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How to Get the Human Heritage Armor Set in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

As an avid World of Warcraft player, I‘m thrilled to dive into the Dragon Isles and all the new adventures that await in the Dragonflight expansion. One of the most exciting additions is the arrival of heritage armor sets for the original game races, including a stunning new set for humans inspired by the ancient kingdom of Arathor.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know to unlock the Heritage of the High Kingdom armor set for your human character. You‘ll learn about the lore behind the armor, the requirements to start the quest, detailed steps to complete it, and tips to make the process smooth and efficient. Let‘s get started!

What is Heritage Armor?

Heritage armor sets are specially-designed armor looks that reflect the traditions and history of a playable race. They were first introduced in the Battle for Azeroth expansion for allied races, but now Blizzard has created heritage sets for the original races as well.

Unlocking these armor sets involves completing an extensive questline that takes you through important moments in your race‘s narrative. It‘s a rite of passage, demonstrating your dedication to that race‘s background.

The armor itself directly pulls from iconic imagery and lore significant to that race. It‘s very much like obtaining a family heirloom, cementing your lineage as part of your racial community in Azeroth.

Overview of the Human Heritage Armor Set

Humans have one of the oldest and most influential cultures in WoW‘s history. The Heritage of the High Kingdom armor set pays homage to the mighty human kingdom of Arathor, the first united nation of humans on Azeroth.

It features brilliant silver plate armor engraved with lions, gryphons, and other Arathorian symbols of strength. Blue and gold tabards proudly bear the crest of the ancient human empire that ruled before Stormwind.

You can almost feel the weight of history in this armor set. By completing the questline, your human character proves themselves a rightful heir to this storied legacy. You‘ll uphold the tenets Arathor was built on: courage, nobility, justice, and faith.

Requirements to Unlock the Human Heritage Armor Quest

To even begin the questline for heritage armor, your character must meet two simple requirements:

  • You must have a level 50+ human character (this includes boosted characters).
  • You must have the Dragonflight expansion purchased and installed.

As long as you meet level and race criteria, you can start the unlock questline by speaking to Master Mathias Shaw in Stormwind Keep. He will have a special dialogue box to begin the first quest.

And that‘s it! No need to gear up or grind any reputations. Just have an appropriately leveled human and you‘re eligible to earn your Heritage of the High Kingdom transmog.

Step-By-Step Guide to Unlocking the Armor Set

Below I‘ll cover every objective you need to complete to add this incredible heirloom armor to your human‘s collection. I‘ve organized it into clear steps to check off as you go.

1. Speak to Master Mathias Shaw to Start the Questline

You can find Master Mathias Shaw within Stormwind Keep at coordinates (76, 60). He has an exclusive quest called "An Urgent Matter" that kicks off the armor unlock process. Speak to him to get it started.

This first quest has Shaw asking you to investigate suspicious SI:7 activity in Redridge Mountains.

Travel to Redridge Mountains and get ready to work through the full heritage armor narrative!

2. Reach Marshal McBride at Three Corners

Your first major objective will be to locate Marshal McBride at the Three Corners outpost in Redridge. He should be found at:

/way Redridge Mountains 24.6 18.8 Marshal McBride

Speak to McBride and he will tell you that SI:7 operatives have gone missing near Render‘s Valley. To find them, you must ascend to higher ground.

3. Climb to Shalewind Canyon Overlook

Based on McBride‘s information, make your way up to Shalewind Canyon Overlook at:

/way Redridge Mountains 27.2 23.6 Canyon Overlook

Here you will find a path leading down into Render‘s Valley where the missing SI:7 agents were headed.

4. Search Render‘s Valley for Clues

Carefully descend into Render‘s Valley until you reach the coordinates:

/way Redridge Mountains 28.2 30.6 Strange Cave

You will discover a strange cave with a blood trail leading inside.

Enter the cave to find the corpses of the missing SI:7 operatives. Loot the SI:7 Insignia from them to update your quest objective.

5. Defeat Mor‘ghor the Destructor

As you attempt to exit the cave, you are ambushed by a powerful warlord named Mor‘ghor riding an elekk. He cannot be reasoned with and you must:

Defeat Mor‘ghor in battle.

This is a surprisingly difficult solo scenario for the quest‘s level. Mor‘ghor himself is level 60 with over 650k health, so I strongly recommend having a self-heal, defensive cooldowns, and an appropriate gear level.

Once you finally slay the warlord, the quest will complete and you can hearthstone back to Stormwind Keep.

6. Report Back to Mathias Shaw

Return to Master Mathias Shaw within Stormwind Keep and let him know what transpired. He will be troubled that a warband has slipped into Redridge unnoticed.

To get to the bottom of this infiltration, Shaw will have you meet with the leader of the Defias Brotherhood, Vanessa Vancleef, who operates out of Moonbrook.

This concludes the first major chapter of the heritage armor questline. You‘ve uncovered a new threat to Stormwind‘s territory. Next, you must partner up with unlikely allies to root it out.

7. Rendezvous with Vanessa VanCleef in Moonbrook

Exit Stormwind and head just north of Goldshire to the small town called Moonbrook. You‘ll find Vanessa VanCleef waiting at:

/way Westfall 45.2 69.4 Vanessa VanCleef 

Speak to Vanessa to get the next stage of the quest going. True to Defias form, she drives a hard bargain with SI:7 to secure her assistance.

8. Defeat Mor‘ghor‘s Warband Leaders

Vanessa needs you to weaken Mor‘ghor‘s forces before she commits the Defias Brotherhood. She asks you to slay his three trusted warband leaders in exchange.

