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How to Share AirPod Audio to Two Sets from ONE iPhone

This feature is very convenient when you and your friend are in a place with other people but want to listen to the same audio without disturbing the others. It could be a movie or music. You could also do this while using your MacBook. To listen to music from your iPhone or watch a movie with your lover or friend simultaneously, you need to share the device with both of your AirPods.

Did you know that it is possible to listen to the same audio using different pairs of AirPods from your iPhone? Well, this is a technology that emerged recently and can only happen when you have an iPhone. You can either use AirPods or other compatible wireless headphones to practice this.

Which devices are supported for sharing?

Headphones versions compatible with audio

When it comes to mobile phones, this feature works on iPhones only. The minimum specification is that the iPhone should be version 13.1 or above. This implies that you should have an iPhone 8 and above to get this feature. This feature can work on more than two pairs of AirPods. Some of the headphones versions compatible with audio sharing include:

1. AirPods Pro

2. AirPods Max

AirPods Max

3. Powerbeats Pro

4. 1st generation AirPods

1st generation AirPods

Some of the compatible iPad and iPod models are:

1. iPad Pro 12.9 inch

2. iPad Pro 11 inch

3. iPad Pro 10.5 inch

4. iPad Air 3rd generation and above

iPad Air 3rd generation and above

5. iPad mini from 5th generation

6. iPod touch 7th generation

How to Set Up Shared Audio

Set Up Shared Audio

If you have met all the requirements to enjoy this feature, the following are the steps to connect and share audio from your iPhone or MacBook:

Step 1: Connect your Headphones or AirPods to your iPhone.

Step 2: go to the Control Center on your iPhone and click the “AirPlay” button

Step 3: Select the “Share Audio” option

Share Audio option on AirPod

Step 4: This step can take place in three different ways depending on the kind of wireless headset your friend uses. If he or she has AirPods Pro or AirPods, the pairing process is holding the headset near your device while the lid of the case is open.

If your friend’s headset is AirPods Max, they are to bring them closer to your iPhone. If the headset is Powerbeats, they are to be put on pairing mode and then placed near the iPhone. Connection is successful when the headset name appears on the screen of your iPhone.

Headset name appears on the screen of your iPhone

How to Control Audio

Control Audio

When sharing audio with a friend when using your iPhone, there are various things you should control or be able to manage. You can pause, change the music playing, fast forward or even control the volume when using this feature. The volume can be decreased or increased on both headsets at the same time or could be controlled individually. Kindly note that when you fast forward or change the audio, it happens on both the connected pairs of the headset.

How to stop sharing

Stop sharing

If you wish to stop sharing audio from your iPhone, you can disable it from your Control Center. You have to click the AirPlay button and uncheck the headset you wish to remove from the sharing plan. By doing this, the other pair of headsets is also disconnected from the audio.


This sharing feature is very convenient when it comes to wanting a better listening experience. This is to avoid the method of using one side of the headset while your friend uses the other side to listen to the same audio. It also reduces noise pollution since you will not have to put the audio on a loudspeaker so that your friend may listen to what you are listening to. An advantage of using AirPods is that they have a noise cancellation feature that eliminates the noise within your surroundings.