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15 Best Instagram Follower Count Checkers in 2024 [Realtime]

Since its inception, Instagram has been one of the best social media platforms and a powerful marketing tool for businesses. People use it to expand their presence and visibility online. In this article, we’ll look at the best Instagram follower count checker sites and apps that can help you keep track of your followers.

It is an excellent tool to find customers and build a dedicated fanbase; who are your followers. This makes it essential for content creators to keep track of their Instagram followers or how their posts perform. This is possible with an Instagram live follower count checker site or app. With valuable audience insights, you can restructure your marketing plan and content creation strategy.

1. Spam guard App

Spam guard app Overview

Spam guard is one of the best Instagram live follower count checker apps. It will help you keep track of your followers and where they come from. Spam guard is also an excellent cleanser that ensures that you do not have followers on your Instagram account who will not do anything. It gets rid of inactive and unauthentic followers on your Instagram profile. This is an excellent feature because it will ensure that you have legit followers actively interacting with your content.

Being a cloud-based live follower count checker site, you do not have to download the app to use its services. You can connect to their services online and see a live count of your Instagram followers. In addition to that, you can also keep track of more than one Instagram account at the same time.

2. Famoid

Famoid Instagram Live Follower overview

Famoid is more than an Instagram follower count tool. In addition to helping you see how many Instagram followers you have, Famoid also provides valuable analytics about them. It is an easy-to-use tool that can be used on any device whatsoever. You’ll get statistics on the number of people following and unfollowing you. You’ll also see your weekly progress in terms of your followers. Famoid checks your follower count in real-time, making it worth trying out.

Famoid makes it easy for you to know the type of content attracting your followers and how you can keep them engaged. It is one of the best tools in helping you understand your followers. Therefore, you can use Famoid alongside Instagram analytics to keep track of your most popular posts and the most engaging ones.

3. Followers Gallery

Followers Gallery overview

Followers Gallery is another top live follower count checker site. Its success has been exceptional since its release. Many successful businesses and professionals are utilizing it. Followers Gallery allows you to see who has followed and unfollowed your Instagram account. It also helps you differentiate your real followers from ghost followers. Even though Followers Gallery is free, you can use the upgraded version to access more advanced features.

Followers Gallery offers real-time Instagram follower tracking, helping you understand your audience much better. Using Followers Gallery is a piece of cake. All you have to do is visit their webize, provide your Instagram handle, and let the site do its work.

4. Counts Live

Counts Live Overview

Counts Live is a great live Instagram count checker tool that has captured the hearts of many Instagram users. It is an easy-to-use tool with many essential features that can help you know ghost followers, genuine followers, and even those who have blocked you.

You’ll receive data on your followers based on the dates. Counts Live provides all the information you’ll need to create your Instagram marketing strategy. It’ll also help you know your genuine followers and eliminate spam followers who are not engaging with your content.

5. Instafollowers

Instafollowers for Live Instagram Followers Overview

Instafollowers is another reliable live follower count checker app that you can use to keep tabs on your Instagram followers. With real-time tracking and advanced security features, you can keep track of your Instagram followers without compromising your personal data.

Instafollowers also makes it easy for you to know your recent followers and unfollows free of charge. By upgrading to the paid version, you’ll use more advanced features like knowing those who have blocked you and those who have not followed you back. With all this information, you can build a winning Instagram strategy.

6. GetInsta

Getinsfollowers Overview

Would you like to know how many people are following you and get your live follower count and those who follow you back, among other features? Then GetInsta is the perfect app. In addition to that, GetInsta also allows you to follow and unfollow many Instagram accounts at once.

You’ll also see accounts that have blocked you. Another outstanding feature of GetInsta is the auto-unfollow feature. You can use it to unfollow everyone that you’ve followed but are not following you back. GetInsta also gives you an in-depth analysis of your posts. This will help you in increasing engagement in your Instagram posts.

7. Insta Statistics

insta statistics overview

Insta Statistics is a simple but powerful tool to help you see real-time followers and other statistics on your Instagram profile. After providing your Instagram handle, Insta Statistics will immediately give you your love follower count.

You’ll also know the number of posts, followers, and other basic data on your Instagram profile. Even though Insta Statistics does not provide more information like the other apps mentioned, its simplicity makes it a preferred app. If you mainly focus on knowing your Instagram follower count, then Insta Statistics is all you need.

