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How to Report a Buyer on eBay (Steps Guide)

People who prefer shopping online must have bought or sold an item on eBay at least once. The e-commerce site is one of America's success stories because of its conglomerate status, with a notable presence in over 190 markets globally. However, some users may fail to abide by the company’s policies by the rules of the second most popular e-commerce platform, second to Amazon. Here is how to report a buyer on eBay if they fail to abide by the company’s policies.

It is a common fact that eBay is a gold mine e-commerce platform where you can shop for sizable items like a toaster or gigantic property like the Giga yacht, which once sold for $ 168 million. The e-commerce platform is second to Amazon, with the most active users, and the company prides itself in hosting more than 133 million users at the close of the first quarter of 2023.

Hosting more than 133 million users on an e-commerce platform brings challenges, like rogue users who refuse to abide by the company’s policy and regulations.  It is annoying to deal with unreasonable or arrogant buyers as an eBay seller because they can waste your time and effort. However, the company offers a reprieve to disgruntled sellers, and here is how to report such buyers on eBay.

Benefits of Reporting a Buyer on eBay

Benefits of Reporting a Buyer on eBay

It can be challenging for some people to report anyone out of fear of the modern phrase about snitches getting stitches. The snitching expression is usually a threat against a tattletale, warning them of the doom to befall them once they open their mouth.

Fortunately, eBay is a virtual platform where it is forbidden to directly and physically meet other members unless with express accord from parties involved. You can report a rogue buyer without fear of retaliation because the company acts as a buffer. Below are the benefits of exposing such buyers to help give you a nudge to exercise your right as a genuine seller.

  • Safeguarding your right: Reporting a rogue buyer helps you exercise your rights as a seller by seeking relief from a buyer engaging in unfair or fraudulent practices.
  • Deterring unfair/fraudulent practices: Reporting a problematic buyer ensures they answer for their behavior and suffer appropriate consequences to prevent them from repeating the mistake. You will also be playing an active role in creating a safe and friendly marketplace for other sellers.
  • Dispute resolution: There are two sides to every story, and reporting the buyer triggers eBay to initiate the internal dispute resolution process, thus accords each party, a hearing before rendering a just and fair verdict.
  • Evidence documentation: It is essential to provide relevant evidence when reporting a buyer to add more weight to your claim if the company decides to open a formal in-house file or involve law enforcement agencies.
  • Safeguard account credibility: Reporting inappropriate or fraudulent buyers helps safeguard your account credibility because it puts you in the offensive and showcases your commitment to upholding eBay's policies and standards.

Valid Reasons for Reporting a Buyer on eBay

Valid Reasons for Reporting a Buyer on eBay

“Negative behavior” is a broad definition and can constitute numerous offenses, some of which may not qualify as a valid reason for reporting a buyer. However, any of the negative behaviors below constitutes a compelling reason under eBay’s rules and regulations to file a complaint report against a buyer on eBay.

  • Defaulting payment: Non-payment is one of the top reasons for filing a complaint against a buyer and one of the most straightforward reasons to prove and prosecute.
  • Unreasonable demands: A buyer making demands that exceed the terms of the listing or eBay's policies is also a valid reason to report a buyer.
  • Shill bidding: Shill bidding is when the buyer bid on their items to create false demand and inflate the price.
  • Feedback blackmail: A buyer can attempt to blackmail you and manipulate feedback through threats, coercion, or other means to obtain an undue footing.
  • Harassment or abuse: You can file a complaint against a buyer engaging in harassment, threats, or abusive language while conducting business on eBay.
  • Fraud: You can efficiently institute a complaint report against a buyer if they are involved in fraudulent activities like identity theft, stolen credit card usage, or attempting to deceive your or other sellers on eBay.
  • Policy violation: Continuous eBay policy violations like circumventing fees, intellectual property infringement, or prohibited items by the buyer could lead to the seller filing a report on eBay.

Process for Reporting a Buyer on eBay

Follow the prompts below to file an official report against a problematic buyer on

Step 1: You can use your preferred browser to access your eBay account before clicking on the Help & Contact option at the top of the page to access the Resolution Center.

Step 2: Clicking the Help & Contact option will redirect you to the Resolution Center, where you can click the Report a Buyer link option.

Report a Buyer

Step 3: The next step is selecting a valid reason corresponding to your situation from the list of plausible scenarios for reporting a buyer on eBay. :

Step 4: The next stage is entering detailed descriptions and explanations regarding your official complaint.

detailed descriptions

Step 5: Read through your report while dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s before clicking the Submit or Send button to submit your complaint.

Complaint Review Process for eBay

Your complaint report will end up the doorstep of the relevant eBay Customer Service department for review and action. The review process may take longer if numerous reports are queuing, thus causing a backlog. However, be patient until they review your complaint report. The eBay Customer Service team usually conducts an independent investigation to verify the claims and provide an appropriate course of action based on their findings.


It is also essential to provide an accurate account of how things transpired because they can also take action against you if they have reason to believe you are lying in your report. You can lose privileges like full access to your account if the eBay Customer Service team can ascertain your intention to deceive the company and ruin an innocent buyer’s account.