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How Many Employees in Facebook in 2024?

Facebook has around 66,000 employees who work diligently under Meta. Facebook earns through digital advertising, marketplace fee charges, virtual items, games & app purchases, Oculus, and data licensing.

Facebook is among the most popular social media sites in the world. Many people use Facebook for business, to get updates on the latest trends, and to build friendships. Most of the connections made on Facebook tend to be lifelong.

Due to its popularity, it poses the question, “How many people work at Facebook?”. Running Facebook would require much effort, curation, and keenness to ensure it remains running and prevent any unlawful behaviors on the platform.

Facebook which is owned by the Meta group is a sensation to many. Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg back in 2004. At first, it was dedicated to Harvard students, but later grew to be used by other campuses and even became globally recognized. If you aren't on Facebook what are you waiting for?

How Many People Work At Facebook?

How Many People Work At Facebook

As of March 2023, 66,000 people worked at Facebook. In late November, Facebook had around 75,900 employees while 87,314 employees in September 2022. The drop in employees was to ensure of efficiency of the employees and redundancy reduction.

2023 was termed as the “Year of Efficiency” and laying off 11,000 people was part of the plan. 60% of Facebook employees are outside the US since there are 82 Facebook offices in North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East. The offices are present in over 39 countries.

Year Employees
2004 7
2006 150
2011 450
2015 3,200
2020 12,691
2021 58,604
September 2022 71,970
November 2022 87,314
March 2023 65,964

Demographics of Facebook Employees.

For a while, Facebook had been criticized for diversity problems, since most of the tech and management roles in the US were occupied by men. Also, as of 2020, 63% of the employees were male while 37% were female.

One great thing about Facebook is that its median employee age is 28 years, therefore, you can guess it mostly has young people in its midst.

How Popular is Facebook?

How Popular is Facebook

Facebook gets over 2.96 billion active users monthly which is enough assurance of how popular it is. Facebook has gained popularity over time due to its user-friendly interface, and ease of sharing life updates, photos, and videos.

People can easily stay connected with their families & friends, create communities, and expand businesses.

What Benefits Do Facebook Employees Get?

The employees get various benefits such as performance bonuses, Equity incentive plans, restricted stock units, family-oriented benefits, and health & wellness packages. Also, the employees get to enjoy all-day-free meals, snacks, on-site laundry, gym membership, charging outlets for electric cars, and discount cards.

  1. Competitive Salary: Facebook offers competitive salaries to its employees, including both base salaries and performance-based bonuses.
  2. Stock Options: Employees may have access to stock options, allowing them to benefit from the company's performance and financial success.
  3. Healthcare: Facebook provides medical, dental, and vision insurance coverage to its employees and their dependents. They often cover a significant portion of the premiums.
  4. Mental Health and Wellness Programs: Facebook places a strong emphasis on employee mental health and offers various wellness programs, including access to counseling services and mental health resources.
  5. Paid Time Off: This includes vacation days, holidays, and sick leave. Facebook offers a generous amount of paid time off to employees.
  6. Parental Leave: Facebook offers generous parental leave policies to new parents, including maternity and paternity leave. This helps employees balance work and family life.
  7. Retirement Plans: Employees can participate in 401(k) plans, and Facebook may provide contributions to help employees save for retirement.
  8. Education and Training: Facebook encourages its employees to continue learning and offers opportunities for professional development, including access to online courses and educational resources.
  9. Transportation and Commuting: Some offices provide transportation benefits, such as shuttle services or commuter benefits, to make the daily commute more convenient.
  10. Meals and Snacks: Many Facebook offices have on-site cafeterias or provide free meals and snacks to employees during the workday.
  11. Gym and Fitness: Access to on-site gyms or gym membership discounts may be provided to encourage a healthy lifestyle.
  12. Remote Work and Flexibility: Facebook has embraced remote work and flexible work arrangements, allowing employees to work from home or from various office locations.
  13. Support for Social Causes: Facebook often supports social and community initiatives, and employees may have opportunities to participate in volunteer programs.

How Much Are Facebook Employees Paid?

How Much Are Facebook Employees Paid

Facebook's employees are paid above-average starting salaries. Also, Facebook’s base compensation starts at $123,000 annually. Interns get a salary of  $6700 a month, engineers $8000-$10,000, and data scientists $12,000 – $15,000 with other benefits.

Facebook’s retention rate is also high with an employee tenure of 2 – 3 years. Therefore, once you get hired on Facebook and abide by the rules, you are more likely to stay there for a while.

Is It Easy To Get A Job On Facebook?

Well, it depends on whether you have relevant skills for the specific job. The  Facebook firm gets over 250,000 employment applications per year. Therefore, you can try your luck to see whether you will stand out from the rest. When you apply for a job on Facebook under Meta, be ready for three interviews.

Step 1: First you will need to send a resume

Step 2: If you qualify, you will get a phone interview.

Step 3: A second phone interview will be conducted to assess your qualifications

Step 4: Next, you go to an in-person interview to be examined. If you qualify fully you will be hired.

Some global job roles may include project managers, critical facility engineers, Site Ops Global Systems engineers, Data Center Production Operations, Software Engineers, Data Science, Researchers, and Interns. However, most of the jobs are based on your location.

How Does Facebook (Meta) Earn?

How Does Facebook (Meta) Earn

Facebook is free to register and use. Therefore, you may wonder, how Facebook (Meta) earns. Its main source of revenue is digital advertising since many businesses use it to advertise through paid ads. Due to the high number of people who use the platform, many brands are willing to spend some cash to reach their end users.

Also, marketers can target different audiences based on age, gender, location, interests, and behavior. The ads are placed on different Meta social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. People tend to be charged based on the number of clicks on ads or impressions. As a business or brand, you can easily set a maximum budget to use per month based on the stipulated ads.

In 2022, Meta reported that Facebook and Messenger’s annual revenue per user was $39.63. Therefore, you can only imagine the amount they made with daily active users being approximately two billion.

Additionally, Facebook generates revenue through:

  • Selling virtual goods in the games and apps.
  • Charging some fees for selling products on the Marketplace.
  • Running advertisements on the platform.
  • Data licensing
  • Selling Virtual reality products through Oculus.

The Competitive Edge of Facebook

Facebook has continuously been successful due to its large user base of over 2 billion monthly active users. Additionally, they use the collected user data for personalized experiences and ads.

Furthermore, they play a major role in digital advertising by linking businesses or brands with their customers. Its data-driven insights, advertising, integration, and global presence make it a favorite among many.

Even with the reduction of employees from previous years, you can still be sure that it will continue to grow. It is also easy to use which makes it gain new users each day.