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How to Play Amazon Music on Google Home from All Devices

This post is aimed at showing you how to play Amazon Music on Google Home easily. Go through it and choose the way you like.

Google Home is a popular choice when you hope to enjoy music at home. Till now, Google Home has established a formal cooperation relationship with many streaming music platforms, such as Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, Apple Music, and Deezer. However, if you want to play Amazon music with it, it can be a little bit difficult because these two platforms have no direct link now.

Don't worry, there are still some ways you can try to play Amazon Music on Google Home from your PC, Mac, iPhone, or Android. Just follow along.

1. Play Amazon Music on Google Home from Windows / Mac

1.1 Download Amazon Music and Cast to Google Home

One of the easiest methods to play Amazon Music on Google Home is to download it to local files with a useful Amazon Music converter and then cast it to Google Home. To achieve this, here a professional third-party tool named TuneFab Amazon Music Converter is highly recommended for its powerful functions.

TuneFab is an easy-to-use tool that is dedicated to downloading Amazon music to MP3 or other common audio formats for local storage and flexible playback. With its built-in web player, you can easily access your preferred songs and download Amazon Music to your computer with the original quality. After that, you can flexibly cast the downloaded Amazon Music songs to Google Home. Below is the tutorial:

Step 1. Log into Your Amazon Music Account

After downloading and installing TuneFab Amazon Music Converter, log into your Amazon account. The software will automatically ascertain where you are and then alter the respective language for you.

Step 2. Choose Your Desired Amazon Music

With the built-in web player for Amazon Music, you can either directly browse it or enter the name in the box to search for a specific song, album, or playlist.

When you open a specific playlist, you can then click the blue “+” icon to add songs in it to the converting list. Or more conveniently, you can drag the song title or playlist title to the blue icon, and all the songs will be automatically added to the converting list.

Choose Your Desired Amazon Music

Step 3. Adjust Output Format

For each song to be downloaded, you can freely select the audio format you want, such as MP3, M4A, FLAC, or WAV.

Adjust Output Format

Step 4. Start Converting Process

When everything above is ready,  press the button of the “Convert” or “Convert All”  to start conversion. And you can check whether they have been downloaded successfully under the “Finished” section.

Start Converting Process

Step 5. Cast Amazon Music on Chrome

Find the location where the downloaded Amazon music is stored and then open a new tab on Chrome. Remember that your computer and Google Home are linked with the same Wi-Fi. Then you can straightforwardly drag your favorite downloaded music into the Chrome new tab. At this time, a playing window will appear, and remember to click on the three-dots button to select cast.

Cast Amazon Music on Chrome

Step 6. Play Amazon Music on Google Home

When your Google Home speaker pops out on the small windows, click it, and now you can enjoy Amazon Music on your Google Home now.

Play Amazon Music on Google Home

1.2 Directly Play Amazon Music on Google Home

Honestly speaking, the way directly play Amazon Music is quite similar to what have shared just now. As long as you have a subscription to Amazon Music, you can play Amazon Music directly on Google Home from your computer. Here are the specific procedures below.

Step 1. Create a new tab in Chrome on your PC and log into your Amazon account when you open its landing page. After that, just find a song you are really into.

Step 2. Keep your computer and Google Home are under the same Wi-Fi. Then click the “three-dot” icon in the top right corner of Chrome and proceed to select the Cast.

Step 3. When a small window appears, look for your Google Home speaker on it and select it.

Step 4. Now you can click on the content you want on Amazon Music. Selected songs on Amazon Music will play from your computer to your Google Home speakers.

Now you can click on the content

2. Play Amazon Music on Google Home through iPhone / Android

Although Amazon Music isn't officially related to Google Home speaker, you can still rely on the Amazon Music app on your iPhone or Android to play Amazon music on Google Home freely. But remember that your phone and Google Home speaker are on the same network. What you should prepare is to download the Amazon Music app and Google Home app on your phone in advance.

2.1 Play Amazon Music on Google Home from iPhone

Step 1. Open the Google Home app on your iPhone. Go to “Settings”-“Audio area”.

Step 2. Turn on Paired Bluetooth Devices, then connect your phone and Google Home, and open your Amazon Music app to sign into your account.

Step 3. Scroll down the Control Centre of your device, and press on the controls in the top right corner for a while.

Step 4. Press AirPlay and choose Google Home to play Amazon Music tracks on Google Home.

Press AirPlay and choose Google Home

2.2 Play Amazon Music on Google Home from Android

Step 1. Run the Amazon Music app on your Android device and then log into your Amazon Music account.

Step 2. Open the Google Home app and connect Google Home speaker with your phone via Bluetooth: tap the Cast icon at the upper right corner.

Step 3.  Several devices will pop out and just choose your Google Home speaker from the list of devices.

Step 4. Now you can pick up a playlist or album to play on the Amazon Music app, which will be played on your Google Home speaker smoothly.

Now you can pick up a playlist


All in all, there are several methods offered to teach you how to play Amazon music on Google Home speaker. No matter if you are using a PC/Mac, or using iPhone/Android, there are corresponding options to give you a detailed guide.

If you hope to save Amazon music locally to play on Google Home at any time, TuneFab Amazon Music Converter can be an ideal choice. It can not only preserve the original sound quality but give you the permanent freedom to own it. Just download it now and have a try!