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IMVU Name Checker: Checks Name Not Taken

Do you enjoy using IMVU to connect with new people? If so, you can use the following IMVU name checkers to try to discover your perfect IMVU username. Using these tools, you can easily find an ideal and unique username that perfectly represents you in the exciting world of IMVU.

IMVU is a captivating online virtual world and social networking site where members use 3D avatars to meet new people globally, chat, create and play games. Founded in 2004, the site has become the world's largest web3 social metaverse with the most extensive virtual goods catalog ever. Users can log in to their IMVU account using mobile phones or computers. People also make money through the platform by turning virtual products into cash. You can roleplay, dress up, host an event, or even virtual date through the platform.

IMVU, a fantastic site, cannot check if your desired username is available. Several username checkers have been designed to help IMVU users check the availability of a username. These name checkers will help you get the ideal username for your IMVU avatar.

1. SpinXo IMVU Name Checker

SpinXo IMVU Name Checker

SpinXo is a super IMVU name checker that can help you find your dream IMVU username. It has a user-friendly interface where you must type your preferred username you like and hit that spin button to get the usernames available. Usually, Spinxo will check the username and develop fantastic and suitable IMVU username options for you to pick the ideal one.

The best part of this SpinXo is that you can spin as much as you want until you find the perfect name that revolves around you. So don't just pick any username since you can keep spinning until you discover the right one. Give it a try to use SpinXo to have an ideal username that stands out in the IMVU community.

2. IMVU Emporium Name Checker

IMVU Emporium Name Checker

IMVU Emporium Name Checker is another IMVU name checker which will allow you to check the availability of your preferred usernames. If you are new to IMVU and need help developing a username to fit you well in your account, worry less since IMVU has got you covered. This platform is straightforward because of its user-friendly interface, where you must type your desired names in the box on the left and search for them.

A result will come out, and if the name you want is available, it will be in the right-hand box, waiting for you to claim it. However, if the name you had in mind is already taken, you will see a prompt message that says, “None of the names are available even with a ticket.””Please don't lose hope since it means you can't use any of those names at the moment, but you can try plenty of other awesome usernames out there.

3. Reddit

Reddit for Name Checker

Reddit is a platform that has a broad user base, and it appeals to people, making it an excellent place to find information, share experiences, and many others. Since there is a limitation of IIMVU'slacking to check the availability of a new username, we have a proactive individual who took the initiative and developed a solution, creating an application available on GitHub.

This application is a name checker that checks for any available username without asking for your password, credit, or changing your avatar name. The platform contains the availability of whether a profile exists at

If the avatar username is taken, it will show a red error message; if it is available, it will show a green message.

4. ETC Gamer IMVU Name Checker

ETC Gamer IMVU Name Checker

If you want an IMVU username that can make you stand out, consider using the ETC Gamer IMVU name checker to make Your avatar's appearance matter to your audience. This website will help you develop a unique username that will draw attention from other users to your avatar. To check if your name is taken, input the name you want in the ”ass input method box and press the ”process to names button.” If you find that the username you want is taken, it can still generate dozens of names for you to pick.

All you need to do is enter the nickname you want on the checkbox and press the generate button. It immediately changes your nickname into a more fancy character. If you are interested in the name generated, click the ”opy”button on the clipboard and copy it to your IMVU. If you dislike the name generated, you press the ”try again ‘button, and it creates other names. To have a 2 or 3-letter premium name, you must pay a given amount to have the username. You can gain access to the site for free or without an account.

5. Nickgram IMVU Name Checker

Nickgram IMVU Name Checker

Nickgram is among the most incredible IMVU name generators displayed to produce creative usernames and nickname suggestions. Even without having to search for a name, nickgram has hundreds of names displayed on their page where one can easily copy the name and paste it on their IMVU usernames. You need to input your desired name or nickname in the search box, which will generate many names.

You can also input a username you want with either a left, middle, or right character, and it will generate the perfect username to use. Besides finding IMVU usernames, you can also find fantastic gamertags on the website. The website is beneficial to use and free to access, with no limit to usernames to search for.

6. LOL Name Checker For IMVU

LOL Name Checker For IMVU

Lol name checker for IMVU is used not only for checking League of Legends usernames but also for finding the ideal username that can be used in your IMVU profile. It is a common site for many users in different spaces seeking a captivating username on their respective social sites.

How this tool works: you first enter your desired IMVU username, select your region, and click the search button as you sit back and wait for the magic to happen. When the list of IMVU usernames is displayed, check if the desired username you picked is available. If it is, you will see a delightful message saying, “username is probably available.”But if the username is taken, don't worry. This is because the name checker will let you know when the username will be up for grabs; you will see a message that says, “username is available (n number of days).”So if you are patient enough to wait for those days to elapse, then well and good. If not, you can search for another username.

7. Nickfinder IMVU Username Checker

Nickfinder IMVU Username Checker

If you need help developing a catchy and memorable IMVU username, the Nickname IMVU Username Checker has got you covered. Nickfinder is a fantastic tool that can assist you in finding the perfect nickname to use on IMVU and tell you whether it is available. One cool feature of this platform is that when you enter the page, it gives you a list of cool and unique usernames that you can use immediately if you love one of them.

If, for instance, the username you have searched for and you are not entirely satisfied with the suggestion, you can click on “enerate another” for more suggestions. You can take it once you find a perfect username that fits your personality.


Q. How much does it cost to change your IMVU username?

To change your Avatar name on IMVU, you must use Name Change Tokens (NTC). You can get NTC from their store, which costs $12.99. Apart from buying, you can be gifted the NTC.

Q. Why can't I find a user on IMVU?

If you are having trouble searching for a specific user on IMVU, the user avatar can set the username as unsearchable.

Q. Is IMVU free to use?

IMVU offers both free and paid features. Users can sign up for free and access basic functionalities. However, virtual items, avatar customizations, and premium features may require purchasing with IMVU credits or real money.

Q. How do I earn credits on IMVU?

Users can earn credits on IMVU through various methods, such as completing surveys, participating in promotions, joining partner offers, or purchasing them directly from the platform.

Q. Can I customize my avatar on IMVU?

Yes, IMVU allows extensive avatar customization. Users can change their avatar's appearance, clothing, and accessories and even create virtual products to sell to other users.

Q. What are IMVU credits?

IMVU credits are the virtual currency used within the platform. They can purchase virtual items, clothing, accessories, furniture, and other premium features.


To come up with a perfect IMVU username, it is so easy to get one when you use the IMVU name checker. It is essential to consider how you can present yourself on the IMVU platform and think about a username that reflects your personality and interest. By using the above online tools, you can access them to find an ideal username, and you will have a unique identity that fits you perfectly in the IMVU community.