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How to Connect Ring Video Doorbell to WiFi [2023 Guide]

Whether you're a home security expert or know nothing about technology, monitoring your home has never been easier. If you have a Ring Video Doorbell, you will want to connect it with the rest of your Ring devices (and other smart home devices) to help keep everything secure and provide peace of mind.

For many reasons, your connected home monitoring system must connect to the Internet. The most important one is that it can communicate with your smart devices so that you can view and save the videos from your cameras! Read on from this post for more information on connecting the Ring Video Doorbell to Wi-Fi.

How Does Ring Video Doorbell Connect to Wi-Fi?

The Ring Video Doorbell Alarm System connects to your Wi-Fi network using the latest security certification. It gives you an added layer of protection by keeping your home safe, secure, and connected. The Ring Video Doorbell Alarm System uses industry-standard encryption. It connects wirelessly to your router. It uses the same signal as the rest of the house.

How to Reconnect Ring Video Doorbell to Wi-Fi

To reconnect Ring, adjust the settings from the app. To do this:

Step 1: Launch the App

LaunchConnect Ring app

Step 2: On the upper left corner, click on the Menu Button

Step 3: Select Devices

Dashbord Device

Step 4: Choose the device you would like to connect

Choose the device you would like to connect

Step 5: Select Device Health

Select Device Health

Step 6: Tap Reconnect to Wi-Fi

Reconnect to Wi-Fi

Confirm if the device is functioning well. Also, check the strength of the wireless connection between your router and the Ring Video Doorbell device. To do this:

Step 1: Launch the Ring App

Step 2: Click on Menu Button in the upper left corner

Step 3: Select Devices

My Device

Step 4: Tap on the Device you are reconnecting

Step 5: Select Device Health

Device Health

Step 6: The signal strength will display under the network.

If your connection strength is not good, it may cause issues you might experience with your ring device.

How to Change Wi-Fi on the Ring Video Doorbell

The procedure here is like that of reconnecting. However, you must note which Wi-Fi network you want to connect to your doorbell. Here is how to:

Step 1: Launch the App

Step 2: On the upper left corner, click on the Menu Button

Step 3: Select Devices

Select the Device

Step 4: Tap on the Device you want to reconnect

Step 5: Select Device Health

Check the devicxe health

Step 6: Tap Change Wi-Fi Network

Change Wi-Fi Network

Step 7: Proceed to the Ring video doorbell

Step 8: Take the faceplate off if necessary. The setup button is accessed differently depending on what doorbell you have.

Step 9: Set the Ring video doorbell into Setup Mode by Pressing and Holding the Setup Button.

Pressing and Holding the Setup Button

Step 10: Launch the wireless networks on your phone

Step 11: Tap Continue

Step 12: Connect to the Wi-Fi network of your choice

Connect to the Wi-Fi network of your choice

Troubleshooting the Ring Wi-Fi Connection

1. Check Your Ring's Battery Life

If you have a lithium battery in your doorbell, check for signs of life. If there are none, replace it with a fresh one. Also, ensure that you allow enough time for the battery to charge before installing it again. You should also check if you have installed the doorbell properly by pressing the button on your doorbell and seeing if it rings in your home.

The Ring app allows you to check the battery life of the Device. When checking the battery life of a Ring doorbell, be sure to press the button to update it.

Step 1: Launch the Ring app.

Step 2: On the upper left side of the app, click the Menu Button.

Step 3: Select Devices.

Step 4: Tap on the Device you're managing.

Device you're managing

Step 5: Check the battery level to see how much it has.

Also, be sure to check:

Check the Doorbell Battery: If you're experiencing battery issues with your Ring Wi-Fi doorbell, make sure that the doorbell is plugged in when you power on your device. If it isn't, remove the battery from the doorbell and replace it with a fresh one.

Ensure You Have Enough Power:

Step 1: Check to see any installed batteries in your Ring Wi-Fi system. If there aren't any installed batteries, remove the old ones and place them back into their charging station.

Step 2: Check to see if there is enough power left on your system.

Step 3: If there isn't enough power left in your system, plug it into an outlet and let it charge for an hour before continuing with these steps.

2. Reset the Router and Modem

Your router and modem are two separate devices that work together to provide a connection to the Internet. Resetting them will reset the settings to their factory defaults, which can sometimes fix connectivity issues.

To reset your router and modem:

Step 1: Disconnect your Modem and Router from the source of power.

Disconnect your Modem and Router

Step 2: Unplug the devices and wait a few minutes.

Step 3: Reconnect the modem back to the wall and wait for a few minutes until you see the lights. Ensure it's fully charged before adding it to the router.

Step 4: Connect the Router back in and wait for some time until you see lights to tell that the signal is working.

Connect the Router back

Step 5: Use a Speed Test to check your PC or phone to ensure upload, download, and ping are ok.

Use a Speed Test to check your PC or phone

Step 6: Check Your Wireless Type

Check Your Wireless Type

Make sure your wireless router is compatible with the Ring Wi-Fi Extender. You may find this information in your router settings or user manual. The router should also be up-to-date with software updates so that you're using the latest security and other features.

3. Change Your Configuration

Change Your Configuration

This works best if you have tried changing the configuration settings on your Wi-Fi router without success. In that case, your device may be too far away from your wireless router or interference from other devices in your home. Try moving it closer to the router or turning off any other devices that may interfere with it until you can get in touch with Ring Support for assistance.

4. Add a Signal Boost

Add a Signal Boost

A signal boost will help improve your Wi-Fi connection if it's weak or dead zones exist in your home. You can increase the strength of your cell phone's signal by adjusting its antenna or moving it closer to your base station. You can also place an extra device on each floor in your home to have over one option for where to connect.

5. Consider Your Password

Consider Your Password

The first thing you should do if you're having trouble connecting is to change your Wi-Fi password. This will most likely solve your problem since it is improbable that someone hacked your account and changed the password. If you still can't connect, try other devices in your house and ensure they have access to the same Wi-Fi as your Ring doorbell.

Final Thoughts

The Ring Doorbell is a great supplement to any home security setup, but it is even better when connected to the Internet. If your home is Wi-Fi enabled, this process is dead simple and only takes a few minutes.