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How to Fix Messenger Update Not Showing on Instagram – A Detailed Guide

Recently Instagram rolled out a major update to its messaging features. This includes fun new options like vanish mode, chat colors, replies and enhanced emoji reactions. However, many users are finding the update is not yet available in their app.

With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram has to be very careful about how they release substantial updates like this. A full global rollout all at once could cause major issues.

So based on past experience, I expect them to gradually make the new messenger available in phases over the coming weeks and months.

As an Instagram marketing expert who‘s been through many platform updates, I know how frustrating it can be to wait for major new features. So in this comprehensive guide, I‘ll provide troubleshooting tips to try and force the update manually, or at least speed up the process.

Why You May Not Have the Update Yet

Here are some of the most common reasons the Instagram messenger update is not showing for you:

  • Slow Regional Rollout: Instagram said they are slowly enabling the update by country. If you are located in a region where it has not yet been activated, you‘ll have to wait.

  • Device Incompatibility: In rare cases, the update may not be available on certain older smartphone models. Make sure your device meets Instagram‘s minimum requirements.

  • Staged Rollout Phases: Even after reaching your country, the update is likely being switched on for a percentage of users at a time.

  • App Needs Manual Update: Go to your device‘s app store and check for Instagram updates. Install the latest version.

  • Account Specific Issues: Something with your individual account could be blocking the update from appearing.

I‘ll next go into more details on troubleshooting steps you can take to fix missing updates.

Troubleshooting Tips to Get the Update

Based on my expertise guiding clients through Instagram changes, here are all the methods you should try to troubleshoot and manually enable the new messenger:

Update the Instagram App

As mentioned above, the update may already be available in your country but requires the latest version of the Instagram app to activate. Go to your device‘s app store and check for updates. Download and install the newest version.

Check App Settings and Permissions

Ensure Instagram has all necessary permissions enabled on your device like notifications and storage access. Also try reinstalling the app completely.

Log Out and Back In

One easy trick is to fully log out of Instagram and then log back into your account. Upon relogin, any pending updates may get triggered.

Try Another Device

Attempt accessing your Instagram account through a different mobile device or borrow a friend‘s phone where the update is present. Sometimes an update gets stuck on one device.

Clear Cache and Data

In your phone settings, find the Instagram app and clear out cached data and temporary files. This can jolt pending updates into appearing.

Use a VPN

If available in your country, a VPN can route your network connection through a region where the update has been activated. Close all apps before connecting to the VPN.

Switch Instagram Accounts

Strangely enough, some users got the update to appear by simply switching to a different Instagram account on their device. It‘s worth testing out.

Report Issue to Instagram

You can formally submit any update issues through Settings > Help > Report a Problem. This provides useful feedback to Instagram‘s engineering team.

Contact Instagram Support

If you continue having no luck, reach out to Instagram‘s official support channels online or within the app. They may be able to manually enable the update.

Remain Patient and Keep Checking

Instagram‘s updates normally reach all users eventually. Keep an eye on your settings and periodically check for changes each day.

When Will the Update Arrive Globally?

It‘s unclear how long it will take for Instagram to fully expand availability of the new messenger worldwide. Based on past rollouts, it can take weeks to months depending on priorities and technical limitations.

Usually areas with the largest user bases like the US, Europe, Brazil and India are updated first. Wider global access tends to come later.

My best advice is to keep checking your Instagram settings daily until the update shows up. Turning on notifications from Instagram can also alert you as soon as it becomes available.

This rollout strategy – while frustrating – is intended to minimize disruption and allow Instagram to address any issues before enabling the update for all users. But have patience, and you should get access soon!

I hope this guide gives you a better understanding of why you may not have the messenger update yet and helpful troubleshooting tips to try to enable it faster. I‘ll be covering the update more once it‘s fully rolled out. Let me know if you have any other questions!