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How to See Deleted Tweets with 5 Ways (Nov 2023)

Ever been curious about your deleted tweets? Well, deleted tweets are not permanently deleted off the internet. They can be found using various methods that you will learn through this article. Note that the tweets may be permanently deleted on your account but there are other ways to retrieve and see the deleted tweets.

Twitter is an interactive platform where people discuss various topics and share their opinions. You could start a topic or even contribute to a discussion. Sometimes you tweet some things that may be out of pocket and you do not want them to be seen by other Twitter users again. You could delete such tweets or media.

tw delete

1. Use Twitter's native advanced search

This is a very safe method to use to retrieve deleted tweets or media on Twitter. You should use the following steps to see the deleted tweets:

Step 1: Navigate to your Twitter Advanced Search Page

Step 2: Click on the subheading ‘People’



Step 3: Input your username without mentioning it in the “From These Accounts” input box

Step 4:  You should put the start date and end date for your search

Step 5: When you enter a search, the tweets that are between the dates you put will be displayed.


If you want to simplify the search, you could use the keywords in the deleted tweet. The three conditions to choose from are:

tweat post

Step 1: Typing all the words or most of the words in the deleted tweet will result in tweets with such words

Step 2: Searching by using the exact phrase used in the tweet

Step 3: Using some of the unique words in the tweet

You need not worry about your data being visible to other people. This is a very secure method.

delet tweeth

2. Request a copy of the Twitter archive

If you want to see all your tweets since you started the Twitter account, you can send a request to the Twitter servers. Through this method, you will be able to view all your posted tweets, deleted tweets, and archived tweets. You should ensure that your email account is linked to your Twitter account to get the file since Twitter sends it to your email. Note that the file is sent in a .zip form therefore you will have to unzip it. The file is big since there are photos and videos contained there. You need to have the Twitter archive app to achieve this.

You have to follow the steps below:

Step 1: On your account settings select the “Content” option

Step 2: A button will be displayed stating “Request Your Archive”. Note that the archive does not reach you instantly. It may take minutes or hours depending on the amount of content compiled.

data accound

Step 3: When you receive your compressed archive file, download it. You should extract the content to decompress the folder.

Step 4: You will need a Twitter Archive viewer to see the content. Through this, you will see your deleted tweets as well as those that are still available.

3. Use the Wayback time machine to find deleted tweets

The tricky thing about this method is that one needs to know the link to the deleted tweet. The Wayback machine only records screenshots of tweets. One can use the Wayback time machine through the following steps:


Step 1: Get to the Wayback Machine interface and type the exact link of the Twitter page you wish to view.

Step 2: The next thing to do is select the “Browser History” option

Step 3: The results are organized using the dates criteria

Step 4: You are to choose the day and year the deleted tweet was posted and you will see it or them.

4. Use Google cache to view deleted tweets

You could also use your default browser to view your deleted tweets. This is possible when you have never cleared the browser’s cache. This exercise is done by googling your Twitter account URL and then selecting the “Cached” option. This will display all your deleted tweets. You could also try this with other people’s Twitter accounts to see their deleted accounts. To have a successful search when using this method, ensure that you never clear your browser cache on the default browser you use Twitter.


5. Use Snapbird to view deleted tweets

Ever wondered what made individuals delete some of their tweets? Ever been in a situation where everyone is talking about a certain tweet that was already deleted before you saw it? Well, there are ways you can retrieve other people’s deleted tweets on Twitter. Most people think that once a tweet has been deleted that is the end of it. What they do not know is that they can be found by other people. Note that you could also view the comments the deleted tweet had. Third-party apps are necessary when you want to view other people’s deleted tweets. Snapbird is the best website to do this exercise. You can view people’s deleted tweets through:

Step 1: Go to the official website of Snapbird and log in with your Twitter account credentials.

Step 2: After successfully logging in, you will find the other person’s deleted tweets.

Can I find deleted photos on Twitter?

Yes, a deleted photo on Twitter can be retrieved. The reason behind this is that when you post a picture on Twitter, it gets saved in the Twitter server which stored media and database permanently as links. If you know the URL link to the photo you deleted, retrieving the photo will be easier. All you have to do is copy the URL on a browser to see the deleted photos or videos. Saving could be done during this exercise.

sms delet


There used to be tools such as snap bird and wipe, but they have closed the service. If there are new tools like this in the future, we will update them here. It is also your responsibility to ensure you tweet sensible things that you would not have to delete. Remember, the internet does not forget. Some of these tweets may come back to haunt you or even ruin your reputation. Be careful.