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How to Hack a TikTok Account [Nov 2023]

Do you know that there are great ways to hack into someone’s TikTok account to see their online activities? This article is here to help! This article shows you how to hack any TikTok account and how to prevent your hackers from hacking your TikTok account.

You might be stunned to discover that millions of individuals are inquiring about how to hack a TikTok account nowadays. TikTok’s popularity has skyrocketed in a short period as more and more people begin to use it. To hack a TikTok account, you may be asking whether or not you can do so and how to go about doing so.

Although possible, I don’t advocate trying to hack or snoop into someone’s TikTok account. As a parent, you might want to know what your kids’ activities are online so they’re protected; In this article, I will walk you through how to hack into someone’s TikTok account effortlessly.

Top TikTok Account Hacking Apps in 2022

1. mSpy — Best TikTok Hacking Application to Gain Total Control of Target Device

mSpy for use hack Twitter Account

A TikTok hacking application like mSpy is an excellent option for a thorough approach because it allows you to control not only the TikTok application but also view all of your kid’s received, sent, and deleted messages.

As soon as someone phones, you’ll be able to know who it is and where they are at the moment. The TikTok hacking tool can be used to monitor your child’s online activity, including on iPads, iPhones, and Android devices, as an additional feature.

2. eyeZy — Best for Spying on TikTok Accounts, especially for Parents to Monitor their Kid’s TikTok Activities

eyeZy for use hack Twitter Account

eyeZy is an excellent TikTok hacking tool that enables you to keep tabs on your child’s phone and make sure they’re only using TikTok for what it’s intended. To avoid feeling like you’re being left behind, TikTok parental control software is a requirement if you can’t keep up with what’s going on around you. Just sign up for a membership, download their app, and start keeping an eye on your child’s TikTok account. Thus, they also provide 24-hour client service as a result.

3. uMobix — Best for TikTok Account Hacking and Tracking of Device GPS

uMobix for use hack Twitter Account

If you’re curious about what your children and teenagers are up to on their TikTok pages, go no further than uMobix. TikTok and other popular applications like Instagram, Facebook, and Skype can be helped by these experts. They also offer a trial, so you can get to know them before making a decision.

On top of that, you can use them to keep track of your child’s social media activity and their TikTok profile. It’s also possible to track their GPS location so that you know exactly how and where they’re going.

Top TikTok Hacks and Vulnerabilities

1. Vulnerable Passwords


If you have a simple password and it is linked to your name, phone number, or TikTok user name, a hacker can easily access your TikTok profile. The best way to prevent this is to ensure that your TikTok password is unique and not something you use on any other application.

2. Zero-Day Vulnerability

Zero-Day Threat

Software vendors can be aware of zero-day weaknesses, but there is no patch available to address this problem yet. Because of this, a hacker can easily take advantage of a vulnerability like this. An exploit like this with TikTok could allow hackers to access all of the user’s information.

You can’t escape zero-day vulnerabilities, as I have already mentioned, but you can use the most recent version of TikTok and always use two-factor authentication.

3. Remote Keylogger

Remote Keylogger

For a remote keylogger to work, the cybercriminal must first gain physical access to your computer or mobile device to install malicious software that records everything you type on the keyboard. If you use TikTok or your bank’s app to access your social media accounts, they will record your keystrokes.

They’ll be able to hack your account because they’ll have this information. As a precaution against this form of hacking, you should stay away from third-party keyboard apps and avoid opening or clicking on any emails or attachments, as they could contain key loggers.

4. Email Phishing


Using a phishing email to access a TikTok account is simple. A hacker can send you an email that appears to be from TikTok. Changing or sharing your credentials may be required to re-establish access to your profile. This is an example of possible email content.

There are several ways a cybercriminal can trick you into disclosing personal information. To avoid falling victim to a phishing scam, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the most common phishing scam traits.

I don’t recommend that you open any file or click on any link in an email that seems questionable to you. No personal information should be entered on a pop-up page or in an email containing misspellings.

