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5 Easy Ways to Find Someone’s IP Address on Xbox Live (2023)

Xbox is a very popular gaming console brand that’s developed and owned by Microsoft Corporation. While gaming online on Xbox, Xbox 360, or Xbox One, gamer IP address is usually shared whenever packets are shared.

As such, if you use the right methods, it’s possible to find someone’s IP address. In this post, we will teach you how to find someone’s IP address on Xbox.

Why would you want to find someone’s IP address on Xbox?

There are a number of reasons why someone may choose to look for another person’s IP on Xbox. Here are some common reasons:

  • Report fraud: If someone is defrauding others on Xbox, you can find and report their IP address so that they are removed from the platform.
  • Location: With a gamer’s Xbox IP, you can quickly know their approximate location around the globe.
  • Assess gaming capability: With a user IP, you can quickly assess the gaming capability of your opponent.
  • Hacking and even targeting subjects with DDOS attacks

There are a number of methods that you can use to find the IP address of someone on Xbox. Here are some common ones:

1. Using Xbox Resolver for Gamertag Search

If you are familiar with xResolver, you know how much of a storm it has stirred in the video gaming arena. By definition, xResolver is a database or repository for gamer IPs related to Gamertags and online gamer profiles.

As a rule, people rarely use xResolver for the best of intentions. Anyway, that’s a story for another day. Here, we will teach you how to use the Xbox Resolver to find someone’s IP address. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Launch Xbox and then log in to your account. Next, search for the person whose IP address you want to find on Xbox. If the person is not on your friend's list, add them first.

Step 2: Use the search bar to find them by typing their Gamertag. Head over to their Gamertag profile and then add them as friends.

Step 3: To get their IP, you first need to build connections. To do that, you can invite them for a live game or use the chat forum. Begin by launching the game you wish to play together on Xbox and then using the Xbox controller, select People, and then select the user’s Gamertag.

Step 4: On the Xbox Controller, press “A” and then on the Invite option, select Invite to Game.

Alternatively, you can also establish a connection with the person via live party chat. Here is how that works:

On the guide option, navigate to Parties and Party > Invite and then choose the friends to invite. Ensure the gamer whose IP you wish to take is part of the group you invite.

Step 5: Start the conversation with your friends and then look for a shareable like that you can shorten and then share during the course of your conversation. You can find the link on popular social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Step 6: Once you have the gaming link that you intend to share, launch xResolver and then locate the Gamertag spacebar. Paste the target person’s Gamertag on xResolver and then click on Resolve. The links will then be shortened accordingly.

Xbox Resolver for Gamertag Search

The generated link will be such that if you share it with the person whose IP you wish to access, and when they click on it, xResolver will be able to sniff shared packets and display their IP address, thanks to the integrated ARP function.

Gamertag on xResolver and then click on Resolve

Step 7: Usually, the xReoslver will assign your IP address as “From”. Remember to change it to “To” in order to get access to the logged-in IPs captured by the system.

Step 8: Once all that is done, all you are left to do is load the Start Pulling feature on xResolver. To do that, locate the filter tab on the xResolver and then type 3074 and then press “A”. The system will then load and display the IPs associated with all the people on the live game session or live chat session. Find the IP of the target gamer that you wanted so bad.

2. Using Xbox IP Puller

Lanc Remastered IP Puller is an open-source third-party application that can be used by gamers to pull IPs for others games. The tool works by monitoring and analyzing packets shared on gaming platforms such as Xbox. Follow the steps below to find someone’s IPs address on Xbox using Lanc Remastered:

Step 1: Start installing the requisite file necessary for Lanc Remastered to run on your PC. Some common names here include &Zip, Winrar, WIN10PCAP, NPCap, and .Net Framework 4.5.2.

Step 2: Before proceeding any further, head over to the Network menu, and then under Change Adapter settings, uncheck the IPV6 option to disable IPV6.

Step 3: Once all that is done, next download, extract, and then install the Lanc Remastered file. Remember to allow properties such as ARP spoofing and filter.

Step 4: Next, launch Xbox and locate your IP under Settings > Network Settings. Usually, your IP address is located under “From”. Copy your IP address and paste it under the “To” option of ARP Spoofing. Paste the Xbox port digits 3074 to initiate IP pulling.

