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[Fixed] Hulu Error Code 500 on Your Streaming Device

Is Error Code 500 bothering you when trying to stream content from the Hulu platform? Relax because you can fix the problem effortlessly using simple hacks.

Hulu is one of the best and most popular online platforms for streaming all types of entertainment content. The American subscription streaming service offers a library of movies and TV shows from a wide selection of networks. You can never miss something entertaining to watch on Hulu, irrespective of your age and preferences.

Do you love streaming movies and TV shows on the Hulu website platform? Then you must have experienced error code 500 at some point. If not, you may experience the error sooner or later. However, that shouldn't worry you because you can quickly fix it.

What causes Hulu error code 500?

What causes Hulu error code 500

This error typically appears when watching movies and TV shows from a website platform.  Hulu error code 500 happens because of glitches or internal faults to the server. You can quickly fix the problem by performing various simple hacks, as shown below.

1. Check the Hulu server

Check Hulu server

 The reason why you’re getting error code 500 is probably that the site is down or the server has issues. You can use the website to check the status of Hulu and probably identify the cause of the error.

Just open the website, and you will see the current server status of Hulu. Available reports can help you to determine whether Hulu has a problem or if you need to fix something on your side.

2. Delete browser cookies and cache

When you access internet platforms, including Hulu, your browser saves some information from these platforms in its cookies and caches. Consequently, you may get error code 500 if some files are in cookies and the cache of your browser is broken.

You can fix error 500 by clearing the caches and cookies of your browser to get rid of broken files. Here is a simple guide on clearing cookies and cache on the Chrome browser.

Step 1: Go to your computer and launch the Chrome browser.

Step 2: Navigate to the top right side of the page and click the “More” option ( ).

Step 3: Select the “More tools” option and then “Clear browsing data.”

More tools

Step 4: Choose a time range for the cookies and cache you want to delete. You can select the “All time” option if you want to delete everything.

Step 5: Check or mark the boxes next to “Cookies and other site data” and the one next to “Cached images and files.”

Step 6: Now click the “Clear data” option to delete cookies and cache.

Delete browser cookies hulu

3. Restart the streaming device and network

hulu switching off the devices

Another reason why you’re getting Hulu error code 500 is that your device or network has issues. Thus, you can fix the error by restarting your streaming device and network. You start by switching off the devices and then unplugging the streaming device and router from power.

Wait for about one minute, connect the devices to power again, and switch them on.  Now the restarting process is complete, you can try streaming content on Hulu and see if the problem has been fixed. If the problem persists, you should try other approaches to fix it.

4. Check network bandwidth

Check network bandwidth

 You’re likely to experience Hulu error code 500 when streaming content if your network bandwidth is too slow. If you’re watching Hulu on your computer, you can use this URL to check your network speed. or

It's good to make sure your internet connection is fast if you want to enjoy streaming your favorite movies and TV shows on the Hulu platform. The faster and more stable the network bandwidth, the better and smoother the streaming experience.

5. Update Hulu Version

Another possible reason you’re getting Hulu error code 500 is that your Hulu version is outdated. In that case, you can fix the problem by updating to the latest Hulu version. This is important if you use the Hulu app to stream content. Make sure you have installed the app well, and updates are from Hulu’s official website.

Follow the guide below to update Hulu software manually.

Go to the home menu on your device and select System Settings > Manage Software > select “Hulu” > Software Update > Via the Internet.

Hulu software update

6. Contact Hulu's official customer service

Contact Hulus customer service

If you have tried all the above hacks and you can’t fix Hulu error 500, then the problem could be from Hulu’s side. At this point, it is good to contact Hulu's official customer services so that they can help you solve the problem.

Customer Service numbers:

  • (888) 265-6650
  • (877) 485-8411
  • (310) 496-0582

Email: [email protected]

Alternatively, you can access the Hulu community platform to get help on fixing the error from other users.


There is no need to panic if you get error 500 when trying to stream content from the Hulu platform. Such things happen from time to time, and you can fix the error easily using the above hacks. If the problem persists, you should consider using a different device or browser to stream content.

Alternatively,  you can use other platforms to stream your favorite movies and TV shows if Hulu fails to work completely.