8. FollowMeter

FollowMeter apps from play store

FollowMeter is one of the simplest apps to help you keep tabs on your follower count. It is a powerful analytics tool that allows you to access deep insights on your Instagram account. You can now monitor your follower growth and learn about your non-followers.

It has an attractive and easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to manage your followers. In addition to that, you’ll know your story views and post performance which are available on the paid version of the app. With FollowMeter, you’ll see the number of followers gained and lost, the number of non-followers, and your total likes and comments.

9. Blastup

Blastup overview

Blastup is another popular app that helps you monitor your Instagram followers and your post’s engagement. You’ll keep track of the number of people following you in real-time alongside engagement stats on your profile. You’ll receive statistics on the number of likes your posts receives.

This helps you know the type of content your followers love most. Blastup is an excellent app that enables you to boost engagement on your Instagram profile. Engagement is essential in helping your Instagram account stand out. With this tool and the right analytics, you’ll improve your Instagram engagement by reforming your content.

10. Tucktools

Tucktools overview

Tucktools is a top Instagram live follower count checker that provides essential analytics. It comes with various features that can help you know your follower count and the general engagement stats on your Instagram account. What makes it stand out is that you can access these features for free.

You can also use Tucktools for a wide range of tasks. You can utilize its statistics to expand your Instagram presence. Tucktools is among the best and most popular tools on the market that you can use to keep track of your Instagram followers.

11. Unfollowers and Ghost Followers

Unfollowers and Ghost Followers overview

Unfollowers and Ghost Followers app’s exemplary reputation is reflected by its high rating on the App Store. It is a real-time follower counter app that helps you get an insight into your followers. This app provides relevant information that not only helps you understand your followers but also create more engaging content.

You’ll receive updates on your most effective posts, which will help you learn more about the most popular likers and comments. After downloading the app, you’ll log into the app and get all the information you’ll need.

12. SocialRank

SocialRank overview

SocialRank is a great tool that can help you analyze your audience on Instagram and Twitter. You’ll get metrics on your Instagram followers, helping you know who is following you and who is not. SocialRank allows you to create custom lists and export the data to PDF.

In addition to that, SocialRank allows you to know your most influential and most engaging followers. Generally, SocialRank is an app that can help learn more about your followers as you keep track of your follower growth.

13. Iconosquare

Iconosquare overview

Iconosquare sends you regular reports on your Instagram followers. You can choose to use the free or paid version of the site. With the free version, you’ll get instant Instagram audits on your account. To use Iconosquare features, you’ll have to provide your email address and connect it with your Instagram account. It will then analyze your posts and post engagement.

Iconosquare will also give you tips based on your account activity, audience engagement, account settings, and content strategy. This is enough to help you make an impact on your Instagram account. You can utilize the paid version’s features to make your brand stand out. With regular updates and customization features, Iconosquare has more than everything that an Instagram user will need.

14. Follower Analyzer

Follower Analyzer overview

Follower Analyzer is an Instagram live follower count checker app available to Android users. It is a reliable app for keeping track of your Instagram profile, including relevant analytics related to your Instagram followers. You’ll know who has followed or unfollowed you and is not following you back.

Follower Analyzer also helps you learn about followers who are not liking or commenting on your posts. You’ll also know your top liked and top commented followers and people who are constantly being tagged in your posts. Follower Analyzer also allows you to manage multiple accounts at the same time.

15. Tracker For Instagram

Tracker For Instagram overview

Tracker For Instagram is a great Instagram live follower count checker app exclusively for iOS devices. If you’re an iOS device user, then this is the best app you can use to track the number of followers on your Instagram account. You’ll also get information on accounts that unfollowed or blocked you.

Tracker For Instagram also provides engagement statistics on your Instagram posts. Technically, Tracker For Instagram provides you with all the information that you might need about your Instagram account. It helps you identify the number of likes and dislikes on your posts, the most devoted followers, and those that are only out to spam you.

Even though it’s freely available, the premium version requires a monthly subscription fee of $10. It also comes with many added features that you can use to grow your account.


Instagram has evolved into an effective platform for social media marketing. These are the best Instagram live follower count checker sites and tools available at your disposal. With the tools discussed above, you can plan the right Instagram marketing strategies.

Some of these tools are free, while others have a paid plan with additional features. Whichever your choice, you can rely on these tools to help you know the number of Instagram followers you’ve lost or gained.