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How Many Software Engineers at Google in 2024

Google has over 40,000 engineers who work in different departments. There are also over 178,000 employees on Google. The competitive nature of getting jobs at Google makes it stand out.

Google is one of the most popular companies in the world. Due to its high level of capability, it may pose the question of “how many engineers does Google have?” to manage its powerful systems.

Over 3 billion people access Google every day to do their research. Therefore, it is a platform that is well-preferred by most people. It competes with other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, etc. However, due to its wide variety of services, it stands out from the rest.

In this article, we will cover how many engineers Google has, the services offered by Google, employees at Google, different engineers at Google, employee benefits on Google, ease of getting a job on Google, and much more.

How Many Engineers Does Google Have?

How Many Engineers Does Google Have

Google has 40,000 engineers in different departments. It has various software, senior, staff, and other employees. Out of that, it has over 27,000 software engineers making it a hub for technology. Therefore, if you are in the tech industry, being involved with Google would work for you.

Which Engineers Work In Google?

Google has various types of engineers such as software engineers, sales engineers, electrical engineers, test engineers, network engineers, data center technicians, audio video engineers, mechanical engineers, security engineers, network deployment engineers, manufacturing engineers, technical solutions engineers, site reliability engineers, and application engineers.

The other tech roles include a project manager, technical program manager, technical solutions officer, supply chain officer, systems integrator, developer relations, technical writer, data scientist, industrial designer, etc.

What Services Does Google Offer?

Google offers various services like Gmail, Waze, Google Maps, Google Chrome, YouTube, Workspace, Google Drive, Google Translate, Google Photos, Google Meet, Nest, YouTube, Tensorflow, etc.

Therefore, you will get access to all-round services through it. Additionally, Google has one of the most powerful search engines that people use to search for what they want. Also, most people submit their websites to Google Search Console to make it easier to be found by other people.

Google operates in different countries such as the United States, South America, Europe, Tel Aviv, India, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, the Philippines, etc.

How Many Employees Does Google Have?

How Many Employees Does Google Have

Over 178,200 employees are working for Google worldwide, the median age for the employees is 29, showing that the youth are the most in Google.

  • 60% are between 20–30 years
  • 7% are 40 or older
  • Below 20% are between 30-40
  • 20% are below 20 years working in diverse projects.

It also has a diverse base in over 100 countries, which shows how much it embraces working with different people in the world. Also, 60% of the workers on Google are male while 40% are women. The diversity in its employees makes it stand out.

How Much Are The Software Engineers From Google Paid?

According to Glassdoor, the average base pay salary for Google’s software engineers is $156,903 per year. Also, other employees are paid around $100,000 per year with the largest salary range being between $100,000 to $200,000.

Therefore, they are well paid in the company. Also, about 5% are paid below $100,000 per year and around 5% are paid above $200,000.

What Are Google’s Software Engineering Levels?

What Are Google’s Software Engineering Level

Google has different software engineering levels such as

  • Software Engineer II
  • Software Engineer III
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Staff Software Engineer
  • Senior Staff Software Engineer)
  • Principal Engineer
  • Distinguished Engineer
  • Google Fellow
  • Google senior software engineer level

The grading levels or ranks are based on the interview performance, skills, and past project experience. Being a multinational company, you can only imagine the competition in the different roles in the company.

What Are The Benefits That Google Employees Enjoy?

Google employees benefit from health and wellness benefits, financial well-being, flexibility & time off, family support, community and personal development, collaboration with other Google members, on-site meals, fitness centers, art programs, etc.

Working at Google has a lot of benefits that most of the employees enjoy having. Therefore, if you have always dreamed of working at Google, then you will feel at home while working there.

Is It Easy To Get A Job In Google?

No, it is not that easy to get a job at Google, since it gets over 2 million applications a year. Also, only about 1 out of 130–150 engineers get through. It is quite hard to get a role in Google and if you do, you must have stood out from the rest.

However, to increase your chances of landing a job at Google, you can consider

  1. Focus on one thing to increase your chances. For example, being good at algorithms and data structure, etc
  2. Be good at distributed systems design
  3. Practice mock interviews with professionals.
  4. Prepare for behavioral interviews
  5. Choose the right resources
  6. Perfect your LinkedIn profile with the right details & recommendations.

Grow Your Career On Google

Google is among the most powerful multinational companies in the world. Getting a chance to work at Google would help you to grow your career due to the technologies popularly being used in various projects.

Being at Google is one of the best opportunities that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. However, you need to have perfected your art in the technical fields.

Even if you aren't a full-time employee at Google, you can take part in their projects or upskill using the certification courses. They also help increase your chances of getting a job there.