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20 Best Instagram Scheduler Tools & Apps (Nov 2023)

Do you often lag behind or get tired of having to post regularly on Instagram? This article is here to help! This article teaches you some of the best Instagram Schedulers that can post on your behalf and ease your stress.

Instagram Scheduler is an application or tool whose main function is to help automatically publish Instagram content on your behalf. Aside from that, an efficient Instagram Scheduler also helps with hashtag ideas and analytics to help gauge individual, brand, and team progress. With this tool, you can edit and schedule bulk content for publishing on Instagram at specific moments.

We are all looking for fast and convenient ways to get things done in our personal lives and on social media. This is even more important if we are busy and don't have the time to keep up with the activities our numerous social media accounts need to stay alive and let others know that we matter in the scheme of things.

Things like uploading new content on your personal or brand's Instagram page can become tedious over time, especially if you create numerous content frequently.

Thus, Instagram schedulers help to take away that burden. Therefore, I have researched and found some of the best Instagram schedulers you can use for free. Some of these tools are not entirely free and may require you to take a paid subscription in the long run.

However, I have decided to include them since you can still use them for free at some point. These are the 20 Best Free Instagram schedulers.

1. Circleboom Publish — Best for Thorough and In-depth Scheduling of Instagram Posts

Circleboom Publish apps Homepage

Circleboom Publish takes the first spot on this list. It offers a thorough approach and usability regarding scheduling content on various social media platforms. With this tool, you can create and design unique content and schedule them for Instagram upload.

And one good thing is that you can work on multiple Instagram accounts simultaneously using Circleboom Publish. Circleboom Publish has a built-in Canva extension, enabling users to design their content efficiently. This feature provides you with collections of photos, emojis, filters, stickers, and templates to work with.

Other design-based features compatible with this Instagram scheduler include Unsplash and Giphy extensions. Another great Circleboom Publish feature is the queue scheduler. This allows you to automatically schedule your posts, setting the time you want each content to get published.

Circleboom Publish also works with other social media platforms, which is excellent for those with different social media accounts who want an easy way to get content published across platforms. Hashtag generation is also possible with this tool. And saving the best for last: Circleboom Publish is a free Instagram scheduler.

2. SproutSocial — Best for Instagram Content Scheduling and Replying to Comments

SproutSocial Homepage

I have used SproutSocial in the past, and I can say that I was impressed with the quality of the tool. This Instagram scheduler is versatile as it is also used for analytics aside from its post-scheduling capability. SproutSocial is not just an Instagram Scheduler; it accommodates other social media platforms, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

This Instagram scheduler app allows you to schedule content for publishing, reply to comments and keep an eye on relevant hashtags. Its analytic feature helps you to verify the performance of your published content. SproutSocial is not entirely free as it has a plan that costs $89 per month.

However, you are entitled to a 30 days free trial. You can do so much within that free period, after which you can decide whether to undertake a paid subscription or not.

3. Smarter Queue — Best for Incorporating Hashtags and Emojis into Instagram Posts

Smarter Queue Apps Homepage

With an Instagram scheduler like Smarter Queue, you can organize your Instagram images and stories. You can share multiple images in one content using this tool. Using Smarter Queue, it is easy to incorporate relevant hashtags, emojis, animations, and captions.

Its extensive medial library contains important content-creating items to ensure your posts are unique and inviting. Smarter Queue offers users a 30-day free trial. With Smarter Queue, you can do a lot on your Instagram account for free.

4. Onlypult — Best for Scheduling Instagram Posts for Free

Onlypult apps Homepage

Next on the list is another noteworthy Instagram scheduler. If like me, you have used Onlypult in the past, you will agree that the tool is reliable in automating your content for posting on Instagram. And that is not all; it accommodates other social media platforms, including Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Pinterest, and Facebook.

This means you can manage multiple accounts across several social media platforms simultaneously. This Instagram scheduler offers a 7-day free trial. You can use this short window to make your social media activities easier without paying a dime.

5. SEMrush — Best Instagram Scheduler for Evaluating Instagram Account Progress

SEMrush Homepage

SEMrush is another impressive Instagram scheduler tool. This tool allows you to schedule your content for posting on Instagram promptly. With SEMrush, you can make vital changes to your photos before uploading them on Instagram. It also provides important information about your target audiences, such as age and country. SEMrush utilizes UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) for tracking purposes.

You will also get regular updates from this Instagram scheduler through PDF and email to help you evaluate your progress. SEMrush allows you to monitor other competitors' content to help you strategize better. With its 14 days free trial, you can enjoy all these benefits.

6. Planoly — Best for Creating Unique and Relevant Instagram Content

Planoly apps Homepage

I have heard so many great things about Planoly, which prompted me to try it. I was not disappointed by my decision. The Instagram scheduler lived up to my expectations. With Planoly, you can schedule your content for posting on Instagram and other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Planoly also has an analytic feature that provides essential data to better your strategies.