5. Scripting of Cross-Site

Scripting of Cross-Site

An attack known as cross-site scripting (XSS) allows JavaScript code not authorized to run on a certain website to be executed. Cross-site scripting can be classified as either stored or reflected.

One-time attacks like reflected cross-site scripting are not as damaging, as the payload sent in the attack is only valid for that specific request.

This means that the only person who will be harmed is the one who clicks on the link that contains the malicious script. Does this have anything to do with TikTok? A user’s session will be hijacked, and the attacker will be allowed to do whatever they want if a malicious code is successfully executed into the browser.

To achieve this, they can lead the user to a harmful website, track the user’s online activities, and even download malicious files into the user’s PC. Data sanitization across the TikTok app is necessary to ensure that only relevant variables are put to prevent and protect oneself from such an attack.

Using Hacking Software and Tools to Hack TikTok Accounts

Hacking Software and Tools to Hack TikTok Accounts

TikTok passwords and accounts can be hacked in a matter of seconds, according to various hacking tools that promise to be downloaded and web-based, but they aren’t foolproof. This, however, is not the case.

There is no third-party software that can assist you in unlocking a TikTok password simply by inputting the TikTok username. Instead, they will utilize a random password unlock method to try to log into the TikTok account.

Theoretically, this can work if the TikTok account’s password is short and straightforward. For example, if the TikTok account password equals the username, then unlocking the TikTok profile will be a breeze.

The majority of TikTok hacking tools rely on this method of attack. There is a chance that you could gain access to someone else’s TikTok account if their password is too easy to guess.

Assuming, of course, that they’ve taken the time to develop a secure password for their TikTok account, this won’t be as simple as it seems. A TikTok hacking tool will only work on a few accounts if you try to hack a TikTok account this way. This means that it’s unlikely that you’ll be successful in hacking into a prominent TikTok account.

Tips for logging in to TikTok Accounts without being in Possession

logging in to TikTok Accounts

Sign up for a free account at Signing up will bring up an option to download the app. Then, disable the Play Protect function on the device where you intend to install the keylogger. Go to Settings, then to Play Protect, and then to Scan apps with Play Protect and turn it off.

Download and run the overwatch program you downloaded earlier. Once the app has been downloaded and installed, open it. Sophisticated sleight-of-hand is just guessing the password. These techniques for social engineering, on the other hand, can be used. Fake login pages, keyloggers, and so forth are used to get victims to log in.

Most individuals use their father’s or mother’s names, as well as a range of other characters, to form passwords. People typically use the same password to access multiple accounts. You can try TikTok if you know the passwords to one of their accounts; it might work. People are prone to using the same password across many accounts.

Your decision doesn’t matter. Make your choice, then click the next button. Once you agree to the End-User License Agreement, you can proceed to install a keylogger on your phone. Permissions need to be granted in the next stage.

To begin with, you’ll need basic permissions like calling, saving, etc. Ensure that they’re all switched on before you proceed any further. Accessibility must then be enabled. You’ll be redirected to the preferences page. Where the Sync Service must be enabled.

Enable Access to Usage, and you’re done! Instructions will be displayed in a pop-up window. You’ll be transported to Usage Access as soon as you click the okay button. The Sync service must be enabled once more. Overplay permission, app notifications, and battery optimization must all be disabled.

Once you’ve done that, log into your overwatch account. Once you’ve logged in successfully, you can begin monitoring the service you’ve selected. Other permissions may also be required. As the last step, you’ll be asked to input a pin code. You must type ‘***pin-code###’ to access the application, which is hidden.

To access TikTok, many individuals utilize their Gmail, Instagram, or Facebook accounts. These accounts are significantly more straightforward to hijack than those of other people. It’s easy to get someone to log in to a phishing site using Facebook because many people do so these days.

A Facebook/Instagram phishing page is significantly easier to set up. How to put up an Instagram and Facebook phishing page can be found in numerous articles.

