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How to Leave A Discord Server (PC & Mobile)

Have you lately joined a Discord server that's losing its appeal? If so, you might be unsure about how to leave a server if you are new to Discord. This blog post details how you can do so on different platforms. Read on to find out.

Discord has evolved from a gamer's platform to a more general use platform with many diverse servers to satisfy everyone's niche. Therefore, it is common for one to join a random server they found online. There are various reasons you might wish to leave the server, though. For instance, you may have a bad interaction with server members and moderators, the server may be sending you too many pings, or the server is dead, and most people are inactive. Whatever the situation, you most probably want to leave the server. So how do you go about it? Read on to find out.

How to Leave a Discord Server on PC

For both Mac and PC, the Discord web and desktop programs are essentially the same. So you may use the procedures stated below if you're using a Mac, Chromebook, PC, or laptop.

Step 1: Log in to your Discord account.

Step 2: On the top-left corner, click the Drop Arrow button next to the server name.

Drop Arrow button next to the server name

Step 3: Scroll down and select the Leave Server option.

Step 4: You will be presented with a dialog box for confirmation. Click on Leave Server.

You can achieve the same using a mobile device; let's look at how you can do so.

How to Leave a Discord Server on Mobile (Android and iPhone)

The process is also easy if you use Discord through the Android or IOS app. You can use the same procedure if you use a tablet or iPad. If this is the case for you, follow the guide below:

Step 1: Open your Discord App.

Step 2: Select the server that you want to leave.

Step 3: Besides the server, there are three dots. Click them.

Besides the server

Step 4: From the options menu presented, click on the Leave Server option.

Step 5: On the confirmation prompt, click on Leave Server for confirmation.

Leave Server for confirmation

You won't get notifications or messages from the Discord server after quitting. If you wish to rejoin the server, the admin will need to allow you.

Transfer the Ownership Of Your Discord Server

You may consider transferring ownership of your Discord server for many reasons. For instance, your Discord server may have up to become a fully-fledged forum, requiring lots of time and resources to manage. Changing ownership may be a great alternative to leaving the server in situations like this. If this sounds good to you, you can follow the steps below to transfer the ownership of the server to a new user with full administrator rights.

Step 1: Log in to your Discord account.

Step 2: On the top-left corner of your screen, click on the server name.

Step 3: Click on the Server settings.

Server settings

Step 4: Under User Management, scroll down and click on the Members option.

Click on the Members option

Step 5: Choose the new user.

Step 6: To access the options menu, click on the three dots next to the name.

Step 7: Click on the Transfer Ownership option.

Transfer Ownership option

And there you go! You have now completed the transfer process. After transferring ownership, you will still be a server member even though the access you retain depends on your role and the permissions you are granted.

Delete a Discord Server You Created

If your server's purpose was short-lived and the server has become inactive, deleting the server altogether might be a better alternative. Also, remember that the server cannot be recovered after that, so be sure before moving forward.

Step 1: Log in to your discord account.

Log in to your discord account

Step 2: Search and select the server that you want to delete.

Search and select the server that you want to delete

Step 3: Next to the server name in the top-left corner, click on the down arrow.

Step 4: Click the Delete Server option.

Step 5: Type the name of the server you intend to delete.

Step 6: Click on the Delete Server button in the pop-up box that appears.

Delete Server button in the pop-up box that appears

Leave A Discord Server Without Anyone Knowing

Generally speaking, after you leave a server, you shouldn't be concerned about other users finding out. Discord won't alert them. However, certain members might be informed if the server's administrators have incorporated bots. Changing your avatar and username is one way to avoid people you know noticing.

Delete Messages on Discord Once You Leave A Server

Delete Messages on Discord Once You Leave A Server

After you leave a server, all messages that you previously sent via the server will remain. Furthermore, you won't be able to access them after leaving. So, if you don't want the messages to appear after leaving a server, you'd better delete them beforehand.

Better delete them beforehand

Deleting a single message is quite simple; all you have to do is long-press the message and click on the Delete option, which will appear. This process can, however, be exhausting if you are deleting a lot of messages. In that case, you can use a bot to automate the process.

Long-press the message and click on the Delete option

How to Clone A Discord Server

Clone A Discord Server

You can clone a Discord server if you wish to leave it and start a new one containing the same roles, channels, and settings. To clone a Discord server, you have to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open the Discord app.

Step 2: Open the server that you wish to copy.

Step 3: Click on the drop-down arrow next to the server name.

Step 4: On the left-sidebar, select Server Template.

Step 5: Enter the server’s title and description.

Step 6: Select the preview template.

Step 7: After viewing the template, select Create.

And that’s it! You now have a new channel just like the old one. You can leave the old channel and start using the new channel containing new members.


Leaving a Discord server is straightforward whether you use the web app or a desktop application. You should be aware that your messages will still be viewable after you leave a channel. Therefore, if you do not want them to appear, you should think about deleting them beforehand. Additionally, if you leave a channel, the administrator must approve your return before you can rejoin.