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How to Know if Someone is Stalking You on Instagram [Nov 2023]

Did you know that you can find out if someone is stalking you on Instagram? This article will unravel the secrets and tips to detect whoever is stalking you on Instagram so as to be security conscious.

Social media is a world full of good and bad. It’s a price to pay for doing business online. When people engage your content, it’s very different from when you are being stalked. Do you suspect that someone is stalking you on Instagram? Or do you suspect someone stalks your internet activities because they have a crush on you? With this article, you can get an idea of who’s keeping tabs on your social media activity, basically Instagram.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to identify if someone is lurking on your Instagram or if they are actively observing but not engaging in your content. If you want to find out if someone is continuously stalking your Instagram page, you have a few options.

The social network doesn’t provide much information about what’s happening, who’s watched what, or when your profile is viewed. Instagram Stories is one of the options, and it lets you know who has seen your story, just like Snapchat. Now, let’s check out the various ways to find out who your Instagram stalker is.

How to know if someone is stalking me on IG

1. Use Instagram Stories

When it comes to using Instagram Stories, they are almost identical to Snapchat Stories. It’s a 24-hour window in which you can upload something, and it will be seen by the general audience. It’s a two-way street: You select someone’s profile in the app, and they select yours. Instagram Stories, like Snapchat, lets you see who has seen your story.

You can check who has read your Instagram Story by swiping up from within one of your posts. The usernames of those who watched the story are displayed on the screen. No one knows for certain if the order in which names appear is an indication of how many times a person has seen the video.

However, Instagram has never confirmed this, making it only a theory. Instagram Stories should be your first stop. Anyone who has seen one of your videos can see who is interested in your material.

Instagram Stories is one of the few methods to see who’s stalking your Instagram and engaging it. Analytics inform professional account owners how many people saw their posts, but they don’t reveal whose accounts were viewed. To put an end to your stalker, I have come up with a workaround.

As soon as you upload a story on Instagram, you have the option to make it private. There’s a difference between this circumstance and the “Close Friends” list, which warns users that you’ve shared it with particular people. If you have any reason to believe that your work is being seen, create a Story and make it private to everyone on your list.

Go to “Hide Story From” in the Instagram Story Settings before uploading your story. The only individual of interest should be left out of the list. The story will remain hidden from the other people who can see it if this is done. If you’re using Instagram Analytics, you’ll be able to monitor the view count rise as people engage with your post. Since only they have access to the story, if they view it repeatedly, you’ll know it was them.

As it stands, this is the only method I can tell whether or not someone is re-watching your content. Unless you have Instagram Analytics set up, this will only tell you if they saw it.

2. Make use of Third-party Applications

instagram stalking app

Several third-party software, browser extensions, and websites claim to be able to tell you who is looking at your online profile. It’s possible that some of these don’t work, while others require access to your private information for sinister intentions.

A service like this might be dangerous even if there are some respectable options out there. Before signing up for anything, check out the developer’s reputation by reading online reviews and talking to others who have used their services.

Here are a few of the most reliable third-party applications and tools that I use for Instagram stalker detection.

1. Followers+ Unfollowers Reports — Best for your Instagram Stalker Detector and Profile Insights

Followers+ Unfollowers Reports from google play store

The first application on this list of Instagram stalker detectors is Followers+ Unfollowers Reports. Followers+ app can help you track and grow your Instagram account. With this app, all of your posts, stories, and followers can be viewed in their entirety.

Unfollowers can be tracked with this app. If you know who is stalking your Instagram accounts, posts, and stories, it will be easier to know what to do. Using this information, you can create more interesting Instagram posts that have a greater chance of being seen by genuine people. Without a doubt, the growth of your followers, interaction with your posts, and visits to your profile can all be tracked with Followers+ Unfollowers Reports.

2. Followers Track for Instagram — Best Instagram Stalker App for Stalker and Ghost Followers Detecting

Followers Track for Instagram from apps store

Followers Track is one of the best to detect any Instagram stalker. For a quick and accurate look at your Instagram account’s stats, try this analytics tool from InstaStats. You’ll also get access to a hashtag manager to help you build your following, increase engagement, and broaden your audience.

For those who follow you but don’t follow you back, unfollowers, blockers, profile visitors, and IG story viewers, this app provides detailed reports. This tool can be used by both individuals and corporations to keep tabs on the activity on their Instagram accounts.

3. Stats Plus for Instagram — Best for Instagram Stalker and Profile Analysis

Stats Plus for Instagram from Apps Store

Stats Plus is, without a doubt, an amazing Instagram stalker detector. Using this tool allowed me to see who had been looking at my Instagram profile or account at the time. You can see who’s following you on Instagram with this app. To find out who follows you on Instagram unfollows you on Instagram, and admires you on Instagram, a report can be built. Reports about your audience, following, media, and account analytics are available.

