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How to Sell Feet Pics on Instafeet: Quick & Easy Guide for 2023

Have you ever heard of platforms for selling feet pics and wondered how the hell that is possible? There are indeed sites offering such services, and that's why we're interested in guiding you on how to sell feet pics on Instafeet with this full guide. Keep reading!

Instafeet is one of the most famous feet-selling platforms. It was founded in 2018, and since then, the platform has quickly grown and has over 100K users who buy and sell feet pics. It may seem like a mystery to some, but for others, it is a legit means of making extra and quick income. All you need is a verified Instafeet account, a good camera, and a smartphone or a laptop to post your feet pics. Most importantly, you should be 18 years old and above to buy and sell feet pics on App then learn how to sell feet pics on Instafeet to get started.

How to Get Started and Sell Feet Pics on Instafeet

To sell feet pics, you need to have a verified Instafeet account, it's free to create one, but they take time to verify your identity. Here are step-by-step guidelines on how to sell feet on Instagram;

1. Create an Account

Sell Feet Pics on Instafeet

Once you learn how to sell feet pics on Instafeet, you need to get started by creating your Instafeet account through the following process;

  • Visit the official Instafeet webpage and click “Sign Up.”
  • Fill in your details on the form, such as; full name and email ID.
  • Add your most recent selfie with a clear background.
  • Then add at least three pics of your feet under “Post Pic.”

2. Upload Pics

Once verified, you'll receive a confirmation email from which you will log in with your credentials to post pictures.

3. Set Up Your Subscription Fee

After you upload feet pics, set up your desired and reasonable subscription. When getting started, it should be a bit lower; I recommend about $5-$10; you can adjust later. Otherwise, you will lose potential subscribers.

4. Get Your Custom Link

You will receive a custom link to your profile when you're finished setting up your profile.

5. Promote your Content and Earn

When you are ready to start selling your feet snaps on Instafeet, everything with account verification has been done, and you've received a custom link; begin sharing the link on social media to promote your content and gain more subscribers.

How Much Should I Charge for My Feet Pics On Instafeet?

Pricing is a personal decision. The price you set for your feet pics on Instafeet will depend on what you want, your target audience/ subscribers, and how much you've invested in it. Considering all these, you must set a reasonable price that should not push away potential buyers or cost you. Remember, you must invest in photography and foot maintenance, such as pedicures. When starting, your pricing should be lower but not too low, about $5 to $10, to attract subscribers until you are established and gained a massive client base.

How Much Money Can I Make on Instafeet?

How Much Money Can I Make on Instafeet

You can make a good amount of money on Instafeed. It, however, depends on the quality and type of pictures you post. That's why learning how to sell feet pics on Instafeet is essential. When you're starting, you may earn a little or nothing, and you don't need to give up but invent good marketing strategies to increase your sales. Selling feet on Instafeet is like any other business; establishing it will take time.

About how much money you can make on Instafeet depends on your influence, social media presence and popularity, the number of subscribers on your profile, and their individual subscription value. Suppose you have ten subscribers, each paying $20 monthly; your total monthly revenue is $200. Then Instafeet will deduct a 10% commission from the $200.

Sellers with established profiles make up to $500 daily.

How Can I increase my Instafeet Subscribers?

There are several tips to implement so as to increase the number of your Instafeet subscribers;

  1. Make your Instafeet profile more appealing.
  2. Be consistent in creating and posting content.
  3. Post appealing and clear pictures that are trendy.
  4. Use hashtags such as #BearFeet, #Instafeet, and #FootFetishCommunity, among others.
  5. Promote your Instafeet content on other social media platforms like Quora and Reddit.
  6. Engage more with your followers and make reasonable negotiations.
  7. Avoid being rude but be professional.
  8. Put reasonable prices.

Pro Tip!

  • Change feet postures while taking pictures for uniqueness. And,
  • Wear foot ornaments like bracelets or rings when taking snaps for Instafeet.

