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[4 Ways] How to Open a Snap Without Them Knowing (Nov 2023)

Snapchat is one of the fastest-growing social media networks in the world. Part of the fun of this network is that the receiver is notified when you open their snap. But there are some instances when you may not want people to know you have seen their snap. So, how can you open a Snap without them knowing?

Whether you are using an iPhone, Windows, or Android, you can trick Snapchat, and it will not signal the sender that you opened their snaps. Here are easy tips to help you open snaps without anyone's else knowledge.

Open a Snap Without Them Knowing

1. Open the Snap Halfway

The easiest way to open a snap without anyone knowing is by opening it halfway instead of fully. To do this, slide the message enough for you to scan through the content quickly. When you do it this way, it doesn't register as having been opened by the recipient. This means the sender will not be notified that you have opened their snaps.

Open the Snap Halfway

Instead, they will assume you have not seen their snaps. Here is how to open the Snap halfway:

Step 1: Open Snapchat from your phone’s home screen.

Step 2: Click on the chats window to trace the snap from your friends. To identify your unopened Snapchats, look out for Snapchat with blue icons on them.

Click on the chats window to trace the snap from your friends

Step 3: Once you trace the snap, keenly use your fingers to long-press on the chat. Please do not release your fingers; otherwise, you will fully open the message, and the sender will receive a notification that you have opened it.

Step 4: With your fingers pressed on the Snapchat, slowly swipe the specific Snap to the right side of your screen while reading the content. Do this until you are familiar with the range of the snap.

Step 5: Once you are familiar with the content of Snapchat, carefully slide back the chat to the left of the screen to close it.

Once you are familiar with the content of Snapchat

With this method, you will know what Snapchat says, and the sender will not get a notification that you opened it. However, this approach requires you to be extra keen; if you slide the chat too far or let go of your finger, Snapchat will fully open and notify the sender.

2. Put Your Device in an Airplane Mode

Put Your Device in an Airplane Mode

You can now open and read your friend's snaps or chat messages with your internet offline without worrying.

Step 1: Open your Snapchat app, select your friend's name, and tap New Snap to open their snap. Alternatively, tap your friend's name, then tap New Chat to open and read their chat messages.

Step 2: Once you are done viewing and reading the snaps and messages, clear the cache in your Snapchat app before turning airplane mode off. To clear your Snapchat app cache, tap on your profile photo or Bitmoji found at the far right of the app. Next, tap on the gear icon on the right side of your profile tab.

Gear icon on the right side of your profile tab

On the Settings tab, scroll downwards to the Account Actions area and tap on Clear Cache > Clear All. Confirm your action by tapping Okay. This step does not clear your saved snaps or settings.

  • You can now disable Airplane Mode on your phone.

You can now disable Airplane Mode on your phone

With this method, your friend will only see that the message was delivered to you because of the Delivery label beneath your name.

3. Use Third-Party Spy Apps

Use Third-Party Spy Apps

There are many apps that you can use to open snaps without them knowing. You can download them from Google Play Store or App Store. The best part about these apps is that they can be installed on any device and work like a charm!

When going for a third-party spy app, ensure that it is reliable: affordable, and secure. Some developers offer trial versions of the spy apps, so you can access one today.  Besides, they are easy to use for everyone.

You can also use these third-party spying apps to spy on what your children are doing online.

4. Open Your Snapchat in Incognito Mode

Open Your Snapchat in Incognito Mode

This may sound like a strange tip, but it works! Turning on incognito mode in your browser before opening Snapchat on your phone will prevent the sender from knowing when their messages have been opened! Make sure to clear your history often so that no one else can see what sites you have visited recently as well.

The only downside is that this method doesn’t allow you to save any snaps for later viewing – so make sure that you don’t need any screenshots before doing this!


You can open any snaps sent by your friends without them knowing. Among the five methods above, switching your device to an Airplane Mode is not 100% reliable: the sender may get a notification you opened their snaps. To stop this, try the other alternatives, such as using third-party apps, opening the snaps halfway, and going incognito. Next time you want to open a snap without the sender knowing, try either of the methods above.