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How to Clean a Mouse Pad Properly [2023 Ultimate Guide]

The mouse pad will get dirty from sweat on hands, spilled drinks, and dirt or debris during use. Unhygienic and greasy mousepad surface may affect precise mouse control. How to clean the Mouse Pad becomes a daily task.

There are various ways to clean your mouse pad. It all depends on the material of the pad. Some of the cleaning methods include:

Steps to clean the mouse pad

1. Dusting

Dusting mouse pad

It is best to use the kitchen sink by lifting the mouse pad and shaking off any large dust and particles. You can tap it. You could also use a blower to eliminate all the dust. When using this method, please use a face mask to avoid inhaling dust particles that may result in flu. Note that this step does not eliminate stains; it only removes dust particles.

2. Brushing using s soft brush and soapy water

clean mouse pad soft brush and soapy water

When using this method, apply some soap onto the wet mouse pad, then start scrubbing gently.

First, brush horizontally, then brush vertically, and finally brush diagonally. Scrub thoroughly to remove the stains and debris. After scrubbing, ensure that the mouse pad is well rinsed with soapy water before drying it with a dry towel that absorbs moisture.

Drying it well ensures that it does not get an unpleasant damp smell. It is essential to know that if you are a cloth mouse pad, it is not recommended that you scrub, as this may cause pad face pilling. Only Disinfecting wipe can be used.

3. Disinfection


On the mouse pad, besides stain, it still can parasitic a large number of bacteria; after cleaning, spray above alcohol, and you also can use other disinfectants. Spraying a sanitizer could also be effective since they kill viruses that may be on the mouse pad. Disinfecting wipes could also do the trick depending on the material of your mouse pad.

4. Drying

Drying mouse pad

The pad is basked in a cool, ventilated place and let dry. If you are in a hurry to use it to play games, use a hair dryer to dry it. Keep the distance and temperature at a distance, or the plastic and nylon mouse pad will melt easily. Be sure to dry it out in a cool, windy place, or it may cause water to the mouse or keyboard.

Using a Washing machine to clean

When using a washing machine, there are various factors to consider before inserting your mousepad to get cleaned. The recommended mousepad materials that can be washed using a washing machine are:

  • Rubber
  • Microfiber
  • Foam
  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Acrylic
  • Polyurethane

Note that you should use a mild detergent to avoid bleaching the color on your mousepad. The temperature of the water used must be cold. The washing mode is set to a light cycle to ensure the mousepad is washed gently. After the mousepad is clean, make sure to air-dry the mousepad.

This method is efficient since it does not spill the various colors on the mousepad over other colors. Note that hot water may affect the quality of the mousepad, for example, a rubber mousepad.

How often do you clean the mousepad?

Wash it every two to three months. Also, pay attention to cleaning your mechanical keyboard and mouse. Having a very dirty mousepad may limit your mouse movement and affect you since some bacteria and germs will make the dirty pad a habitat.

Benefits of using a mouse pad

Benefits of using a mouse pad

The main question is, why do I need a mousepad? Well, there are various benefits you get when using a mousepad. Some of these advantages are:

  • Reduces slipping of the mouse
  • Prevent the work desk from wearing down due to the mouse movement
  • The mouse remains clean and does not get scratches
  • Some digital mousepads can charge your wireless mouse
  • They complement the appearance of your work desk

Pros of cleaning your mouse pad

Pros of cleaning your mouse pad

  • It helps reduce the resistance of mouse movement when the mousepad is sticky due to stains and grease. Cleaning improves mouse movement, which improves your gaming flexibility when using a mouse.
  • To avoid staining the mousepad.
  • Provide a clean working environment in your workspace.


It is advised not to leave the mousepad in the sun since it may start peeling off or fade. The electric mousepads can only be cleaned by wiping with soft fabrics and disinfecting wipes. Tossing this type of mousepad may destroy it, especially when it is not waterproof. In conclusion, cleanliness is next to Godliness.