How Do I get paid on Instafeet?

After your account has been verified and you've started posting snaps, you need to add your preferred payment methods details, such as PayPal and Cash App; Instafeet offers several means of payment. You'll get paid via the account linked to your profile when your balance meets a minimum threshold of $50; otherwise, it is carried forward to the next payday. Usually, Instafeet pays its users bi-monthly, that is, on the first and 15th of every month, and the payment is subject to tax.

Pro Tip!

  • Avoid mobile transactions; they reveal your identity!

Do I Need to Invest Money into Selling Feet Pics?

You need to use the money to make money. So, you should obviously invest on your feet to generate revenue out of them. It is not just about taking pictures and posting them on your profile; you need your feet to look attractive, so you must take good care of them. For instance, you can occasionally do a pedicure or foot massage and buy a nice lotion to keep them nourished and moisturized.

High-quality pictures are ever attractive. For your feet to attract more buyers, invest in a good camera and editing equipment and, maybe, a professional photographer. However, you should do your math well to avoid overspending. In business, whichever kind of investment you make, the expenditure should be less than the income generated.

Who Buys Feet Pics from Instafeet?

Who Buys Feet Pics from Instafeet

Unbeknownst to many, there are several people you buy feet pics. Feet pics can be used for several reasons. For one, some people love and are addicted to feet to the extent of keeping a collection of them, so they are the first clients who buy feet pics. Funny? I know, but it's just like pet lovers being addicted to their pets. Painting and tattoo artists as well do buy feet pics to use as reference when making a drawing.

Some foot product brands may seek a model to market their beauty and footwear products. If you post your feet on Instafeet, you may be the lucky one to seal a feet modeling deal with one of these brands. Stock photo websites like Getty Images are potential buyers as they source content from several platforms, including Instafeet. Others include;

  • Bloggers and publishers who create content related to feet.
  • Magazines and Newspapers.

Is Instafeet Legit?

Of course, Instafeet is a legit platform. Besides, it's open to anyone to own an account, provided you're of the recommended age of 18 years old and know how to sell feet snaps on Instafeet. It is a legal platform, so you should worry less about violating the law as long as your pics do not depict erotic sentiments on culture or religion. However, they take too long to verify an account, and there are limited chances of being accepted, as they confirmed on Twitter that acceptance chances are less than 10%.

Is Instafeet Still Operating?

No, Instafeet was recently acquired by Feetfinder. If you try to sign up or search for Instafeed, you’re redirected to the Feetfinder website. Moreover, there is no activity on its social media accounts. Sources claim the merge was meant to allow Instafeet to address performance and security challenges such as; scam messages, copyright issues, and a constant slow refreshing rate. So if you want to sell feet pics, you should sign up with Feetfinder or other related platforms such as Feetify.

How to Stay Safe on Instafeet

Social media platforms are prone to security issues, the major ones being Cybersecurity attacks and copyright issues. Instafeet is no exception, and for that reason, you need to take possible safety measures. Here are a few ways to prevent that;

  • Hide your identity. Use initials, nicknames, or any other preferred name that cannot be linked to your real identiry.
  • Create a separate account from your personal account so that cyberbullies don't get back to you.
  • Watermark your feet pics on Instafeet so that whoever gains access to them must subscribe first.
  • Block followers you feel uncomfortable interacting with.
  • Act professionally, and set boundaries without being rude.
  • Avoid taking pictures from areas that can hint at your location.
  • Ensure there’s no metadata associated with your pics.


Selling feet pics on Instafeet is a great side hustle; potential clients exist. Besides, no legal obligation is required in any country, so you can rest assured it's a legal business as long as you're over 18. Engaging in that kind of business is super easy, as shown in this full guide on how to sell feet pics on Instafeet. However, the site is recently not available but, you can try other feet-selling platforms like Feetfinder and make your easy dollars. Best of luck!