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How Long Does It Take to Download iOS 16 [Update Apple]

To download and install the new iOS 16 you will need about 40–60 minutes. First, you will need to back up, download then install the update. If you are running iOS 15, you are probably wondering how to update to iOS 16 for more effectiveness. You may be afraid that it may take ages, and you might want to use your phone. Luckily, it doesn’t take that long.

As long as you have a strong Wi-Fi connection, the download time will be shorter. You can't update your older iOS version over cellular data only on Wi-Fi. However, ensure that it is strong enough to make the update occur in less than an hour.

It is crucial to make the updates since there are some fixes that Apple does and security enhancements for your benefit. Major changes occur once a year, however, it is good to be up-to-date.

How long does it take to back up your iPhone before updating to iOS 16?

It takes about 5–30 minutes to sync and back up your iOS data. It is important to back up your iPhone to ensure that you save your data before you make any updates. The amount of data on your phone will determine the time it will take.

If your phone has a lot of files, or you have never backed up or synced the data, it will take a longer period. The backup will be saved on iCloud.

To back up simply:

Step 1: Click the settings app on your iPhone,


Step 2: Select Apple ID, then iCloud,

back up your iPhone


Step 3: Once there, click iCloud backup and backup now.

click iCloud backup and backup now

The backup process will start. As simple as that! Proceed on to download the update.

How long does it take to download the iOS 16?

It takes about 10–40 minutes for you to download the iOS 16. Therefore, once you finish backing up, proceed to download iOS 16 for installation. However, the download process may take more time based on the stability of your internet connection, storage in your iPhone, and the iOS version you are currently using.

If you have an older iOS version the file will be a bit larger than someone with a recent version like iOS 15.7, thereby taking longer.

To download and install an update, simply:

Step 1:  Navigate to the settings app on your iPhone,

Navigate to the settings app on your iPhone

Step 2: Once there, click General,

Step 3: Proceed to click “Software update”

Proceed to click Software update

Step 4: Choose the version that you want to install.

Step 5: Download & install.

Download & install


How long does it take to install iOS 16?

It takes about 10–20 minutes before iOS 16 is installed on your phone if you have a stable internet connection. It may take longer if you have a shaky internet connection. Also, remember that it can’t work with cellular data.

Installation may also take longer based on the iOS version. An older version will take longer than a recent one. Also, while installing, the phone may restart a couple of times.

Furthermore, once done with the installation, you might need to log in back to iCloud and other apps. Get to enjoy your new iOS.

How long will the whole process take?

How long will the whole process take

It will take approximately 40 mins to 1 hour or more based on your phone's version. Therefore, if you have enough storage on your phone, a strong internet connection, no system issues, an appropriate time of update, and the latest iOS version, it will take a shorter time.

In case you encounter any issues during or after the installation of the iOS16, you can consider restarting your device, checking for any known issues in Apple's support channels, seeking support from Apple support, or getting information from communities and forums.

What are the new features of iOS 16?

It is vital to update to iOS16 which depicts some amazing features. These include:

  • Customizable lock screen.
  • Easy editing and cancellation of texts sent in the Messages app.
  • Enhanced “Focus Mode” to reduce distraction from other apps.
  • Visual look-up to lift the subject of an image and paste it into other apps.
  • Regular News Updates.

What you need to know about iOS 16.

  • The iOS 16 is about 2.8 – 5 GB based on the version you are upgrading from.
  • The iOS 16 is compatible with all iPhone 8 and newer models.
  • You can use certain software in the market to download and install the iOS
  • Different iOS updates include iOS 16, iOS1, iOS 16.2, iOS 16.3, iOS 16.4, and iOS 16.5

Is it possible to downgrade to an older version after updating to iOS 16?

Possible to downgrade to an older version after updating to iOS 16

Well, Apple normally stops signing older iOS versions once a new release is made. Therefore, once you update your iOS, you can’t downgrade once the signing window elapses. Therefore, before making any updates check the downgrade options or consult the Apple documentation for the latest information.

Get to enjoy your iOS 16 comfortably

If you were having difficulty with recent iPhone versions, then iOS 16 is the solution. You will be able to use your phone well for your daily functions. Just imagine a phone with fewer distractions due to prohibitions through the Focus Mode.

You will have a better phone experience than you ever imagined. Therefore, the version you choose will determine the download and installation time.