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How to See Who Viewed My Facebook Profile (2024)

Are you curious about who viewed your Facebook profile? This article is here to help. This article provides you with top tips to help you identify and keep track of who viewed your profile on Facebook.

To keep in touch with loved ones, many people turn to Facebook, among the most popular social networking sites. It’s only natural to wonder who’s been checking out your profile. A number of websites and applications claim to be able to reveal who has been viewing your profile, but in reality, they cannot. Indeed, it’s not easy to figure out who’s been looking at your profile, but there are still options!

In this post, you’ll learn several methods for tracking your profile’s most frequent visitors on Facebook.

Track Who Viewed your Facebook Profile on Desktop

Step 1: Access the Official Facebook Website

Visit from any web browser to access your account. Right-click on your Facebook timeline after you’ve gotten there.

Step 2: Select ‘View Page Source

Select the ‘View Page Source’ link to see how your Facebook page was built. To access the search bar used for looking things up, open the website source by using CTRL+F.

View Page Source

Step 3: Get the search box and enter “BUDDY ID”

Go ahead and use the search field to look for “BUDDY ID,” then press the enter key. Following this, you’ll be sent to a new page where you’ll see a list of Facebook user IDs next to the heading “BUDDY ID.”


Step 4: The identity of the user who visited your profile will be displayed

To use Facebook, copy any ID, then go to and paste the numbers into the search bar. Once someone views your profile, their profile will pop up on your screen.

identity of the userStep 5: Screenshot

Another option is to snap a screenshot of the profile of the person who saw yours.

Track Who Viewed your Facebook Profile on Mobile

Do you use Apple’s iOS on your mobile device? Here’s how to find out who has been checking your Facebook page.

Step 1: Go ahead and sign in to your Facebook account.

Step 2: Tap on the main drop-down menu (the three horizontal lines at the top right-hand corner)

Step 3: Navigate to the Privacy Shortcuts section.

Step 4: Click on the ‘Who viewed my profile option

Steps to Track Who Viewed your Facebook Profile on Mobile

Given that this is a recently introduced function, if you cannot do so using the above instructions, you can use an iOS app like “Social Fans” to monitor who visits your Facebook page.

All iOS users can download this app from the App Store and follow the instructions above to monitor mobile profile views.

Using Extension to Identify who Viewed your Facebook Profile

There is a Chrome add-on that will allow you to monitor who is seeing your Facebook page easily.

Step 1: Navigate to the page of the ‘Social Profile Extension.’

Step 2: The “add to chrome” option should be clicked. You will see the extension successfully included in your Chrome browser.

Step 3: Using the same browser, go to the official Facebook website and sign in.

Step 4: A timeline will appear at the top of your Facebook profile.

Step 5: The word “visitor” appears as a menu option (this is the person who viewed your profile)

Using Extension to Identify who Viewed your Facebook Profile

Best Apps for Tracking Facebook Profile Viewers

1. Profile Tracker

Profile Tracker Apps

There aren’t many good Facebook viewer applications, but this one’s up there. They’re simple to locate on both the Play Store and the App Store. Tracking your Facebook profile’s followers has never been easier than with this handy app. When using this software, you will always be aware of who is following you on Facebook. If you want a nice app to check out Facebook profiles, this is it.

2. Follow Analyzer Insight

Follow Analyzer Insight Apps

The app is the most popular way to see who has seen your profile photo. Mobile gadgets can be safeguarded against theft with their help. Additionally, the app aids the user in keeping tabs on the action occurring on their Facebook profile. You’ll find it’s one of your most-used Facebook apps for keeping tabs on profile visitors. After using this app, you can provide feedback to the developers.

3. The Profiler

The Profiler Apps

This application will provide a directory of your Facebook followers. You can get additional information about anything on the list by tapping it. The profile of a follower can be seen right in your browser if you want to do so. In addition to the list of followers, this app will provide you with more information about each. Anyone can utilize this analysis tool because of how easy it is to understand and use.

4. Social Detective

Social Detective Apps

Social Detective is the best tool to find out who is following you on Facebook. An excellent resource for seeing the Facebook profiles of your followers. A list of your followers will be shown after you log in to your account. Free users can check out the profiles of others following them by hitting the “Show Profile” button inside the app.

5. Profile Reporter

Profile Reporter Apps

Using this application, you can track down the users who frequent your profile. You’ll be able to see a list of individuals who follow you on Facebook and get helpful information about your audience. It returns findings quickly and can monitor many accounts simultaneously.

6. Who Viewed My Profile

Who Viewed My Profile Apps

With the help of Who Viewed My Profile, you can monitor who has been checking out your Facebook page. Your profile will get three types of visitors: friends, acquaintances, and strangers, as determined by the program. It also lets you monitor who has seen your Instagram and WhatsApp accounts.


Q. Does Facebook permit users to see who viewed their profile?

Facebook specifically states that it does not permit this.

Q. What are the steps for limiting who can see my Facebook profile?

There are steps you can do to secure your Facebook profile further if you have already made it private but still don’t want anybody to be able to access it. If you want to change who can see your profile image, all you have to do is open it, click the pencil icon, and then choose the privacy option. Pick the “additional choices” menu and the “just me” option. The one drawback of this procedure is that you will have to repeat the process for any image you want to keep secret.

Q. Can I get a reaction from someone if I often check their Facebook?

You cannot see the frequency with which a certain user has visited your profile on Facebook. That way, the target of your stalking won’t find out.


This concludes this article about how to know who viewed your profile on Facebook. The company only recently introduced this functionality of profile viewer tracking to the iOS app, so it may be a bit before it makes its way to Android users. Try your luck with the help of the third-party applications I’ve linked to in the article. However, keep an eye out for phony applications that claim to do real tasks but only do so temporarily before reporting an error.