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How to Call Back a No Caller ID [5 Easy Ways]

Receiving a call from a private number can be disturbing, and it’s worse when you find it as a missed call. It will be hard to tell whether the call was from someone you have been waiting for or a scammer. The no caller ID can also appear on your phone as a Restricted, Blocked, Private Caller, or Unknown.

Unfortunately, some people call with private numbers unknowingly or even if it’s willingly; they may not have malicious intentions. Thus, it’s challenging to ignore no caller ID calls. So, how can you track down and revert to a private number? Here is how to call back a no caller ID (private number).

1. Revert to a Private Call for Free with *69 or #69

Revert to a Private Call

The easiest and quickest method to revert to a private number call is to use the Last Call Return code. This service is free in most states in the US; however, some telecommunication companies may charge you to use it.

With this method, you can automatically call the last person who called your number regardless of whether they were on a private number or not. And the best part is you can use this method to uncover who called you on your landline or mobile phone.

To call back a no caller ID in the US;

  •  Dial *69 for landlines
  • And #69 for mobile phone

The downside of this approach is it doesn’t allow you to know the number of the private caller. However, when the person on the other end picks your reverting call, ask who is speaking. If they fail to pick up and a voicemail machine answers you, you’ll still get an idea of who they are.

This option may restrict the time frame when the reverting will work. Most telecoms provide a time limit of 30 minutes. If the stated period lapses before you revert, you may not be able to use the method.

2. Use Your Phone’s Provider Logs

Phones Provider Logs history

If the Last Call Return method is not effective, you can opt to access your phone’s provider logs. Every telephone service provider maintains a log of your incoming and outgoing calls. To verify the private caller in real-time, log in to your account to access your call logs. You will find a record of all calls in the call log, including the unmasked private numbers.

To identify a particular number that called on a private mode, check your handset when the private call came in and compare it with the records in the provider’s logs. To reveal the identity of the private caller, ensure the date and time of the call log match with the record on your phone.

3. Use the Reverse Number Lookup

Use the Reverse Number Lookup

If you have identified the number of the private caller, but you’re still unsure of their identity, use the reverse number lookup. Open Google or Yellow Pages and key in the number to verify whether it's a landline or cellphone number. Proceed and check the location of where the number is registered.

Note: You may have to pay a fee to receive a full report about the private number caller in some cases. Should the service fail to provide any information about the private caller, the fee is refundable.

Once you have the identity of the private caller, you can call them with confidence because you are certain of who they are.

4. Use Third-Party Services to Unblock Private Numbers

Block No Caller ID Calls apps

There are different service providers that you can pay to reveal private number calls coming to you. It’s a perfect option if you are bothered by a stream of unknown calls. The service providers have developed applications you can download and install on your IOS or Android smartphone.

The apps will provide you with the phone number and identity of the phone owner, and you can decide whether to call them or not. Besides, you’ll also get the caller’s address and a block list option that allows you to block future private number calls.

5. Activate the Call Tracing Feature

Activate the Call Tracing Features

Some telecom companies offer call tracking services to help their subscribers trace and stop unwanted private calls that may be threatening, abusive, or harassing. Dial *57 from a landline or #69 from your mobile phone and follow the voice instructions to activate this feature. Some service providers offer this service at no cost, while some may charge you a small monthly fee. On the downside, this option is not available on all mobile devices.

4. Block No Caller ID Calls

If you realize the unknown calls come from a scammer or robot, you can block them. There are different ways to block unknown calls;

Step 1: Visit the FTC’s National Do Not Call Registry and key in your telephone number.

Step 2: Contact your telephone service provider and ask for a call-blocking service.

Step 3: Go for third-party applications that help users in blocking restricted calls. Be keen on the app you are settling for; ensure it suits you and is trustworthy.

Step 4: If you use an iPhone, go to the Silence Unknown Callers feature. Go to Settings > Phone > Silence Unknown Callers to activate the feature.

Block No Caller ID Calls

Step 5: Dial the *77 code to block unknown calls if you are using a landline phone.

5. Make Your Caller ID Private/Unknown

You can make your caller ID private or unknown to your recipient by;

1. Dialing *67 first and then key in the number you intend to call

This is the quickest method to make your caller ID unknown temporarily. This method works on any phone, including the landline. However, you cannot use it to call toll-free numbers and emergency numbers.

Call toll-free numbers and emergency numbers

2. Using the device’s inbuilt features

If you are using an iPhone, you can hide your caller ID by; Going to Settings > Phone > Show My Caller ID and toggling the switch to hide your ID.

Show My Caller ID

phone setting overview

Show My Caller ID

To hide your identity when using an Android device, Head to Settings > Calls > Additional Settings > Caller ID > Hide number.

Caller Setting

Call Setting

Additional call setting

Hide Number from Caller ID


No caller ID or private number calls can be a bother, especially when you find them as missed calls.

However, you can quickly call back a no-caller ID or private number with the tips above. If you are in a hurry to get the identity of a private number, use the Last Call Return code.

Otherwise, you can use your phone’s provider logs, the reverse number lookup, or third-party apps.