9″ American Instagram
Loiza Lamers 27 6'1″ Dutch Instagram
Vittoria Schisano 34 5'11” Italian Instagram
Mariah Lopez 55 N/A American Twitter
Trace Lysette 34 5'9″ American Instagram
Jenna Talackova 34 6′ 1″ Canadian Instagram
Tracy Norman 71 5'91⁄2″ American Facebook
Heri Nef. 30 5'91⁄2″ American Instagram
Valentina Sampaio. 26 5'91⁄2″ Brazilian Instagram
Caroline Tula Cossey. 68 6'0″ British Instagram



Model Andreja Pejic
Age 31
Figure 5'11”
Nationality Serbian-Australian
Social Media Instagram

Andreja Pejic, born in Yugoslavia, tops our list of the hottest shemales. Andreja is an actress and model based in Australia. Her nice physique landed her in the modelling industry. In 2013, she came out and declared that she was trans, making her more recognizable. Pejic even won the best international female award in 2016 and signed major deals for cosmetic brands. Pejic has also been featured on popular magazine covers.

Andreja once posted on Instagram her nude photo at a nudist beach while on vacation in Melbourne with her family. With only a blue butterfly covering her nipples, her fans couldn’t stop gushing over her on her nice body. With her blonde hair and green eyes, you can't stop admiring her. Because of her striking beauty and features, she has been able to walk popular runways and famous brands. Did you know that before she underwent sex reassignment surgery, she modelled for both male and female fashions? Get to follow her on her Instagram page as she actively shares many photos of her nice body.



Model Valentijn de Hingh
Age 30
Figure 6'1″
Nationality Dutch
Social Media Instagram

You might know Valentijin de Hingh if you have watched the show ‘Valentijin,' which is about transitioning from a man to a woman. She was filmed from age 8 to 17. After the completion of the film, she underwent gender affirmation surgery. Valentijin is a model and a writer who has written for popular brands like google chrome, Mcdonald's, Adidas, Nike, and others. She also founded an organization that empowers women. Valentijin has been listed among the top 10 influential transgender models globally. She has walked for popular runways, and IMG once featured her as the first transgender model and has also been featured in a couple of Dutch reality shows.

Valentijin has posed nude for popular magazine covers like Vogue Italia and Love magazine. You would mistake Valentijin for a high school student. The Dutch Beauty has blonde hair and blue eyes, and fans have confirmed that something is intriguing about her. Some say she is a version of the famous actress Lili Taylor. She has a whole recessed eye look, and her beautiful legs are a mile long. She is so elegant and has control over her body too. Valentijin mostly shares her photos on Instagram and largely engages her fans.



Model Ines Rau
Age 32
Figure 5'10”
Nationality French
Social Media Instagram

Ines rau can always catch on the list, and she is a shemale who is beautiful and hot. The French nationality is the country's first playboy transgender model. She is of Algerian descent though she was born in Paris. Rau loved partying, and so as soon she turned 18, she started performing for DJS. As luck would have it, she met David Guetta, who introduced her to the modelling industry. Rau underwent gender affirmation surgery at 16. Her biggest breakthrough came when she posed for a nude with famous male supermodel Tyson Beckford for a famous French magazine. It was after this that Playboy searched for her and enrolled her.

Ines has shared over 100 photos of her hot body, and you will conquer with me that she is indeed beautiful, not forgetting her unique sense of fashion. Each photo she shares is proof of her undeniable beauty. She also shares photos of her boobs and sexy curves, leaving her fans  wowing with her butt pictures. The snaps she shares on her Instagram page will leave you mesmerized and wanting more.