Using the audience report, you can see who of the last 2000 individuals who have interacted with your Instagram account are the most engaged, who have liked the most of your images or other material, and who have commented the most on your Instagram posts. The coolest part is seeing their username, Instagram URL, and other personal information.

4. Profile+ Followers Insights — Best for Detecting Secret Admirer and Instagram Stalker

Profile+ Followers Insights from Apps Store

You won’t get confused by the name. It’s a one-stop shop for all of your needs. If you want to test more, the “Profile+ Followers Insights” app is your best bet. It is possible to maintain tabs on the people that visit or follow your Instagram account frequently.

If you haven’t already, can I see who’s looking at my Instagram photos? Yup, that’s what I was thinking. It’s easy to use, and it’s free. You won’t have to deal with anyone.

5. Analyzer Plus – Insta Followers — Best Instagram Stalker and Unfollowers Analysis

Analyzer Plus – Insta Followers from Apps Store

It’s possible to see who’s checking out and stalking your Instagram account and what stories and posts you’ve posted using this app. Analyzer Plus allows you to see who’s looking at your Instagram feed. It can alert you to Instagram followers interested in and engaged with your content.

Is there a way to see who has seen my Instagram content? Yes, you can. All options to run and utilize the program are quite straightforward. The app runs smoothly. It’s simple enough to use even for newbies. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best applications for finding out who is stalking you on Instagram.

6. Visitors Pro App — Best Instagram Stalker App and Followers Tracker

Visitors Pro App from Apps Store

I’m thinking about it a lot. How can you find out who’s looking at your Instagram account? Who saw my Instagram pictures? My Instagram story was viewed by whom? Visitors Pro app has the answers. It’s as simple as downloading this software and allowing it to access your Instagram data.

You’ll be able to see the precise number of people who have looked at your Instagram profile automatically after the calculations are complete. The people most interested in your photos and story will become apparent to you.

7. IG Analyzer Followers Analysis — Best for Instagram Account Analysis

IG Analyzer Followers Analysis from Google Play store

For me, this application is one of the best to see who has been watching and stalking your Instagram stories. You can use this fantastic app to track the people monitoring your Instagram account. This app’s download, installation, and use are not difficult. Stalker Reports is the only application I trust to provide 100 percent accurate findings.

You can, too. With this app, you’ll be alerted when someone is looking at your Instagram photos and stories. It also alerts you to those who have unfollowed, blocked, or haven’t followed you back. You can respond to your stalkers if they know who they are. Surprise them, and you’ll be seen as more valuable in their eyes.

8. FollowMeter for Instagram — Best Follower and Stalker Tracker App

FollowMeter for Instagram from Google Play Store

Keeping a tab on your Instagram followers and unfollowers is possible with the help of Followermeter. It’s a manager for Instagram, if you will. Instagram users can control their followers and access a wealth of information about their profiles.

9. Followers Report IG — Best for Detecting Instagram Profile Viewers and Stalker

Followers Report IG from Google Play Store

This Instagram stalker application is going to help you out. Is there a way to find out who has seen my Instagram story? This Instagram Stalker software is relied upon by many Instagram users.

If you want to see who has seen your Instagram profile and stories, this is the app for you. Instagram ghosts followers and stories viewers can all be tracked using this app, as its name suggests.

10. InMyStalker — Authentic Instagram Stalker and Follower Analysis

InMyStalker from Google Play Store

Try InMyStalker for Instagram to find out who is stalking your Instagram or who has visited your profile and stories on Instagram. Do not worry about whether or not your Instagram photos are viewed by anyone. Using this Instagram Stalker app, you’ll learn the truth.

Using this application, Instagram users can generate reports on who is stalking them on the social media platform. It is available for Android and iOS. This app for seeing who has looked at my Instagram profile is fantastic.

11. Stalker+ for Instagram — Safest and Most Powerful Instagram Stalker and Followers Insights

Stalker+ for Instagram from Apps Store

You can see who’s stalking your Instagram profile with Stalker. Followers, unfollowers, and blockers on Instagram can be tracked, as can everyone who has viewed or saved your Instagram stories or posts. This app can notify you of any activity that occurs on your phone.

You can track the activity of each Instagram account and build a personalized timeline by pinning your preferred accounts. This app offers me a better sense of who’s looking at my Instagram feed. It offers a straightforward and easy-to-use user interface. The people who are following your Instagram account might be easily identified.

