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How to Add Friends on Nintendo Switch

If friends can't come to the house for a switch game party, then you can add friends and play online games.

Nintendo Switch is a platform that offers high-quality games that are also compatible with Standard Switch, Switch Lite, and OLED Switch. With a premium account on Switch, you can enjoy flawless online games and save your game progress on cloud storage. The common gameplays that can be used with Switch are:

  • TV Mode
  • Tabletop Mode
  • Handheld Mode

How to check your friend code

Whether you want someone to add you as a friend or add someone else as a friend, the first step is to know your friend code; these codes are equally important since they are linked to Nintendo Accounts. You can check your friend code by using the following steps:

Step 1: Click the User button and select Profile, which will lead you to another page.

Click on the User button and select Profile

Step 2: Your friend code will be displayed on the right side of the screen below your profile details.

Displayed on the right side of the screen below your profile details

Different accounts of Switch have different account codes. Enter the account you want to use. In the lower right corner of the profile avatar, you can see a series of numbers such as SW-7789-3486-3772.

You can also change your friend code if you want. When you change your friend code, you will have to wait for 30 days to be able to alter it again. All you have to do is choose the option of reissuing friend code in the User Settings. Note that you can do this only once per 30 days.

Send friend requests on Switch

The simplest way to start this exercise is by selecting the Home Menu and clicking on the User icon. You are then expected to click on the Profile link that will lead you to your profile details. The steps to be followed are:

Step 1: Select the “Add Friend “from the list displayed.

Select the Add Friend from the list displayed

Step 2: Choose the method you wish to use to add friends on Switch. The methods that can be used to send friend requests are:

Choose the method you wish to use to add friends on Switch

  • Search for Local Users – this happens when geographically nearby switch users appear on your suggested list.
  • Search for Users you have gamed with – this will set your account to send friend requests to accounts you have played with online.
  • Using friend code – this works when you enter other users’ friend codes and send a friend request to them.
  • Friends suggestions – this will automatically send requests to friends on other social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Nintendo.

Accept friend request

You can get friends on Switch by accepting the friend requests from your friends or other random switch users. You are expected to accept the friend requests manually. You accept friend requests on Switch through the following steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the Home Menu on Switch and click the Friend List on the top right.

Step 2: Friend Requests will be displayed. You are to click the Notification button that will lead to a list of requests received. It is now up to you to accept whichever requests you wish by tapping accept or reject.

Friend Requests will be displayed

View and manage your friend list

View and manage your friend list

In the friend list, you can view all the friends you have added, and when they are online, you can invite them to play games together. This will help you manage your friend list as well as organize it however you want

You can also mark someone as a “best friend” and delete some friends. When marking a friend as “Best Friend” it will always appear as the first on your friend list. You could also block friends, which will lead to not getting their online notifications or online invites for gaming.

The blocked users will not be notified. Therefore, you need not worry. When you delete a friend from Switch, you will also be deleted from their end. You can also add each other back by one party sending a friend request.


When using Switch, you should be careful with the people you interact with since there are people who maliciously try to access your data and hack your account. This might prevent you from accessing your Switch account. Having a Nintendo account enables you to get a Switch account quickly.

When paying for your monthly subscription, note that the account can be used on different Nintendo Switch consoles. You do not have to put different accounts in all the consoles you have at home. When playing online games with your friends, you have the option of joining the audio chat or muting your microphone. If you initially engage in the voice chat while playing, you can mute your microphone, and the game will proceed smoothly.