4. LEA T


Model Ines Rau
Age 31
Figure 5'11”
Nationality Brazilian
Social Media Instagram

Lea Ticsi, popularly known as lea t, was born in Brazil but grew up in Italy. Lea learned about her trans sexuality when she was 25 and decided to undergo sex reassignment surgery in 2012. Lea has risen to be among the top fashion campaigners. Lea is also the brand ambassador for a famous hair-care company, Redken. She was the first transgender model to participate in the grand opening of the famous Rio Olympics in 2016. She participated in the popular Dancing with the Stars' Italian version. BBC listed her among the top 100 women that are changing the world. Apart from Lea being a model, she is also a transgender activist and advocate for the LGBTQ community.

Lea gained popularity after posing nude for  Vogue, a France magazine, and modelling for Riccardo Tisci’s Givenchy. This hot beauty has conquered the runways in bikinis as she happily exposes her beauty. Lea once posed for Blue Man in bikinis, and the photos took the internet by storm. Her fierce look and killer walk prove her unbeatable beauty. Follow Lea on Instagram, where she posts more photos in her favourite attires, bikinis.

5. Geena Rocero

Geena Rocero

Model Geena Rocero
Age 38
Figure 5'10”
Nationality Filipino
Social Media Twitter

Geena Rocero is a Filipino -American model and Transgender advocate. She is known for her work in the fashion industry and has been an active voice in promoting transgender rights and visibility. She is one of the hottest shemale who is an American model of Filipino descent and a TED speaker. She has a channel of Gender Proud and has a production business that focuses on exposing every tale that concerns the transgender population. Her campaign aims to ensure all transgender individuals have rights equally, just like other straight individuals, and she also wants a justice system that can serve the transgender.

With her determination to support transgender people, she has reached the White House, United Nations, and the World Economic Forum to discuss transgender rights. Since she is popular, she has a Twitter page sharing her thoughts, social life, and updates concerning transgender individuals.

6. Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox

Model Laverne Cox
Age 50
Figure 5'11”
Nationality American
Social Media Instagram

Laverne Cox is a shemale American actress and LGBTQ advocate who is an influential figure in promoting transgender representation and equality. She rose to the limelight when she acted in a Netflix series called Orange Is the New Black, where she became nominated as the first transgender person for a Primetime Emmy Award. She had a rough childhood when she was 11, Even though she attempted suicide when she realized she liked her male classmate. A male classmate also bullied her because she wasn't acting like a male guy.

Laverne is hot, especially if you see her in bikini images from her Instagram pics. You will be able to see her wild side and gorgeous curves. She is a diva, as many fans and viewers when set eyes on her lusciously smooth and wowing when they see her ass pictures. Her beauty is seen when she appears on billboards and in the priceless collection, where her pictures are truly admirable, and people like them and be satisfied with her poses of the fashionably glamorous babe. You can follow her on Instagram to see more of her personal life and undeniable beauty, where she actively engages her followers.

7. Carmen Carrera

Carmen Carrera

Model Carmen Carrera
Age 37
Figure 5'11”
Nationality American
Social Media Instagram

When we look at Carmen Carrera's personal and career life, she is an American model, actress, and reality television personality who is a Shemale person. People learned about her when she gained attention after appearing on one of the reality shows, “RuPaul's Drag Race.” She has been a good ambassador in supporting the fight against AIDS and promoting its awareness and activism.

Carmen is also fit to be in this list of hottest shemales as she has a vast of hot pictures which are Mouth watering that can leave you attracted to her. She is incredibly sexy that can make you want her so badly when you just set your eyes on her. When you visit her social media pages, especially her Instagram page, and look for a bikini photo gallery, you will notice her curated images, and you can instantly fall in love with her. You can sit back and relax when you enjoy her big booty pictures that can leave you awestruck and mesmerized.


Claudia Charriez

Model Claudia Charriez
Age 28
Figure 5'9″
Nationality Spanish
Social Media Instagram

Claudia Charries is another transgender model  and a famous person known for her appearance on the reality show ” America Next Top Model.” She is also popularly known for her work and contribution to the fashion industry. She has appeared in several shemale porn videos on Pornhub sites. Claudia appeared in “The Trouble, and I Still Love You” popular films. Claudia is also a transgender activist.

