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10 Best Instagram Followers Hack Apps [Nov 2023]

Are you tired of your account’s lack of Instagram followers count and want to know how to boost your number of Instagram followers easily and free? This article provides you with top Instagram applications as well as some tips to get free Instagram followers easily and free.

It takes time and effort to obtain Instagram followers organically, but buying followers from unknown websites is so expensive and risky that it doesn’t make the deal cost-effective. If that’s the case, you may want to look into Instagram follower hacks that give you 10k free followers.

Here are several safe and secure hack Instagram follower apps that allow Instagram users to hack infinite followers for free and quickly. You can even hack free Instagram followers up to 10k in just one day with their aid! Aside from these practical ideas, we’ve also included a list of ways to keep your followers engaged with your account.

Personal Instagram accounts have an average of 150 followers, while Influencers and corporate accounts have an average of 1,000 to 10,000 followers. How much off schedule are you? Fortunately, the following are the best Instagram follower hack apps. Here are 10 Best Free Instagram Followers Hack Applications.

1. Likulator — Best Instagram App for Free Followers and Likes

Likulator apps

On your Android devices, you can only utilize Likulator, a free Instagram followers booster. Coins can be purchased here with both tasks and cash. It’s possible to hack Instagram followers 10k free here with Likulator. Even though the coins obtained through assignments are limited and the price to purchase them is exorbitant, it is beneficial. To use Likulator, you’ll need to enter your Instagram login.

2. Get Real Followers — Best for Free Real Instagram Followers

Get Real Followers apps

Another free Instagram follower hack software is Get Real Followers. In addition to getting free Instagram followers, you can buy followers and likes here for cash. However, this program isn’t particularly polished; the page jumps are jerky, and you may get stuck sometimes. As a result, you’ll need to exercise patience when using it. To add insult to injury, the app requires an Instagram password to log in.

3. Insta Followers Pro — Best for Boosting Instagram Followers for Free

Insta Followers Pro apps

A popular Instagram follower hack app is Insta Followers Pro. Here, Instagram users can receive infinite free followers and likes. For this to work, you need both your Instagram username and password.

4. GetInsita — Best for Generating Instagram Followers for Android and iPhone Users

GetInsita apps

  • Device Supported: Android and iPhone

A free Instagram follower generator for Android, iOS, and PC users is available through GetInsita. In part due to its high level of interoperability, it has the potential to reach a wider demographic of users. As a result, you’ll be able to ask more people to follow your Instagram account and hack Instagram followers and likes from a larger pool of Instagram users for free.

5. InsBottle — Best for Unlimited and High-quality Free Instagram Followers

InsBottle apps

Instagram follower hacking software InsBottle is a completely free iOS app. It’s a free way to get an unlimited number of high-quality Instagram followers.

InsBottle offers both quick and everyday packages of followers, so you may obtain 10,000 free Instagram followers as you like.

6. InsReports+ — Best for Authentic and Free Instagram Followers and Engagement

InsReports+ apps

Using InsReports+’s Instagram tracker and follower service, you can gain an infinite number of new followers on Instagram. This AI-based Instagram growth software can generate precise engagement insights based on metrics that determine Instagram growth and provide instant followers.

In addition, you’ll learn which hashtags to use and when to share your content using them. It is highly recommended that you try this tool if you want to swiftly target the proper demographic and increase your number of Instagram followers.

7. Getinself — Best for Daily Instagram Followers for Free

Getinself apps

Despite having a similar name to the app mentioned above, this is a different Instagram marketing service provider. This Getinself app offers free, daily, and quick Instagram followers and likes for iOS users. Getinself’s free Instagram followers and likes are all generated by active Instagram users, so they’re all real.

Using a safe Instagram likes and followers hack tool does not require a password or survey. It is also guaranteed to be 100 percent private and secure.

8. Followers+ — Best for Auto-boosting Instagram Followers

Followers+ apps

One of the most popular Instagram follower-growing applications is Followers+. Find out which hashtags are most popular in the community and use them in your posts to be noticed. Apart from that, you can also share the stuff you like and save the data for later use.

It allows you to engage with your audience while maintaining relevance on the platform. Consequently, it aids in the creation of an appealing profile, which in turn increases the number of Instagram followers for free.

To be clear, it is not only capable of hacking Instagram followers for free, but it also gives users the ability to hack Instagram likes for free. If you use it, you’ll be able to quickly and successfully expand your Instagram account. I recommend you get the Android app right away.

9. Seek Socially — Best for Organic Instagram Followers

Seek Socially apps

  • Device Supported: Android and iPhone

Grow your Instagram account naturally with the help of Seek Socially, a fully-managed growth solution. If you’re looking for a service that promises to help you obtain more actual Instagram followers, this is the one. They claim this is the only method to build your Instagram profile, and they can help you securely obtain free Instagram followers and won’t get your Instagram profile in trouble.

Seek socially can help you target similar profiles in your business so that you can attract the attention of their viewers and persuade them to visit your content instead. You can choose between two different regular plans, each costing 49 USD monthly and 99 USD monthly.

Organic growth, targeted options, various levels of support, and a content scheduler and planner are all included in each solution. Ultimately, these people understand how essential your Instagram profile is to you and will do their best to protect it.

