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How Long Does It Take To Delete A Discord Account? [For 14 Days]

Discord allows you to either delete or disable your account. If you delete it, all your data will be erased. However, if you disable it, your account is just put on pause till you reactivate it.

Discord is one of the best social apps you can use. Through it, you can engage with fellow-minded people through messaging, voice chat, or even video calls. It all depends on the communication mode that you are most comfortable with.

Discord is the perfect place to hang out with like-minded individuals, create & join communities, and share content.

It may reach a point where you feel that you need to take a social break or just delete your Discord account for personal reasons. Worry not, the process is not as complicated as you would think.

By deleting your Discord account, you get to remove all your data permanently. There won’t be a trace of your account anymore.

How Long Does It Take To Delete A Discord Account?

It takes 14 days to delete your Discord account. However, it takes between 14–30 days for all your data to be permanently deleted. The grace period is to give you a chance to rethink your decision before it is completely deleted.

Therefore, if you want to delete your account, do it immediately, and within 2 weeks there won’t be a trace of you on the app. If you had made any comments on the Discord servers, your username will be replaced with “Deleted User”.

Steps To Delete A Discord Account Permanently

If you are tired of using Discord or have your reasons for deleting it, here is how to do it:

Step 1: Login To Your Discord Account

The first step is to log in to your Discord account with your email/phone number and password. You can log in through your PC or mobile device based on your preference.

Login To Your Discord Account

Step 2: Navigate to User Settings

Next, open “user settings” in your account. Click on the gear icon on the bottom menu bar which will redirect you to the user settings menu.

Navigate to User Settings

Step 3. Open your Discord account settings

While on the user settings menu, select, “My Account” from the list.

Open your Discord account settings

Step 4: Search for the Discord Account Removal option

On the redirected screen, scroll down till you find the “account removal” option. While on it, press the delete account button.

Search for the Discord Account Removal option

The “delete account” prompt will appear. You will need to verify your account by inputting your password before you can delete your account. This security measure is to ensure no unauthorized person deletes your account. Once done, click the delete account button.

delete account

Step 5: Wait for account deletion

Once you are done, you will log out of the account. It will take about 14–30 days for your Discord account to be completely deleted. Luckily, your user account will be kept on hold, therefore you can recover it before time elapses.

Alternatively, you can just decide to disable your account by clicking, the Disable account option instead. Your account will be temporarily inaccessible, but you can get back to it, later on.

How Long Can I Disable My Discord Account?

You can disable your Discord account for as long as you wish. It all depends on you. However, it shouldn’t pass 6 months, since it may be permanently deleted due to inactivity. You can reactivate it simply, by logging into your account.

Once you reactivate your Discord account, all your friends, servers, and messages will be restored. This is unlike completely deleting your account which removes all traces of you on Discord. However, if your account is inactive for two years it will get deleted automatically.

Why Does Discord Ban or Suspend Some Accounts?

In some cases, Discord can ban or suspend some accounts that go against the community guidelines. However, the suspension is based on the violation. In case you are a victim, you will get a notification regarding the same and even check the ban’s duration.

You might be wondering, “Can I get back my account after Discord bans or suspends it?” Well, it is also possible by talking with the Discord support team. You better not break the rules. Imagine missing out on Discord’s fun?

Can I Delete My Discord Account Immediately?

No, you can’t delete your Discord account immediately. You have to wait for 14–30 days for your account to be completely deleted. Even if you try to contact customer support, there is no guarantee that your account will be deleted before 14 days elapse. You just have to be patient since all your account’s activities will also be inactive.

How To Identify Whether Your Discord Account Has Been Deleted?

1. Try to log in

In case you deleted your account and want to confirm whether it has been deleted, simply try logging into your account. When you try, you will get a notification that your account is set to be deleted.

2. Search for the username

Another way is to search for your deleted Discord Username. If it isn’t visible, then your account has already been deleted from Discord.

3. Previous comments

Your comments will be visible but will show the “deleted user” name rather than your username. In case you didn’t want your comments to remain, you need to have deleted them before deleting your account.

Can My Account Be Deleted Even If I Created Discord Servers?

If you created any Discord servers, you might need to delete them or transfer ownership if you want your account to be deleted. In as much as you own the servers, it is much better to transfer ownership rather than delete and make a lot of people lose their connection. This will ensure that friendships built on the specific server remain.

How To Delete A Discord Account In Case of Someone’s Death.

Step 1: Access Discord Support

First, access the Discord support page. Select the “submit a request” option.

Access Discord Support

Step 2: Select a reason

On the “What can we help you with” input box, choose Help & Support. There are other options for you, in case you have another issue in mind.

Select a reason

Step 3:Fill the data

Proceed to fill in the email address of the deceased. At the “type of question” part write an account deletion request. In the description box, input the user is deceased. Submit the request. That’s it.

Fill the data

Disable or Delete your Discord Account with No Disruption

It is a personal decision to either disable or delete your Discord account. You may want to take a social media break and deleting your accounts would be the best option. However, once you delete the Discord account, there is no going back.

If you want to engage in Discord again, you will need to create a new account and start making new friends. If you just want a short break, just disable your account for less than 6 months, and you will be good to go. Think twice before making a Discord account deletion.