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How To Make Your Discord Server Better [2023 Ultimate Guide]

Are you having trouble getting your newly created Discord server off the ground? You can make a few enhancements to get your server up and running. If you're unsure where to begin, don't worry; this guide includes several best practices to help you improve your server and grow its user base.

Getting new members can be difficult when running your first Discord server. Finding and maintaining members interested in your server's niche is a significant challenge. One enhancement that will help you immediately is making your server more aesthetic. Using subtle elements such as emojis, GIFS, and text decorations will go a long way toward improving your server. Doing so will inherently make your channel stand out, attracting new members. Even though the task might seem daunting initially, creating a customized aesthetic theme for your server is easy. Numerous third-party tools are available, simplifying the procedure.

This blog post lists some best practices to make your discord server better. Let's look at them in detail.

1. Use a Custom Text Font

Custom Text Font

Discord fonts are a great way to liven up your server. The custom fonts will appeal to your messages and certainly boost engagement in your server. There is a wide range of fonts out there waiting to be discovered. You can, however, use a font generator to add a cool font to your text in a matter of seconds. Font generators are a great choice if you use Discord on a desktop. You need to copy and paste text to add the custom font. However, if you use the Discord mobile app, you might experience usability issues since there is no easy way to copy and paste the text. For mobile, we recommend using a mobile application to get custom fonts.

For Android, you can try the Font Generator app. We recommend the Cool Fonts app if you are using IOS.

Font Generator app

You will undoubtedly benefit from adopting a unique fashionable font. The font will make your server stand out by making it more appealing. You will also be able to stand out from the crowd by styling your Discord username. Lastly, the font will add an extra flair to your server's discord messages, making your server more lively.

2. Customize Your Channel Names

Channels are a crucial component of a Discord server. Here, server users communicate and exchange crucial information throughout the group. Additionally, channels are among the first things new users note after joining the server. Including subtle details in your server, such as an adorable kaomoji, will undoubtedly draw in some new users.

Your Channel Names

Generating your kaomoji is not hard. We, however, recommend taking advantage of some of the widely used third-party tools to get ready-made kaomoji. The Cute Kaomoji site is an excellent example of such as tool. You’ll get a wide variety of cute emoticons that you can add to your channel name.

3. Add Channels For Different Topics

Different Topics

As mentioned earlier, how you make your channels is fundamental to your server's success. You should, therefore, create different channels for different topics that members of your server would love to discuss. The channels will create an environment for like-minded individuals to collaborate and discuss things based on their niche. The following are some of the channels you can add to your server.

  • Memes
  • Music
  • Gaming
  • Reading/Writing
  • Art

These channels will help new members discover cool ideas and new people with the same interests as them. For instance, the meme channel is common, even on seemingly official servers. It is a fun place where members can have fun posting memes related to their niche.

Some basic research is handy in determining what channels you should add to your server. There are so many niches out there that you can create a channel for. You can start by checking what channels similar servers have.

4. Music Events

Hosting a music event is a great way to make your server members socialize and know each other. You can easily hold such an event by pinging those online and asking them if they want to join in. This will enable the server members to listen to and discover new music. Consequently, it will make your server stand out from other similar channels.

Music Events

Another exciting thing to make your channel fun is ordering discord virtual fast food. You can use a bot such as Virtual Dinner to order fast food from your server. Alternatively, you can use the Cafe Delivery Bot to order virtual coffee from your server. This would be great if you were hosting a live voice chat event. It would enhance the event making it more lively.

To get started, all you will need is a delivery bot. Once you get your desired bot, type the help command to see what commands the bot supports.

5. Use Gradients

You can use gradients to make the appearance of your server stand out. Gradients are a popular design trend and can be used in many ways. For instance, you can use gradients for the background of your server icon. To generate such a background, you can use a tool such as Inixia.

6. Use Aesthetic Imagery

Aesthetic Imagery

We also recommend that you have some pastel and aesthetic imagery to add an aesthetic touch to your server. It would help if you were careful to only images you have a license for. We recommend using public domain images such as those from Pexels or Unsplash. Once you have found the right image, you can add it to your server's website and header images. You could also consider adding an aesthetic profile photo if you are the server moderator.

Pro Tip! There is a way to give your server an aesthetic look and feel in seconds. All you need to do is look for an aesthetic template and set the entire server up with a few clicks.


Creating an aesthetic theme for your Discord server will make it stand out and broaden its user base. Focusing on subtle elements, such as kaomoji, will go a long way toward making your channel better. You may consider hosting a music event if you want to invest additional time developing your channel. Such events enable interaction between your server members, making the server more lively. Even though the results might not be immediate, using such techniques lays the foundation for boosting your server and increasing its user base in the future.