Similar to other hot shemales, Claudia shares photos of herself in bikinis. Claudia’s nice body will make you go crazy for her. Mostly sharing her boob photos, you will agree that the model is hot, not forgetting her curvy body and blonde hair on her Instagram page. Claudia actively shares her photos, leaving her followers eye-glued to their screens.



Model Isis King
Age 36
Figure 5'9″
Nationality American
Social Media Instagram

Isis was born in America and is a model, actress, and fashion designer. The beauty appeared on America's Next Top Model as the first transgender lady. Isis appeared in a comedy series, With Love, in 2021. King was featured in an MSNBC titled BORN IN THE WRONG BODY, which documented the lives of teenagers born transgender in the united states in 2007. In 2009, Isis decided to undergo a gender reassignment surgery. Before joining the modelling industry, King worked as a soloist and as a program assistant for an NGO.

isis has also appeared on the award-winning Netflix series “When They See Us” and shows like “The Bold and Beautiful”, “Good Trouble”, “Generation Q”, and “L-word”. Her beauty has gained her to walk popular runways, including Fenty by Rihanna, Betsey Johnson, Gabrielle Union, and Christian Cowan. Isis being a spirit ambassador speaks to youth nationwide about love and following your heart. Isis has showcased her hot body in bikinis on America's Next Top Model. Even with short hair, Isis still looks hot and active on her Instagram page, sharing more of her beautiful runway moments.



Model Nikita Dragun
Age 26
Figure 5'9″
Nationality American
Social Media Instagram

Nikita Dragun is the complete meaning of hotness. Nikita is an American model, make-up artist, and a YouTuber. Nikita once said that growing up for her wasn't easy as she was always afraid to share that she was transgender out of fear of being teased or bullied. She even went to the extent of faking an ID and posing as a female, and luckily enough, she passed so easily. On her youtube channel, Nikita shares more about her transformation from male to female. She also has a make-up line, Dragun Beauty, targeting the trans community.

Since Nikita wanted to change her body completely from male to female, she has undergone countless plastic surgeries. Nikita has almost everything plastic; her big boobs, her ass, and even her legs. She has become so beautiful and curvy that you can't get enough of her tattooed sexy body. Dragun even shared the nude photos that she took with Bretman Rock. There has been a leaked porn video of her and some unknown black guy having a good time, and damn, the lady is hot.

Nikita is never afraid to share her steamy photos and videos; her fans never fail to applaud her. This has helped her to have a massive range of 9M followers on her Instagram page. You can subscribe to her youtube channel and Instagram page as she shares her hot photos, either in bikinis or even nude, and she is never afraid to go sexy in public.



Model Loiza Lamers
Age 27
Figure 6'1″
Nationality Dutch
Social Media Instagram

Loiza Lamers, a shemale born in the Netherlands, is popularly known for winning the eighth cycle of Holland's Next Top Model in 2015. Loiza was also the first transgender model to win the global top model TV Franchise. The blue-eyed and blond model first appeared on TV at age 10 in a documentary named Van Lucas Naar Luus. She underwent gender affirmation at 18 years of age. Loiza was always open about her sexuality from a tender age, so growing up for her was quite comfortable.

Before joining the modelling industry in 2015, Loiza worked as a hairdresser. Though Loiza mostly does not share her nude photos, she does share her photos in bikinis and body-showing dresses and is beautiful. Also, Loiza is active on her Instagram page and shares more photos, daily activities, and personal life.



Model Vittoria Schisano
Age 34
Figure 5'11”
Nationality Italian
Social Media Instagram

The beauty was born in Italy and is an actor by profession. In 2005, she appeared on a show called  “My Son” and won the Best New Actor award in 2009 as she had not yet undergone a sex reassignment surgery. In 2013, she confessed that she had undergone a gender reassignment surgery and changed her name. Vittoria then continued acting in popular films as an actress. In 2016, Vittoria became the first transgender woman to appear on the cover of the popular Italian edition known as Playboy.

