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How To Download Zoom Cloud Recordings

Zoom users have the advantage to download the meeting recordings present in the cloud. The admin can also assign privileges to meeting users to access the recordings.

Zoom is a web conference tool often used by people in online meetings. Luckily, if you won't be able to listen to a Zoom meeting actively, you can download the Zoom meeting for later watching.

However, to manage and share a Zoom cloud recording,  cloud recording sharing options, authentication to view cloud recordings, and allowance to edit & delete cloud recordings need to be enabled.

Additionally, the cloud recording process needs to be completed.  Users who have enabled privileges can be able to access, download or share cloud recordings. You can either download using the Zoom platform or through a plugin.

Method 1: Use the Zoom Platform

Use the Zoom Platform

Step 1: Access recording management in Zoom

Access recording management in Zoom

If you are a meeting admin, first sign into your Zoom account, in the navigation menu, choose “account management” then “recording management”.

You will see a list of cloud recordings. You can choose the meeting ID or topic to access it. Additionally, click the “advanced search” option to filter the search based on date, host, or storage location.

Step 2: Access recordings as a user

Access recordings as a user

After you access your Zoom account, proceed to click on “recordings” in the navigation menu.

You will see a list of cloud recordings that you have started and finished processing. Consider adjusting the date range and status then search by host, meeting ID, topic, or keyword. However, you need to pay for the cloud recordings.

Step 3: Find the recording you want to download.

Find the recording you want to download

On the recordings page, click the Download button. The recording will be downloaded instantly. You can then view it offline.

Step 4: Share or delete the recording

Share or delete the recording

If you want to share, click the share option, copy the sharing information, and send it as an email or in any other mode you want. If you want to delete it, simply click the delete icon, click the confirmation button, and move to trash.

Method 2: Use ZED Zoom Easy Downloader

Use ZED Zoom Easy Downloader

The other option is to use the Zoom Easy Downloader Chrome extension to download your Zoom videos.

Step 1: Add the extension.

Add the extension

Just add the extension to your Chrome browser, and it will be easier to download videos from Zoom.

Step 2: Right-click the blue banner

Once installed, whenever you have a Zoom video recording, you can right-click on the blue banner that appears and download it for later viewing.

Watch The Recorded Meetings At A Convenient Time

If you were busy and didn't attend a meeting, you can check your cloud recordings and download them for later watching. Therefore, you will always be updated on the latest.

If you are an admin to a Zoom meeting, you get to decide who gets some privileges and who doesn't. You can also make the Zoom recording public so that everyone present in the meeting can be able to download it for later watching.