These mini-boss level NPCs can be found at the following waypoints:

Rorgh the Rager:

/way Westfall 52.2 85.8 Rorgh the Rager

Karrog the Colossus:

/way Westfall 42.4 82 Karrog the Colossus

Prugg Axe-Thrower:

/way Westfall 63.6 34 Prugg Axe-Thrower

I strongly advise fighting them separately instead of simultaneously as they have lethal coordinated attacks. Expect to use defensive abilities. Once all three lie dead, return to Vanessa.

9. Venture into Deadmines and Defeat Mor‘ghor

Impressed by your victory over the warleaders, Vanessa commits the Defias Brotherhood to your cause and invites you to assault Mor‘ghor directly.

Follow Vanessa into the Deadmines where Mor‘ghor and his forces have entrenched themselves following their previous defeat. Progress through the instance until you reach Mor‘ghor the Destructor.

You‘ll recognize him from Render‘s Valley. This time, defeat Mor‘ghor with Vanessa‘s aid. After his death, she will hear a mysterious voice from his corpse…

This concludes chapter two and you have successfully eliminated the invading threat! But this voice hints at darker powers controlling events from the shadows…

10. Venture into Stormwind Vault with Shaw

Return once more to Master Mathias Shaw who now plans to investigate how Mor‘ghor infiltrated Redridge to begin with. He asks you to enter Stormwind Vault with him at:

/way Stormwind City 49.6 88.2 Stormwind Vault Door

Fight your way through the vault until you defeat the vault‘s defender, Lord Robin Daris. Searching the area, you will discover clues about a SI:7 traitor who enabled the Redridge invasion.

You must quickly act on this revelation back in Stormwind Keep.

11. Confront Raethan the Traitor

Shaw has uncovered evidence pointing to Raethan, one of his most trusted spies, as the traitor responsible for Mor‘ghor‘s success invading Redridge. At Mathias‘s orders, you must:

Arrest Raethan in Stormwind Keep‘s Map Room where the vile sabateur gloats about his coming victory. Defeat him to subdue the spy after a difficult bout.

With Raethan imprisoned, Master Shaw‘s next task is discovering who orchestrated this elaborate conspiracy…

12. Seek Answers from the Hall of Shadows

The traitor Raethan raved to you about serving the "true king of Stormwind" and you must figure out what that means.

Master Shaw sends you to an expert on the Shadowlands and Stormwind royalty – Watcher Mikanikos at the Hall of Shadows.

Mikanikos can be found at:

/way Oribos 39.6 66.2 Mikanikos

Deliver Raethan‘s encrypted letter to Mikanikos to see if he can make sense of the scheme against Stormwind.

13. Defeat Balinda in the Maw

After reading Raethan‘s letter, Watcher Mikanikos is troubled by a reference to the "Sunstrider." This is none other than Llane Wrynn, another contender to Stormwind‘s throne who died years ago!

If Llane has returned to mastermind Raethan‘s betrayal, it could only be done in the Maw. Mikanikos sends you there to investigate and defeat Balinda Stonehearth, one of Llane‘s allies.

Balinda patrols The Crucible along the following route:

/way The Maw 53.0 41.8 Balinda Stonehearth

Slay Balinda to obtain proof that Llane is behind the turmoil in Redridge and Stormwind. Report back to Mikanikos with this dire revelation.

You‘re getting closer to stopping the sinister plot against Stormwind rule!

14. Protect Anduin Wrynn in Stormwind Keep

Hell-bent on seizing Stormwind‘s throne, the vengeful spirit of Llane Wrynn launches an attack on the city. Watcher Mikanikos sends you back home to protect the current king.

Make your way to King Anduin Wrynn and his guards near the Stormwind Keep entrance at:

/way Stormwind City 78.8 18.4 Anduin Wrynn

Fend off the waves of attackers until Llane‘s shade finally materializes. Use everything at your disposal to defeat Llane a final time.

With Anduin safe, the uprising is quelled before it could truly begin. You have preserved Stormwind‘s proper line of succession!

15. Claim Your Heritage Armor from Master Shaw

Return one last time to Spymaster Shaw. Report that Llane Wrynn‘s coup has been prevented and calm has returned to Stormwind.

For your steadfast service protecting the kingdom, Master Shaw awards you the storied Heritage of the High Kingdom armor set as a symbol of your nobility.

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of WoW‘s Human Heritage Armor transmog!

Equip it to visibly celebrate your character‘s lineage as part of the great human kingdom of Stormwind and ancient Arathor.

Well done! Acquiring heritage armor is no easy feat. I hope breaking the long questline into clear steps made the journey smoother. Let me know if you have any other questions about unlocking WoW‘s heritage armor sets!

Tips for Tackling the Heritage Armor Questline

If certain fights gave you trouble on this questline, here are some tips to master them:

  • Mor‘ghor – His elekk does heavy AOE damage. Keep moving and use interrupts when possible.

  • Warband Leaders – Never engage more than one at once. They gain a lethally high damage buff when together.

  • Raethan & Balinda – Both have stealth detection. Don‘t over-rely on invisibility/Vanish abilities.

  • Llane‘s Shade – Has brutal zone denial. Kite him if you need breathing room for healing/recovery.


The Heritage of the High Kingdom armor is a must-have addition to any human main‘s transmog collection. Unlocking it makes you feel cemented in WoW‘s story as a champion of humanity. I hope this guide gave you confidence to achieve that!

As always, I‘m happy to answer any follow-up questions here or on my social channels. I wish you the best of luck questing in Dragonflight! Don‘t forget to get some use out of that snazzy new heritage set.