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How Much Do Amazon Drivers Make (2023 Pay & Income)

There is a rise in home delivery services, thus creating more job opportunities for drivers. One of the well-paying companies you’d like to secure a driving job is Amazon. Checking on the Amazon website, you’ll not find a fixed salary for such a position; as such, we're curious and would like to find out how much Amazon drivers make in 2024. Keep reading as we unveil that!

Amazon is an online store operating in over 20 countries. Drivers are essential in delivering goods from warehouses to various destinations. Amazon offers its drivers good salaries due to the demanding nature of their work; besides, they do receive perks and benefits. However, Amazon drivers' pay differs from country to country and from state to state due to several factors, which we shall discuss as we figure out how much Amazon drivers make.

Factors That Affect Amazon Driver’s Pay

Amazon Driver’s Pay

The pay rate of Amazon drivers varies between individuals for several reasons. The most common is the location and experience. Here are the factors that affect how much Amazon drivers make in 2024;

  • Location: Amazon has over 20 warehouses in different countries; the amount you'll earn as an Amazon driver depends on your location. Some countries, especially developed countries, have a higher minimum wage rate compared to developing countries. As such, there will be a variation in pay rates. The same applies to the local states; for instance, States such as New York and California have a higher minimum wage rate than San Francisco; if you reside and deliver in either of the states, expect a variation in payment.
  • Experience: Experience is critical in any job; more experienced individuals receive higher pay or bonuses for their value. It also applies to Amazon drivers as an individual's skills and years of experience are directly proportional to their pay rates.
  • Responsibilities: Full-time Amazon drivers have a tight schedule than independent contractor drivers, for instance, those working under Amazon Flex; thus, their pay structures are likely to vary.
  • Driver’s Availability: How much Amazon drivers make in 2024 depends on the driver's availability. Amazon drivers can choose their delivery blocks or shifts; their income is based on the number of deliveries done within blocks.
  • Additional pay: Amazon drivers enjoy benefits such as tips, paid Time off, and profit sharing, which may contribute to the variation in salaries.

Note: Tips are offered by the clients on free will for specific clients if they’re impressed by their services.

How Much Do Amazon Drivers Make – on Estimation

How Much Do Amazon Drivers Make – on Estimation

As indicated above, Amazon drivers’ pay differs depending on several factors, and Amazon drivers have no fixed salary. However, according to Indeed and CareerExplorer, on average, the hourly rate for an driver ranges from $9-$45, while those under associates like Amazon Flex earn an hourly rate of $18-$25. Drivers based in the United States earn about $18-$19 per hour.

An actual potential salary of an Amazon driver can be obtained from the earning screen of the Amazon Flex app and other pay estimator tools online. The estimate of one's possible salary depends on location, availability, and years of work in that company, among others.

Let's look at the estimated pay rate in the following three countries;

1. United States

Amazon drivers' minimum wage rate varies from state to state in the United States. Among the States with a higher wage rate are; the District of Columbia, California, New Jersey, and Richmond, with an average hourly payout of $18.5-$25. The rates are, however, fair since it is the home country for the company.

2. United Kingdom

Amazon drivers in the UK earn slightly lower than those in the US. And like any other country, their payouts vary depending on the obvious factors, as discussed earlier in this article, such as location, tips, and years of working in the company. For instance, In Scotland, an Amazon driver's average hourly rate is about £15-£17, while in Wales, it is about £13-£15.

3. Australia

Averagely, an Amazon driver's hourly payout in Australia is AUD 28.75, which is equivalent to $21.61. What does that mean? If you compare the three countries, Australia is leading on the average Amazon driver's hourly pay rate. However, some drivers within the country receive higher or lower hourly pay rates depending on their routes and other factors, as discussed before.

Perks and Benefits Amazon Employees Receive


Amazon drivers are entitled to several perks and benefits besides their salaries. Some of those include;

  • Insurance services such as health insurance, Amazon Care, life insurance, and 401(k) retirement plans for Amazon’s full-time drivers.
  • Financial support: Amazon offers its employees exclusive shopping vouchers and discounts for Amazon orders.
  • Family Care program offers child and elderly care discount services. The services are optional for employees' children and parents.
  • Paid Parental Leave: Amazon female drivers are eligible for a 20 weeks paid maternity leave and an eight weeks partial and flexible delivery process to enable them smoothly get back to work courtesy of the “Ramp Back” program.
  • Paid Time Off: Amazon employees enjoy paid days off for health and physical reasons. Drivers can also take days offs to unwind from work which is good for mental health.
  • Partnership: Amazon associates like Uber, Lift, and Amazon Flex offer their drivers additional perks and benefits.
  • Stock: Amazon offers their drivers an employee shareholder feature as part of their compensation package.

How Do Amazon Drivers Get Paid?

Amazon has various categories of drivers. There are drivers that drive the company's branded vehicles; their salary is paid through direct deposits to their associate bank account. Additionally, they’re also paid in terms of the Amazon workers' shareholder plan, where they become part of the shareholders and receive dividends. Then there are drivers working for independent contractors as associates of Amazon, such as Lyft and Uber, their respective contractors pay them, and lastly, the Flex gig workers are also paid through the bank accounts provided. According to HR reports, here is a breakdown of Amazon drivers and their average payout as of May 2023.

  1. Delivery Driver Amazon- $55 131
  2. Package Delivery Driver- $41 415
  3. Amazon Delivery Van Driver- $41 415
  4. Delivery Driver Amazon DSP- $51 131
  5. Delivery Driver/ Package Handler- $38.573

How to Get Started As an Amazon Driver

How to Get Started As an Amazon Driver

To get started as an Amazon driver, you don't need a particular driver's license but a regular driving license and experience. Then;

  1. Visit the Amazon official website and search for Amazon Job Openings.
  2. Under the driver position, fill out the job application form with your personal details, including name, educational background, skills, and experience.
  3. Then you will complete an assessment test and provide your preferred shift and route.
  4. If shortlisted, the next step is to watch a job preview to understand what the job entails.
  5. A background check will be done to ascertain your identity and the information given out.
  6. If the background check turns positive, you'll receive an invitation to fill out the Administrative section and begin working as an Amazon driver.


Working as an Amazon driver is a very demanding but rewarding job. The job offers good salaries, with several perks and benefits. Besides, you can increase your pay if you consider the factors that determine Amazon's driver's pay, as we've discussed in this article on; how much Amazon drivers make in 2024. The pay rate for Amazon also varies from individual to individual, and you can make an average monthly salary of about $ 41000-$ 55000 working as an Amazon driver.