Scripts will be provided for you. “You only need to make a few tweaks to be ready to go. TikTok can then be accessed using these accounts. Use your Facebook or Instagram password instead of creating a new one for TikTok?

Has my TikTok account been hacked?

1. Videos removal

Do you know whether your videos are being erased without your permission? If you are certain you have not disclosed your account login details to anyone, then there is a chance.

2. Experiencing strange Messages from your account

Once you experience strange messages from your account or your friends, family, and close ones begin to complain of unprecedented messages from your account; it has likely been hacked.

3. Change of Username

This is a clear signal that your account has been taken over by the wrong individuals if the username of your account has been changed without your knowledge. Who else could have altered your username if not TikTok? You’ve already figured it out.

4. Changing a phone number

Once a hacker gets their hands on your TikTok account phone number, they can take full control of it. If your phone number is ever removed from your account, attackers are most likely to blame.

5. Change of Password

You should have received an email notifying you that your password has been changed. Or maybe you’re trying to log into your account, but the password you’re using is incorrect? The password could have been altered by attackers if you did not replace it.

Tips to Protect your TikTok Account from Hackers

1. Your password should only be used once: Avoid using one password on all your social account

Anyone concerned about being a victim of cybercrime should strongly consider using a unique password for each of their online accounts. Hackers can easily access your TikTok account if you use the same password for several services. If they can gain access to your TikTok password through a security breach, they will do the same for your other accounts. When it comes to the same one, you’re out of luck.

2. Be careful when choosing a password: Use strong and difficult passwords.

TikTok password guessing has been turned into a full-time job by hackers, as previously revealed. To make things more difficult for them, use a difficult password to decipher. Passwords with at least 12 characters should be considered.

Don’t limit yourself to using letters. Add special characters like &, percent, and so on. Use both capital and lowercase letters in your composition. Password phrases are an additional option that should be considered.


Q. IS hacking into someone’s TikTok account considered illegal?

TikTok account monitoring is permitted in a few cases, and one of these is when a parent wants to keep an eye on their child’s account. They’re only interested in keeping tabs on their child’s TikTok account because they’re worried about their privacy; therefore, they have no malicious intentions.

However, some people wish to violate the privacy of others by hacking their TikTok profiles. Ethical reasons to hack into someone’s TikTok account can be found in a few cases.

Q. How frequently should my TikTok password be changed?

When it pertains to how often you should change your TikTok password, I don’t believe there is a definite answer. At the very least, I recommend changing your password every four or six months. You can even change your TikTok password on a monthly or weekly basis if it helps you feel better. You should also change your TikTok password immediately if you notice any unusual activity on your account.

Q. What tools or software can I use to secure my TikTok account from hackers?

TikTok’s profile can be monitored and tracked using various tools and software available on the market. Third-party services and tools should be avoided wherever possible if you’re concerned about privacy. As a rule, stick to the official procedures when using TikTok.

Q. What actions should I take when my TikTok account gets hacked?

Your TikTok account has been breached, and you’ve just learned about the intrusion. Changing your password and signing out of TikTok on all your devices are the next logical steps. You should also make sure that two-factor authentication is enabled.

It would help if you always changed your TikTok password to something complex and unique when you do so. Use a password generator to come up with a password that is unique to your account, and never use a password that you’ve previously used elsewhere.

Q. Can my TikTok password be hacked by TikTok hackers

Whether it’s for amusement or nefarious purposes, a hacker on TikTok will attempt to enter another user’s account. I can’t guarantee that you won’t be hacked while using TikTok.

The best way to keep your TikTok account safe from hackers is to use the highest level of protection available when setting up your profile, such as using two-factor authentication and long, complicated passwords.


To successfully hack a TikTok account, you must follow and examine various things before beginning. Additionally, I have covered how to keep your TikTok profile safe from being hacked, so you can rest easy knowing that no one is trying to get a hold of your personal information.

As a parent, I strongly urge that you utilize one of the TikTok surveillance apps I’ve discussed above to guarantee that your kid isn’t getting into trouble or miscommunicating while using the app.