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How to Put Songs on iPod [2 Ways]

iPods remain popular accessories to music lovers globally thanks to their fantastic audio playback quality and portability. They can hold thousands of songs that you can play. But, if you are using an iPod for the first time, loading music onto it can be tricky.

There are tons of ways to put music on your iPod. You can put songs on it by downloading them directly from the iTunes store. Alternatively, you can transfer them from your desktop or laptop computer. Here are simple steps to show you how to put songs onto your iPod.

Put Music on iPod Using iTunes

iTunes offers the best method of adding music to a new iPod device. However, this procedure will require you to use a computer that has an iTunes program that has a music library. Here is what you need to do;

Step 1: Use your iPod USB cable to connect it to your computer and allow iTunes to run automatically. If your iPod is still new with no settings, don't worry! The iTunes app will take you through the setup process.

Step 2: In the iTunes app on your PC, click the iPod icon to open the iPod management screen. Click the first tab in your new window to select Music. Depending on the version of iTunes on your PC, the first tab menu should be Music.

Step 3: On the Music menu, the first option is Sync Music. To download songs, click the box next to Sync Music. Three options will pop up;

  • To sync the Entire Music Library to your iPod. This option syncs your entire iTunes library to your mp3 player (if you have enough space).
  • Sync Selected option allows you to select playlists, genres, and artists to sync with your iPod. You can choose what music will sync with your iPod with this feature. Tick the boxes adjacent to the items you desire to sync.
  • Include music videos synchronize any music videos found in your iTunes collections to your iPod. This option assumes your iPod can play music videos.

Choose either of the options above or;

Step 4: If you want full control over the tracks that sync to your iPod, customize your playlist and only allow the list to synchronize to your iPod. Uncheck any songs you don't want to feature in your playlist or on your iPod.

Step 5: After determining which songs you intend to download, click the Apply button found on the lower side of the iTunes window. This action will start the syncing process to your iPod.

Depending on how many songs you are downloading, you will have to wait for the syncing process to complete. The completion of the syncing process means you have successfully added your selected songs to your iPod.

Put Music to iPod Without iTunes

How to Put Music to iPod Without iTunes

You don't need an iTunes account or app to add music to your iPod. Here is how to do it;

Step 1: Plug your iPod device into your computer using the iPod's USB cable. Your PC will automatically set up a driver for your iPod.

Step 2: Disable disk use. If you have been using iTunes to move audio tracks to your iPod, the disk use functionality may be on. Therefore, open your iTunes Options and untick “Enable disk use.”

Step 3: Activate the show hidden files, folders, and drives feature. Find the File Explorer Options and click the View tab. On the Advanced settings, navigate downwards to find the “show hidden files, folders and drives” option and activate it. Click Apply and close the window.

Step 4: Now navigate to This PC or My Computer and double click on the drive titled “iPod.”

Step 5: While on your iPod folder, under iPod control, scroll to a folder titled “Music” and open it by double-clicking on it. If you don't have any music on your iPod, this folder will be empty. Nonetheless, if you've already moved music with iTunes, you will see some random letters and numbers. That's how iTunes renames music files when transferring them.

Step 6: Access your music folder on your PC, choose the songs you want to share, and drag-n-drop them to your iPod's Music folder. While doing the transfer, ensure to move your selected tracks directly to the Music folder on your iPod. Do not move the music as a folder or to a new subfolder. Enjoy your music!


Q. Can I put music on iPod without iTunes?

Yes, you can add music to your iPod without using iTunes. It would help if you had a computer containing your music collection, and iPod USB cable, and your iPod device.

Q. How can I put music on my iPod?

You can add music to your iPod in two ways: using iTunes or by moving the files manually from your computer. With iTunes, you need to have the app and an iTunes account. If you don't want to use iTunes, move your music files manually by plugging in your iPod, and tracing the music folder on your PC. To move the music files, drag-n-drop them to your Music folder on the iPod.

Enjoy Your Music!

iPod offers different ways of putting music into the device. The more accessible options are through iTunes and moving the music files manually from a PC through a USB cable.

Whichever option you choose, make sure that the music files are in the Music folder on your iPod for playback.