Vittoria claims that she is happy in her feminine body as she feels that she grew up in a body that was not her own and is finally free. Vittoria has become so beautiful that you can't imagine she was once a man. Vittoria has gone an extend to publish her book on being shemale, the ups and downs. The beauty is unafraid to showcase her sexy body, beautiful legs, and smile. Vittoria has an Instagram page where she shares her beautiful snaps, and her transformation is amazing.



Model Mariah Lopez
Age 55
Figure N/A
Nationality American
Social Media Twitter

The black latex shemale  was born in America and is a transgender rights activist. Mariah has been on the frontline for the protection of the LGBTQ community. Mariah is the director of Strategic Trans Alliance for Radical Reform, STARR,  a group that advocates for transgender rights. What prompted her to become a transgender activist is that she grew up in different group homes, inclusive of homes for transgender and gay youths, and she knew the struggles they go through. 2014 Mariah helped open America's first transgender housing unit for the largest prison. At the age of 20, she sued to force the city to cater for her sex affirmation surgery and also for other children in foster care homes, and she won.

The plus-size Beauty is mostly active on her Twitter page, and she frequently shares more of her photos and updates on transgender rights.



Model Trace Lysette
Age 34
Figure 5'9″
Nationality American
Social Media Instagram

Born in America, Lynette is an actress and producer. She is popularly known for her role in Amazon's series Transparent and a film named Hustlers which she played alongside popular artists Cardi B, Jennifer Lopez, and Constable Wu. Trace is among the top people to play a non-transgender role in a popular tv show, Monica. She claims to have had a rough childhood, as she was always involved in fights. Her most depressing moment was when she was denied using the women's restroom, which made her undergo sex reassignment surgery. She then started stripping at clubs for 8 years. Her biggest breakthrough came when she landed the role of Shea in the popular Transparent series.

The hot beauty confessed to turning to a sex worker to make ends meet. With her blue eyes, she never hides from showcasing her beauty, with more of her photos exposing her beautiful cleavage and her tall legs. In her beautiful bikinis, you can never accept that she was once the complete opposite of herself. Trace has used her Instagram page to share more about herself and her transitioning process.

15. Jenna Talackova

Jenna Talackova

Model Jenna Talackova
Age 34
Figure 6′ 1″ (1.85 m)
Nationality Canadian
Social Media Instagram

Jenna Talackova is another hottest shemale who was born in Canada and also one of the first transgender models to participate in the Miss Universe Canada competition. Apart from being a model, she has also engaged herself by being a prominent activist who fearlessly shares her encounters with bullying and discrimination. She has also been in the limelight for a while, where the media closely follow her journey and cover her story.

When you visit Jenna's social media handles like Instagram, you will find her so appealing that you can't deny the beauty in her. To describe her physical beauty, She is tall and slender, with long blonde hair and blue eyes. Also, we must remember that she has a model figure, making her more attractive. Jenna showed commitment and resilience when she represented Canada at the 2012 Miss Universe pageant and became Miss Congeniality. She also faced accusations of gender inequality in connection with the competition involving Donald Trump, the owner of the Miss Universe Organization at that time, which allowed Jenna to compete. Her journey of overcoming challenges has inspired many and positively impacted others Transgenders.

16. Tracy Norman

Tracy Norman

Model Tracy Norman
Age 71
Figure  (5 ft 912 in) 1.77 m
Nationality American
Social Media Facebook

Tracy is a famous transgender woman who was one of the first African American models to achieve prominence in the fashion industry. Also, she made history when she snagged the cover of  Vogue Italia. She was spotted by Forbes's “30 under 30” on the prestigious list of 2016 and also mentioned in one of the People magazines as one of their “ 50 most Beautiful People ”. She is one of the hottest shemale globally who has graced the pages of big shots like Vogue Italia, Elle Canada, Harper's Bazaar Russia, and even Cosmopolitan Netherlands.