10. Ins Followers — Best for High-quality and Real Instagram Followers

Insta Followers Pro apps

  • Device Supported: Android and iPhone

Using Ins Followers, you can get up to ten thousand free Instagram followers. The software was created by a team of experts to assist you in getting as many free Instagram followers as you want. It’s compatible with iOS and Android devices.

The daily bonus, fortunate box, and lucky draw are just a few of the easiest ways to gain coins in this game. In addition, you can get infinite Instagram likes here as well. Free Instagram followers 10k can be obtained in various ways, including the direct purchase of currency.

The following are the application’s four most noteworthy functions:

  • It is not a free trial of 50 or 100 followers but a free trial of limitless Instagram followers. Infinite simple chores allow you to hack coins, and the unlimited coins you acquire will enable you to effortlessly hack followers. Instagram users can gain free followers on the platform.
  • All real & active followers: As stated before, all of the users of Ins Followers are actual and active Instagram users following your account or liking your posts voluntarily. And your followers’ level of involvement will be ensured as well.
  • You will never be asked for your Instagram password by Ins Follower’s Instagram follower generator application unless you wish to follow or like other people to earn cash. Apart from that, it employs a state-of-the-art security system to ensure that your personal information is kept strictly confidential.
  • Each continent on the earth has a group of Ins Followers members, making it possible to gain a global following. They may be separated geographically by the sea, but they are together virtually. From anywhere in the world, it is possible to obtain free 10,000 Instagram followers.

Follow these three simple actions, and you’ll see an increase in your Instagram following in as little as a few minutes.

  • To start, download the app to your phone and sign in with your email.
  • To obtain a limitless number of coins, sign in and enter the usernames of up to five different Instagram accounts.
  • You can now get up to 10,000 free Instagram followers by hacking the app!

Tips to Grow your Instagram Followers Easily

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to hacking Instagram followers. Unlimited development is what you should strive for, not free Instagram followers. If you want to keep recruiting new friends and maintain the current amount, you’ll need to implement certain marketing techniques.

1. Your account should be optimized

In this case, you’re optimizing your profile and the content you upload. Make your profile look professional, regardless of whether you’re a brand or an Influencer. To keep your Instagram photos fresh and engaging, be sure to include relevant hashtags and stay on top of the latest Instagram trends.

2. Search for cooperators

To quickly gain a limitless number of Instagram followers as a brand, look for influencers in your industry. It’s a win-win situation for your business and your items when you team up with an Influencer who has a significant following that trusts them. As an influencer, you’ll need others to help you along the way. To grow your Instagram following, you might collaborate with other Influencers who have comparable social influence as you do.

3. Organize contests on Instagram

Freebies are always welcome. For this reason, organizing giveaways regularly under certain conditions, such as following your account and tagging three friends, might help you hack Instagram followers 10k free or even more at an incredibly quick pace.

4. Organize Instagram challenges for your followers

A wonderful method to connect with your Instagram followers is to host Instagram challenges that pertain to your brand. You can get to know them better and better manage your account by allowing them to express their preferences through your challenges. Instagram hacking unlimited followers are the first step for most Instagram users.

5. Use Coin Apps to Quickly Gain 1,000 Instagram Followers (Quite a risky method)

Instagram bots and follower trading apps are other names for coin apps. The “follow for following” strategy is what they do to build a following. This approach worked fine when Instagram first launched, but it’s no longer a good idea.

If you use any automated third-party programs, your Instagram account is at risk of being blocked, according to the newest Instagram algorithm and the Instagram Help Center.

However, if you’re still curious about how to use coin applications to amass 1000 Instagram followers, here’s the general procedure:

  • Sign up for free
  • Use the app to connect your Instagram account
  • Earn coins by purchasing them or following or liking random Instagram profiles or posts that your third-party app suggests.
  • Get more followers by spending your cash.

6. Purchase Instagram Followers

Buying Instagram followers is the next option for increasing your number of followers. Even though purchasing Instagram followers is the easiest way to gain 1,000 subscribers and that there are a plethora of services available, it is not encouraged. Buying targeted Instagram followers is a bad idea because of the following reasons:

  • Instagram can permanently block your account if you violate its terms of service.
  • Purchased followers are nothing more than fictitious additions to your page’s statistics.
  • There is no way you’ll get any more likes from your 1000 followers because they won’t like any of your content.

Purchasing 1,000 Instagram followers is nothing more than a number. Do not utilize this method if you want to attract quality, active followers and long-term engagement.


Q. How do I boost my Instagram followers count?

One of the most effective ways to grow your following is by naturally attracting like-minded individuals. As a result, I only suggest applications and services that have been thoroughly evaluated and confirmed to be reliable. Only organic growth is used to progress your account with these well-respected providers.

Q. Why do I need organic growth for my Instagram account?

Organic growth, as the name suggests, is the process through which your fan base expands on its own accord. It takes time and effort to develop organically. Using hashtags, captions, followers, and content to expand organically is essential. It may take a little longer to grow your profile organically than to buy followers, but the followers you earn through this method are here to stay.


Hacking Instagram followers for free is relatively easy to do if you follow the necessary procedures. Instagram apps like Ins Followers are the most straightforward method for doing so. Instagram followers can be obtained in as little as two minutes using a tool of this type.

There is no need to worry about your Instagram follower count after using them because they are both safe and effective. To help you get to your objective of hacking Instagram followers 10k free, there are four helpful tactics that you can use regularly to maintain your account. Be sure to engage with your followers regularly if you don’t want them to stop following you.