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How To Fix Instagram Reels Not Working [2023 Updated]

The Instagram Reel is an innovative feature that you can use to showcase your personality or even advertise your business. You may experience trouble while using the Instagram Reel feature, but it is something that should not worry you. This article highlights some of the best solutions for How to fix Instagram Reels not working in a few easy steps.

The Reel feature on Instagram made its debut on the social media platform in 2020; at the time, India banned TikTok. The Instagram Reel has cool features like audio, video, AR effects, timers & countdown, alignment, and speed.

Though the features work perfectly, some users still experience problems using them. If that’s you, we have put together some of the best solutions to get your Instagram Reels working again in no time. Keep reading to find out…..

1. Confirm that Instagram Reels cab be accessed via all the supported access points

The first step in troubleshooting and fixing the problem of Instagram reels not working is to check that the features appear correctly on Instagram via all the usual access points. Here’s how to go about it.

a. Look at the center of the navigation bar on the Instagram home page

Reels Icon in the Navigation Bar

Launch the Instagram app on your device, then on the Navigation bar, and confirm that the Reels feature is at the center.

b. Via the new post tab

instagram-reel-Via new post tab

Usually, Reels features can also be accessed via the new posts screen. Check that the option is still available by taping on the Plus (+) icon in the top left of your screen to open the New Post screen. Check and confirm that the Reels tab is available in the bottom right taskbar, usually between Instagram “Story” and “Live” tabs.

c. Via Instagram Explore page

instagram-reels-Via Instagram Explore page

You can easily access the Instagram Explore screen by tapping the search bar and searching for “Explore”. In the search results, try to locate “Public Reels”.

d) Via the Instagram Stories page


Instagram Reels shortcut usually appears at the bottom of the Instagram Stories page. Once you access your Instagram Stories, check the bottom section for the Reels tab.

e. Next to IGTV on the Instagram User profile page.


On the Instagram user profile page, the Reels feature usually appears to the left of the IGTV icon towards the bottom of the screen.

f. Another way to locate Instagram Reels is by swiping left to right on the app's home page.

Usually, the Reels tab will appear between the “Story” and “Live” tabs at the bottom of the screen.

2. Log out and then log back into your Instagram account

Log out and then log back in to your Instagram account

After confirming the Reels feature is available via all the usual access points, the following solution in the list is to try and see if the glitch can be fixed by simply logging out and back into your account. To log out, proceed as follows tap on the profile pic icon in the bottom right > tab Hamburger menu (top right) > Settings > Logins > Log Out

After successfully logging out, log back in and then check if the Reels feature is now working alright. Hopefully, it does.

3. Clear Instagram app cache

Another possible reason why the Reels feature isn’t working properly on Instagram might be because of a full cache. Follow the steps below to clear the Instagram cache on your smartphone:

Step 1: Tap on the Settings icon on your device to access the settings page. Scroll until you locate the Apps option and tap on it.

Step 2: Locate the search bar in the top right of your screen and then look up “Instagram”.

Alternatively, you can just scroll through the Apps page till you find Instagram. The apps are arranged alphabetically. Tap to open the App Info page.

Step 3: On that page, tap on the Storage option and the Clear Cache tab.

Clear Instagram app cache

Step 4: Try accessing the Reels feature and see if it works this time. All should be well. If not, try the next solution on our list.

4. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the Instagram app

If none of the above solutions seem to fix the Reels issue, try uninstalling and reinstalling the entire app. Follow these steps to uninstall Instagram app on your device; Android r iOS.

Step 1: Launch the Settings app > scroll to Apps or Apps & Notifications > Instagram.

Step 2: Under the App Info page, tap on Uninstall. On the popup window, tap Ok to conform uninstallation of Instagram. The app will then be uninstalled successfully from your device.

uninstalling Instagram app

Step 3: After uninstalling Instagram, the next task is to install it back. Do that via Play Store or App Store. Once you have located the app on either platform, tap Install.

reinstalling the Instagram app

5. Try updating the operating software for your device

Another possible culprit that might be causing Instagram Reels not to work could be that your device’s operating system is out of date. To fix this, all you need to do is update the OS so that the app can support the Reels feature. Here’s how to update the OS on your device:

Open Settings app > System > System Update or Software update > Check for Update

The operating system on your device will then be updated to the latest version. Once the update is done successfully, try accessing the Reels feature to see if it works properly after the OS update.

updating the Instagram software

6. Notify Instagram

If, after trying all the options mentioned above, Instagram Reels is still not working on your device, the other option you have left is to report the problem to Instagram. Here’s how to submit your report via the app.

Step 1: In your Instagram account, tap on the Hamburger menu > Settings > Help > Report a Problem.

Step 2: Type the problem in the text area. You can type something like “….Instagram Reels not working on my device. I have tried the following options (enlist the above solutions) to try and fix the issue to no avail. Please help….”

Step 3: Tap on Submit on the top right-hand side corner of the Report a Problem Instagram will then respond and advise you on what to do.

Notify Instagram Report a Problem


Q. What are Reels on Instagram?

Instagram Reels is a feature that allows users to create and share short, entertaining videos to showcase their brand or simply display their creativity.

Q. Do Instagram Reels show on your feed?

Yes, Instagram Reels show on your feed. However, this feature is optional. While uploading your video, you will be asked whether or not you want to share the video on your feed.


If you are having a problem using or accessing Instagram Reels, the solutions mentioned above might be of help. If none helps, then consider reporting the issue so that Instagram’s technical crew can figure out a fix. With that said, we wrap up this post.