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How to Get Peacock Premium Free Trial 2023

Are you just joining Peacock TV but need to know how to get a premium free trial? Peacock TV has made it easy for new subscribers to sign up with them. This article will help you understand Peacock TV and how to get the free trial. So, keep reading for more details!

Peacock Free Trial allows users to enjoy streaming services for free before paying a subscription fee. But, to enjoy their free trial, you must first create an account with them. When enjoying the free trial, you can access unlimited content, from live games to TV shows. Would you love to know how to get Peacock Free trial? Then, this article is for you!

What is Peacock TV?

Peacock TV

Peacock TV is a streaming service that offers viewers exclusive streaming content and has gained popularity worldwide. It provides viewers with original and quality content on top shows, live games, and reality TV talks. Peacock TV is a product of NBC Universal.

It has two primary subscription services, and you can also opt to pay annually to enjoy a discount of 17%. Before you pay the subscription fee, you can enjoy seven days of free trial, after which you can either pay or cancel your subscription.

You can stream Peacock TV on PlayStation, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Smart TV, computer, and Roku.

The Peacock Premium Free trial.

The Peacock premium free trial allows users to sample the subscription services they will enjoy once they subscribe. The free trial is valid for seven days, after which you should now pay to continue enjoying their benefits. But you can cancel your subscription if you don't want to subscribe. The free trial gives you access to many programs, movies, TV shows, and live sports.

How do you sign up for Peacock Free Trial?

To sign up for the peacock free trial, follow these simple steps.

Step 1: First, visit the “Peacock Website” and create an account with them.

Peacock Website

Step 2: Then select the “start free trial” option. It will redirect you to a page where you will sign up.

start free trial

Step 3: Create an account. You will use your email address and give a payment method, but you will not pay immediately.

Step 4: You are now ready to start streaming.

Peacock Free Trial Subscription Plans.

Peacock TV offers you various movies, TV shows, and live sports shows and has two subscription plans.

  • Peacock Premium Plus is the superior plan, and it gives you access to all content available on Peacock TV. The main advantage of this plan is that you get “ad-free” content, and it costs you only $9.99 monthly.
  • Peacock Premium. You pay a monthly subscription fee of $4.99 to use this plan. It also gives you unlimited content on live games, TV shows, and movies, but some ads exist.

Besides these two subscription plans, a yearly subscription plan has an offer and can save you at least 17%.

Can you cancel the Peacock TV Free Trial?

What happens if you use the Peacock Tv free trial but don’t want to subscribe? You have the option to cancel. To cancel your subscription;

Step 1: Visit the Peacock website.

Step 2: Log into your account.

Step 3: You will see your account in the top corner. Click on it.

Step 4: There is an option on “Change Plan”; click on it.

Step 5: Next step, select peacock free.

Step 6: Lastly, click on “Change plan.”

What Does Peacock Premium Free Trial Offer?

During your seven days of free trials on Peacock Premium free trial, you get to enjoy exclusive content. We will list some programs you can access on Peacock TV Premium.

  1. Trending TV shows are both classic and current hits.
  2. Live Games such as Premier League and NFL games.
  3. You also enjoy News, reality shows, and late talk shows.

Sports you get to enjoy on Peacock TV?

Sports you get to enjoy on Peacock TV

NBC Universal offers Peacock TV services that have some great content on sports. Here is a list of sports content you will enjoy on Peacock TV.

  1. MLB games with exclusive content on MLB tonight and MLB Network Live.
  2. NHL games and exclusive access to content on NHL “On the Fly” and NHL Live.
  3. You can also stream Live NBA games, including the NBA GameTime and NBA action.
  4. Peacock TV also streams live events of the PGA golf tour and more content on the Golf Central and PGA tour live.
  5. Peacock TV also streams live events of the Olympics, and you also get access to the original series on the Olympic Channel.
  6. You can watch NFL Night Football on Sunday nights, including their regular season.

Methods of Paying for Peacock Premium.

Some of the payment methods you can use to pay for peacock premium are:

  • Discover
  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • American Express
  • PayPal
  • In-App payment.

How Many Free Hours Does Peacock TV Free Trial Offer?

According to NBC Universal, when you have Peacock Free trial, you get 10,000 hours of content for free. After exhausting these hours, you must pay a subscription fee to continue watching. If you have either the Premium Plus or Premium subscription plan, you get up to 80,000 hours of streaming.

Live Channels on Peacock TV.

Live Channels on Peacock TV

These are the live channels you get to enjoy on peacock TV.

  1. Hallmark Drama.
  2. Hallmark Channel.
  3. LOL! Network.
  4. Law & Order.
  5. Great Finds.
  6. Classic Crime TV.
  7. Blockbusters

Popular Shows and Movies are available On Premium TV.

Peacock TV has a broad category of shows and movies, so you watch what you want. These are some of the films and shows you can enjoy streaming.

  • Modern Family
  • Vampire Diaries
  • M Suits
  • Girls 5 Eva
  • The Office
  • Bates Motel
  • Yellowstone


Peacock Free Trial allows new users of Peacock TV to enjoy free streaming for seven days before paying a subscription fee. All you have to do is open an account on their website and provide them with your payment details. But, if you don't want to continue being a member after seven days, you can cancel your subscription.