Step 5: Your next task is to invite your friends, including the target person whose IP address you wish to find, to a live game session or party chat. Once they have successfully joined the session, you will be able to see the IPs of all the participants on your Lanc Remastered. Locate the IP address of your target gamer.

3. Using Grabify IP Logger

Grabify, just like Lanc and xResolver, can be used to pull gamer IP addresses. It also makes use of a shareable link that allows you to capture the IP associated with particular Gamertags. Here’s how to use Grabify IP Logger to get someone’s IP address:

Step 1: Start by befriending the target gamer whose IP address you seek. You can engage them in a friendly char via Xbox part chat.



Step 2: Record a game on Xbox by pressing the middle button of the controller and then save a screenshot, a custom option, or a system option. If you want to record a video instead, click on “Record that”.

Step 3: To capture and share the link for the recorded clip, click on the “A” button.

Step 4: With the link ready, click to open the Grabify tab on Xbox and then paste the clip’s URL therein. Click on Create URL to generate a shorter URL from Grabify.

Grabify IP Logger website

Step 5: Once you have the new URL from Grabify IP Logger, share it with the target gamer via any messaging platform.

grabify-ip-logger-generate link

Step 6: Immediately after the person clicks on the link, you can easily find their IP address on Grabify. If you haven’t seen it yet, consider refreshing the Grabify webpage.

Grabify IP address

4. Using Wireshark

Besides Grabify, Lanc Remastered, and xResolver, you can also use Wireshark to pull someone’s IP on Xbox. It’s important to note that even though many third-party tools are very easy to use when pulling IP for gamers, using Wireshark is not very straightforward. However, there’s a workaround. Follow the steps below to get it done:

Step 1: Install Wireshark on your PC so that it can sniff all packets sent your way.

Step 2: Use an Ethernet cable to connect your PC directly to Xbox console and then connect your PC to a router or Wi-Fi, for that matter.

Step 3: Once you have successfully connected your PC, Router, and Xbox, each packet sent from the other gamer to your Xbox console will be analyzed till the IP address of the gamer on the other end is picked by the Wireshark.

5. Using Command Prompt

You can also use the command prompt to locate someone’s IP address on Xbox. The process is pretty simple and straightforward. It is particularly handy when you want to report someone involved in scam and fraud activities such as DDOS attacks on Xbox. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Start by finding the Gamertag of the target gamer and then click on the People option to add them as a friend if they are not on your friend's list yet.

Step 2: Break the ice by starting a lively conversation with the target person. You can do this via Xbox Parties and Chat.

Step 3: On your PC, press Win + R, and then on the Run window, type CMD to launch Command Prompt.

command prompt Win + R

Step 4: On the Command Prompt console, type the following command without the quotation marks “netstat-an” and press Enter.

netstat -an command

Step 5: If you have an active connection with the gamer, on the other hand, you will be able to see their IP address.

Once you have found the IP address, you can use it to try and find the approximate location of the gamer. Alternatively, if the person is involved in fraudulent activity on Xbox, you can use their IP address to report them so that they are barred from the platform.

How to Prevent IP Tracking on Xbox

Prevent IP Tracking on Xbox

It would help if you used VPN. Use your laptop or phone to hotspot a VPN network to Xbox, although Xbox does not support VPNs the way PS does.


Q. Is it illegal to access someone’s IP address on Xbox without their consent?

Because an IP address is public, accessing it is not illegal. Usually, Xbox does not allow gamers to access other people’s IP addresses. However, if you use third-party tools, you can access the address without ruffling any feathers. Only be sure not to use the IP address to perpetrate criminal activities on and off the web.

Q. Can I be banned from Xbox for using Resolver to find other gamers’ IPs?

Yes, you can be banned from Xbox for using Resolver to find other gamers’ IPs. Although the service is legal, using it to find other gamers’ IPs to cause them harm can lead to a permanent ban.

Q. Are VPNs and Proxies good for gaming?

Yes, VPNs and Proxies are perfect for gaming, especially if you are worried about someone pulling your IP and using it to harm you online. VPNs also encrypt your data from online hackers, thus protecting you from potential DDOS attacks.


It is very easy to find someone’s IP address on Xbox. All you need to do is use the right tools. With one of the above methods, you should be able to find a gamer’s IP. Once you have the IP, you can use it to find more details about the user.

For instance, you can find their approximate location. If they are involved in some misconduct on Xbox, you can use their IP to report them so that action is taken to remove them from the platform.