12. Influxy — Best for Analyzing Instagram Stalkers, Followers, and Unfollowers

Influxy from Google Play Store

The last Instagram stalker app on this list is Influxy. With Influxy, you can keep tabs on the people you’re following and those you’re following back. If you’ve been blocked, unblocked, or unsubscribed from social media accounts, you can see it. You can see if someone unfollowed you or if they’ve changed their username or handle. If you wish to find out who’s been stalking your Instagram account, I recommend Influxy.

Your Instagram profile and stories can be analyzed using the Influxy app, which is available for download on smartphones. It’s simple to see if they’ve looked at your profile and read your content but have chosen not to respond.

Even if it’s discouraging, it’s nice to see who’s looking at your profile but doesn’t seem to like you. Apps like this Influxy allow you to see the number of people stalking your account and how many of them engage your content.

How to Handle your Instagram Stalkers

How to Handle your Instagram Stalkers

If you believe someone is following you on Instagram, there isn’t much you can do about it. They’re not breaking the law if they’re not threatening you or annoying you too much. Because of this, social media comes at a cost.

Everyone can see what you post online, and they are free to do whatever they want with it. However, I will share with you some effective ways to handle any Instagram stalker just in case you wish to get rid of them.

1. Modify the privacy settings of your Instagram account

To prohibit the individual from stalking you around on Instagram, you can alter some of your privacy settings.

Step 1: Open your Instagram application

Step 2: Open your profile page by tapping on the ‘settings.;

Step 3: Tap on the menu option in the upper-right corner.

Step 4: Go to Settings and tap on “Privacy” from the drop-down menu.

Step 5: Tap “Private Account” located beneath “Account Privacy.”

Modify the privacy settings of your Instagram account

Only individuals who are following you can see your Private Account. Requests to follow you are sent via email, and you have the option of accepting or rejecting them. By allowing you to control who can view your profile and posts, this Instagram feature significantly reduces your visibility.

2. Modify the activity status of your Instagram account

In addition to altering your privacy settings, you can disable your activity status to prevent the “stalker” from tracking your every move on social media. Follow these steps to modify your Instagram activity status:

Step 1: Navigate to your account ‘Settings’ and click on it. Then click on the ‘Privacy’ option.

Step 2: Tap on the ‘Activity Status’ option. After this, click on the ‘Show Activity Status’ to turn it off.

Modify the activity status of your Instagram account

The above actions will prohibit anyone from stalking or viewing your Instagram activities. Also, you will be restricted from viewing other people’s activities too. It goes both ways.

3. Unfollow the stalker

You can unfollow a follower if you know who is stalking you. Follow the procedures below to unfollow:

Step 1: Open your Instagram app and log in

Step 2: Tap on the ‘Profile’ option.

Step 3: Click the ‘Followers’ tab at the top of your profile.

Step 4: Click on the ‘Remove’ tab close to the follower you wish to unfollow. And that’s all.

unfollow a follower

As long as this individual isn’t a follower of your Instagram account, they won’t be able to see anything you post there. However, they will not be able to view any of the content you put on social media.

4. Set your account to private

Having a private Instagram account reduces the social media engagement element, but it also provides a measure of privacy. Then, after a month or two, you can go back to making your account available to the whole public. The stalker following you may have gotten tired of following you by now and decided to move on—perhaps.


Q. How do I detect a fake follower?

Anonymity is desired by some individuals who wish to follow your every move on social media. You may have blocked someone, or you haven’t accepted a follow request from someone you know on Facebook. It’s a bummer that Instagram won’t let you know if a profile is bogus or not. Deductive reasoning, on the other hand, can help you identify an unauthorized Instagram account.

The username is the first clue that an Instagram account is phony. Stalkers may leave hints about their identity in their usernames, or they may not put much effort into their phony profiles. The usernames that don’t match your follower list should be checked out.

A paucity of published posts is another telltale clue that an Instagram profile isn’t in good standing. The majority of users will follow others, have followers, or post content, even if they don’t interact much. Instagram accounts that are bare-bones are unquestionably suspect.

Lastly, some Instagram stalkers will set up accounts that seem just like your pals’. Look over your follower list to see if there are any accounts that you follow over and over again. One of your followers may be a stalker if you have more than one follower who appears to be the same individual.

Q. How do I handle an Instagram threat from a follower?

Take a screenshot as soon as you receive a threat in a comment or a direct message on social media. When confronted with an angry person on social media, many experts advise not to respond. However, taking a screenshot of the post and noting their username can be helpful in the future.

By taking a screenshot of their profile or by contacting Instagram’s support team, you can submit a complaint against this individual. If the danger is severe enough or you believe it to be true, you should get in touch with the appropriate authorities in your area.


You can tell if someone is stalking you on Instagram by looking at their profile. You can use these techniques above to maintain tabs on the people stalking your profile.