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How To Cancel Facetune Subscription [Android & iPhone]

Are you looking forward to cancelling your Facetune subscription or exploring alternatives? Learn how to easily end your subscription on iPhone or Android with this comprehensive guide.

Facetune, the selfie-enhancing app, makes your photos look stunning. With over a million downloads, it has become the go-to for editing selfies and pictures. The app offers various tools to adjust features, smooth skin, fix lighting, and more, helping users present their best selves.

While Facetune is free to download, its advanced editing tools and user-friendly experience come with a subscription. But saying goodbye to this subscription is more manageable than it may seem. Canceling it involves a few steps but is manageable with some guidance.

Whether using Facetune on an iPhone or Android, canceling your subscription follows a similar process. This helpful guide explains each step easily, making it easy to understand.

How to Cancel Facetune Subscription on iPhone

To cancel your Facetune subscription on an iPhone, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Access Settings: Open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap your profile icon at the top.


Step 2: Choose Subscriptions: Scroll down and tap on “Subscriptions.” This option allows you to manage your subscribed services.


Step 3: Find Facetune: Look through the list of subscribed apps and find Facetune. Tap on it to access its subscription details.


Step 4: Cancel Subscription: On the Facetune subscription page, locate and tap “Cancel Subscription” at the bottom. Confirm the cancellation when prompted.


Deleting the Facetune app on your iPhone won't stop your subscription and charges. Canceling the subscription through the Settings app ensures you won't be billed further. After cancellation, you will retain access to the app's basic features until the current subscription period ends.

These steps ensure you manage your subscriptions effectively, preventing unexpected charges. Always double-check the cancellation confirmation to ensure it is successful, and keep track of your subscription status in your iPhone settings to avoid future billing.

How to Cancel Facetune Subscription on Android

For Android users wanting to cancel their Facetune subscription:

Step 1: Access Google Play Store: Open your Android device's Google Play Store app and navigate to the “Payments & Subscriptions” page.

Payments & Subscriptions

Step 2: Locate Facetune Subscription: Under “Subscriptions,” find and select “Facetune” from the list of subscribed apps. This allows you to manage your Facetune subscription.


Step 3: Cancel Subscription: Within the Facetune subscription details, look for the “Cancel subscription” option. Tap on it and follow the prompts to confirm the cancellation.

Step 4: Understanding Billing Cycle: After cancellation, you are usually able to use Facetune VIP until the end of the current billing cycle, even if you cancel before that cycle ends

Remember, canceling a subscription prevents future charges but does not refund previous payments. To avoid unexpected charges, it is essential to manually cancel subscriptions like Facetune, even if the app is uninstalled. Additionally, you can resubscribe anytime to regain access to premium features.

By following these steps in the Google Play Store settings, Android users can efficiently manage their Facetune subscriptions, enabling them to explore other photo editing options without incurring unnecessary charges.

How to Cancel Facetune Subscription on PayPal

Canceling a Facetune subscription via PayPal involves a few steps to ensure you are not charged unexpectedly. Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Access your PayPal Account: Log in to your account through

Step 2: Navigate to Payments: Click “Settings” and then select “Payments.”

Step 3: Manage Automatic Payments: Choose “Manage Automatic Payments” within the Automatic Payments dashboard.

Step 4: Find Facetune Subscription: Look through the list of merchants to find “Facetune AI Photo/Video Editor” or “Lightricks Ltd.” This is your subscription entry.

Step 5: Cancel Automatic Payments: Click on the Facetune subscription entry and select “Cancel Automatic Payments” to halt the subscription.

Step 6: Verification and Confirmation: Follow any prompts or verification screens to confirm the cancellation. Once confirmed, click “Done” to complete the process.

Cancelling Facetune through PayPal prevents recurring charges and allows access to the app's free tools. Remember, if you have paid for Facetune using PayPal, the subscription automatically renews until you cancel it.

Facetune Refund Policy

Facetune's refund policy is consistent across both iPhone and Android platforms. It is processed through their respective app stores: the Apple App Store for iPhone users and the Google Play Store for Android users. Refunds for Facetune subscriptions vary depending on where the original purchase was made.

When you cancel a subscription, future renewals are stopped, but there is typically no refund for any unused portion of the current subscription term.

It is essential to confirm your eligibility for a refund and reach out to Facetune's customer support for guidance in the refund process. If you face difficulties obtaining a refund for a canceled Facetune subscription, contacting the customer support team of the respective app store (Apple or Google) where the purchase was initially made is recommended. They can assist in understanding if you are eligible for a refund based on their refund policy.

Why Might a User Decide to Cancel their Facetune Subscription?

Why Might a User Decide to Cancel their Facetune Subscription?

There are a few reasons why someone might decide to quit using Facetune or end their subscription:

  1. Cost Concerns: Facetune is not a free app, and subscription costs can increase, especially for monthly or yearly plans. Some users might opt to cancel their subscriptions to manage expenses more effectively.
  2. Underutilization: Users might cancel if they do not use the app frequently or do not need its features as much as before. This helps save money, especially if the paid features are not regularly utilized.
  3. Transition to Other Apps: If users decide to explore or switch to a different photo-editing app that suits their needs, canceling the Facetune subscription becomes a practical step. This prevents simultaneous payments for two separate apps providing similar services.


Q. What is Facetune?

Facetune is a popular photo editing app designed primarily for mobile devices. It allows users to enhance and edit their selfies and portraits easily. The app offers a wide range of tools and features to refine facial features, smoothen skin, whiten teeth, remove blemishes, apply makeup, adjust facial contours, and perform various other enhancements.

Q. Does Facetune offer a free trial?

Yes, Facetune offers a 7-day free trial period for users to test the app's features. Users can contact Facetune customer service for assistance if any issues arise during this trial. To cancel the Facetune free trial and avoid charges, users should follow the same steps for canceling a subscription. Utilizing a virtual card for the free trial is recommended as a precaution against unintended costs and risks associated with entering personal credit card information on the website. If the trial is not canceled within the specified period, users will be charged for one month of the service.

Q. Does Facetune offer a refund?

Facetune may offer refunds based on individual circumstances, such as accidental charges or technical issues. Each case is handled separately, and refunds are not guaranteed. Contacting their customer support promptly and explaining the situation increases the chances of a successful refund.

Q. How do I contact Facetune customer service?

For assistance with your Facetune subscription, contacting Facetune customer support is recommended. You have several options to contact them. One way is through email; you can send your queries or concerns to [email protected]. Additionally, within the Facetune app, you will find a support section to access “Contact Us” to reach their customer service team. Alternatively, visit the Facetune website to locate their phone number if you prefer direct communication. It is worth noting that Facetune also offers live chat support, ensuring immediate assistance for any subscription-related issues. Their customer service typically responds within an average of approximately 7 hours and 4 minutes, providing timely resolution of your queries.


Managing subscriptions, especially when canceling, can be a task that requires attention to detail. With Facetune, taking the necessary steps to end a subscription ensures a smoother experience. By following the outlined methods, users can successfully halt recurring charges. Additionally, staying mindful of cancellation deadlines and verifying the process completion assures a hassle-free exit from the subscription service.

Remember, taking control of subscriptions helps manage finances and allows users to tailor their digital footprint according to personal preferences. Stay vigilant, explore options, and leverage available resources to cancel a Facetune subscription effectively and enjoy a more streamlined digital experience.