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How to View Private TikTok Account in Nov 2023

Are you tired of seeing your favorite TikTok account set on private, and thus you can’t view their content? This article will help you with helpful tips and tricks to view any private TikTok account, as well as top tools to view private TikTok accounts.

Increasing interest in private accounts is a natural consequence of the service’s growing popularity. A private TikTok account can’t be accessed by those who aren’t on the contact list of the profile owner. Your friends and family won’t be able to see any of your posts if they aren’t on your contact list. An update shared by someone in the person’s social network initially goes out to all their friends, who will receive a notification about it first.

No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to opt out of receiving notifications for stories or updates from other members of your TikTok community. Private TikToks are available for anyone who wishes to stay anonymous on TikTok.

Private TikTok Account Features

Private TikTok Account Features

Identifying a private TikTok account is easy. You’ll need to check out the person’s profile. Content in a private account is limited. To put it another way, without following that account, you won’t have access to that page’s content.

Private account videos are tough to view as a random user. “Follow this account to view its contents” will appear in a message box. Users can also hide their favorite videos and posts on TikTok by making them private. This is designed to safeguard the privacy and security of its users.

Tips to View a Private TikTok Account

Following a private TikTok account is the simplest way to see their videos. In addition to the third-party companies I have discussed above, there are other ways to access a private TikTok account. If you want to know what’s on private TikTok accounts, here are a few ways.

1. Follow Them

TikTok Account follow

To view private TikTok accounts, the most obvious and basic technique is to ask the owner to allow you to watch their account. If the profile you’re following accepts your friend request, you’ll see it in your feed. You can watch their TikTok videos here. Because you never know when a person will accept your follow request, this strategy can take some time to get rolling.

2. Follow them on a different account

TikTok Follow them on a different account

Make a fake TikTok account to access a private account. If you’ve been denied a follow, you might consider making a new account and following them there instead. Even though it appears desperate, this is an effective strategy for secretly tracking a person. If the private account owner discovers that you were following their account with a fake profile, they may decide to block you.

3. Find them on Other Social Media

private TikTok account on Social Media

Follow the person on other social media to see their private TikTok account. Cross-promotion is possible if the individual is active on other social media networks, such as Facebook and Instagram, which means that you may be able to see their TikTok video on these other platforms.

4. Let your Friends Follow Them for You

Friends Follow

As a last resort, it’s possible that you can follow the private account using a friend’s account so that the account owner doesn’t know that you’re following them. To avoid violating TikTok terms and conditions, I strongly advise you to use this method with caution.

5. Use Fanclub Accounts

TikTok Fanclub accounts

TikTok Fanclub accounts are an excellent way to gain access to private accounts’ content. The best part is that you are under no need to adhere to them. A fan club is a group of people who share a common interest in a certain person.

On social media, fan groups re-post videos taken from well-liked TikTok accounts. These accounts can benefit greatly from this strategy. This is how you can view private videos on TikTok without following them.

5 Best TikTok Private Account Viewers

1. Private TikTok Viewer: View Hidden TikTok profiles — Best for Downloading TikTok Videos and viewing any Hidden TikTok Profile

Private TikTok Viewer- View Hidden TikTok profiles

The first private TikTok profile viewer on this list is recommended for Android users. Android users now have access to private TikTok accounts thanks to the Private TikTok Viewer app.

Because over 44,000 people have downloaded and are currently using their software, I believe that they are an excellent choice if you like to browse private TikTok profiles.

2. Private TikTok — Best for Viewing Private TikTok Account for Free

Private TikTok overview

This free TikTok profile viewer, Private TikTok, is available if you do not have that much money and don’t want to spend it on this.

It’s as simple as logging in with your TikTok account and selecting ‘Connect’ to get started. Afterward, you can wait for the viewer to connect and press the “final” button.

3. uMobix — Best for Keeping Tabs on Private TikTok Accounts to See What they Post

uMobix for TikTok Private Account Viewers

In terms of TikTok account viewers, uMobix is one of the best. They have various tools that make it easy for you to view private TikTok content without the content owner noticing you.

Parents who want to keep tabs on their kids’ online activity will appreciate this fantastic option for keeping tabs on private TikTok accounts.

4. mSpy — Best for Viewing Hidden and Sensitive TikTok Info

mSpy for TikTok Private Account Viewers

For private TikTok profile observers, mSpy is one of the most well-known options. TikTok accounts and other sensitive information can now be monitored online. Parents who wish to monitor their children’s online activities without disclosing that information to their children have a slew of possibilities. This is because they have access to not only a private TikTok account but also all incoming and outgoing phone calls on the targeted device.

Installing the app on Android or iPhone takes less than five minutes. No need to worry about a phone that’s been jailbroken. The app’s customer assistance team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, in case anything goes wrong.

5. Brainans — Best Public and Private TikTok Viewer

Brainans for TikTok Private Account Viewers

Brainans is an excellent alternative for TikTok online viewers because they have a user-friendly website and allow you to access both private and public TikTok accounts. Every profile, song, video, and follower on TikTok can be searched for nothing.

You won’t have to worry about your personal information being disclosed as long as you use these people. You can examine all the information you need about your TikTok account by using this type of analysis tool.


Q. How do I know if a TikTok profile is private?

TikTok accounts can be easily identified as private or public. Likes and posts are not displayed on a TikTok account. The notification that appears will read, ‘This account is private.’ If you follow this account, you’ll see videos and likes.

There will be accounts on TikTok with the message ‘no content,’ as well. Just because a user hasn’t submitted anything to their account doesn’t mean it’s private.

Q. Do I have to keep my account private?

For a variety of reasons, people use TikTok to create private accounts. This app’s content is well-known on the internet. Instantly, anyone can go viral. As a result, many people want to keep their social media identities a secret to avoid being tracked. Understandably, many people would prefer to remain completely anonymous.

A private TikTok account allows you to choose who can see your content, whereas a public one could draw unwanted attention. Having a secret TikTok account can protect you from annoying neighbors, weird strangers, haters, and unyielding relatives, among other things.

As a result, even though switching to a private account means a smaller fan and follower base, many TikTok users still do so. Creating a close-knit group is one argument for private accounts. This is because certain TikTok content might be hilarious, offensive, or just plain funny. The public release of this kind of content could lead to harsh condemnation.

Q. In what ways can I make my account on TikTok private?

Making your TikTok videos more private is a simple process everyone can perform. You can accomplish this by changing the privacy setting so only your friends can see it. Go to the “Settings” section of the menu bar. On the “Who Can See Your Videos” page, select “Friends.”

Q. Do private TikTok viewers pose any security risks?

Using one of the high-quality private TikTok account viewers on this list won’t get you in trouble with TikTok’s policy. Everything you provide them, including credit card numbers, is encrypted.


You can now follow a private TikTok account and view its private videos using the methods I have outlined above. I believe that this post has given you a better understanding of how to access a personal TikTok profile.

Because there are so many reasons why you would want to see a person’s TikTok account, it’s important to check out the third-party TikTok companies I have talked about because they have professionals on board who can make the entire process much smoother.