Norman beauty is often described as classic, leaving people in awe. She has a symmetrical face with large almond-shaped eyes, high cheekbones, and full lips that make her one of the hottest shemale. To get more about Tracy, you will discover that she is not just an ordinary person but a person each brand wants to associate with her. Apart from being pretty, she is also intelligent, confident, and ambitious. Therefore, she has set a good example to other transgender people and all women striving to achieve their dreams.

17. Heri Nef.

Heri Nef

Model Heri Nef.
Age 30
Figure (5 ft 912 in) 1.77 m
Nationality American
Social Media Instagram

Another popular transgender actress and model we can look at is Heri Nef. She is well known for her beauty, intelligence, confidence, and talent. She became famous when she was the first transgender model to walk at New York Fashion Week. She also participates in other works besides modeling, where she is an actress, writer, and activist. After being born in 1994, she was raised on a farm in Maryland with her parents where she underwent her transition as transgender person which wasn’t easy to come up as a Transgender. When we talk about beauty with brains, Heri Nef is one of those individuals since she attended Columbia University and studied the history of art theory.

She is one of the prettiest shemale who started modeling at 16 in a small agency owned by a fellow Trans woman. To describe Heri's beauty, she has deep, rich brown skin, and her hair is often styled in cute ways. Also, her beauty is top notch and has a curvy body that captivates people's attention, whenever  anyone  sets eyes on her. To get updated with  her stories follow her on social media pages like Instagram and be her fan.

18. Valentina Sampaio.

Valentina Sampaio

Model Valentina Sampaio.
Age 26
Figure  (5 ft 912 in) 1.77 m
Nationality Brazilian
Social Media Instagram

Valentina Sampaio, who was born in Brazil, started her journey in modeling when she was at the age of 13. Things went well for her, and she became the first openly transgender model to be signed by one of the biggest agencies, making her the most wanted model globally. She has been popular since then and even appeared on magazine covers like Vogue Italia and Elle Brazil. She has also done ads with big brands like Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and many others. If you see her beauty in these brands and magazine covers, you will agree with me how hot she is. You will see more of her beauty and curved body through her Instagram page, especially when she wears a sexy bikini and other sexy clothing, which she wears mostly with the famous brands she works for.

She had great success in modeling, but it wasn't easy for her when she started transitioning at 12. She faced discrimination and harassment throughout her childhood and early adulthood, but that didn't make her change her dreams of becoming a model. Her transition story to transgender and being able to overcome the challenges she was facing, she has become a role model for transgender people around the world.

19. Caroline Tula Cossey.

Caroline Tula Cossey

Model Caroline Tula Cossey.
Age 68
Figure  (6 ft 0 in) 1.83 m
Nationality British
Social Media Instagram

If you are a fan of James Bond movies, then Tula Cossey is someone you might be familiar with. She is an English model and actress who starred as Bond girl Melina Havelock in the James Bond film “ For Your Eyes Only”(1981). She appears in this list of hottest shemale as she was the first transgender woman to appear in a British publication. Tula was initially born as a male person but underwent gender reassignment surgery in 1974, making her the first British transgender woman to get a new birth certificate to reflect her true gender.

Her beauty made her the first openly transgender to pose on pages of Playboy Magazine. She Starred in James Bond movies and joined the British reality show “3-2-1” cast in 1978. Like other transgender people, she also faced many challenges where people bullied her because she was born with male genitals but decided to do girly things. She believes that having balls in between your legs is not the real identity of someone, as she believes someone can be different regarding her genitals. She knew she was a girl when she didn't want to play or wear his clothes, but she preferred to dress up and play with dolls when she was young.


This is just but a list of the hottest shemales globally. We hope you find this article of great help if you have ever wondered who the hottest shemales are. Their massive appearances on their social media platforms have also gained popularity, and hopefully, if you are a genuine follower of the trans community, do not forget to add these gorgeous shemale babes to your list.