Creating unique content with relative ease is one of the pecks of using Planoly. You have access to a rich library of templates, images, stickers, etc. Also, the tool can be accessed on the web or as an app on mobile devices. Planoly offers a 7-day free trial. You have much to enjoy within that period if you use the Instagram scheduler tool.

7. Combin Scheduler — Best for Incorporating Relevant Hashtags to Instagram Posts

Combin Scheduler apps Homepage

Combin Scheduler is, without a doubt, one of the best free Instagram scheduler tools around. Combin Scheduler can help you manage your Instagram stories and posts with its easy Instagram content planning process. You can easily incorporate relevant hashtags into your posts and tag other users in the content caption.

With Combin Scheduler, you don't have to worry about uploading your content on Instagram, as the whole process can be automated. You can edit content to your satisfaction and publish stories on Instagram in bulk. And one good thing is that Combin Scheduler is entirely free.

8. Promo Republic — Best for Fashioning Unique Content Ready to be published

Promo Republic apps Homepager

Another tool to consider in making your Instagram tasks easier is the Promo Republic. This Instagram scheduler helps you fashion unique content for your Instagram account and schedule them for uploading well in advance. It has a library feature with many tools to help you make unique posts.

The Promo Republic also provides users with an analytics feature that generates important data to evaluate their progress. The Instagram scheduler is available for free.

9. Crowdfire — Best for Easy Scheduling and Posting of Instagram Posts

Crowdfire apps Homepage

Another efficient Instagram Scheduler is worth recommending is Crowdfire. The app automatically helps you to schedule in advance and upload content on Instagram without any hassles. It is a free tool that allows you to arrange content for your numerous social media accounts.

You can directly upload content from websites and blogs using Crowdfire. With the Chroma extension feature, Crowdfire allows users to share interesting articles with others on their Instagram accounts. The app can be used for free.

10. SocialBee — Best for Scheduling and Posting Content on Multiple Accounts

SocialBee apps Homepage

SocialBee is another Instagram scheduler you can use to manage your content and publish them on social media. You can make alterations to your content as much as you want.

SocialBee provides automation tools such as Zapier, Pocket, and RSS for easily adding content. You can schedule and upload content on multiple accounts simultaneously. SocialBee can be used for free.

11. Iconosquare — Best for Easy and Free Instagram Scheduling with In-depth Analytics Feature

Iconosquare appa Homepage

Iconosquare is another Instagram scheduler that can be used for free. Aside from Instagram, you can use it on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Its efficient and thorough analytics feature is a prominent aspect of this tool that endears it to large and small businesses.

Iconosquare provides an easy dashboard where you can conduct all your account's activities. This tool provides efficient automatic upload of content with criteria such as geolocation, time, and user tagging.

12. Tailwind — Best for Instagram Image and Video Posting

Tailwind appa Homepage

You can publish content like videos and images on Instagram using Tailwind's scheduling feature. You can also access Instagram pin design promptly beforehand. Making changes to your content during the creation process is made easy with this Instagram scheduler.

Tailwind allows you to generate unique content from other Instagram pinners and utilize successful ones. Tailwind has a forever free trial which means you can enjoy its features without time limitation.

13. Buffer — Best Instagram Scheduler for Evaluating Instagram Growth

Buffer apps Homepage

Buffer is regarded as one of the most efficient Instagram schedulers in the industry. The tool helps you upload content on Instagram and many myriads of social media platforms. It also has an analytic feature that allows you to evaluate your progress.

With Buffer, you can organize and upload Instagram stories without any difficulty. One unique thing about Buffer is that you can create unique content through its feedback and content refinement mechanism.

You can also preview your content before you upload it on Instagram. Key engagement statistics are provided by Buffer for users to evaluate their progress and come up with better strategies to improve the fortunes of their social media accounts. Buffer has a free trial that allows users to access their features without payment.

14. Hootsuite — Best for Uploading Images and Videos and Evaluating Instagram Content Growth

Hootsuite apps Homepage

Hootsuite is another Instagram scheduler that has been much talked about for its quality and reliability. This tool allows you to upload photos and videos on Instagram. You can fashion unique content with Hootsuite. This free Instagram scheduler goes beyond scheduling posts for Instagram and other social media platforms.

The app provides users with one dashboard to organize activities for multiple accounts and across different social media platforms. You can monitor the performance of other competitors. You can also evaluate your content's progress and facilitate collaboration with others. This is even useful if you work in a team where others partake in several duties and require access to the social media account.

15. Sendible — Best for Previewing Content before Uploading to Instagram

Sendible apps Homepage

With Sendible, you can efficiently organize your activities on social media platforms, including Instagram. Sendible is great if you are working in a team as it allows you to collaborate with others smoothly.

The tool also lets you preview your content before uploading it on Instagram. It provides users with prompt and useful ideas to aid them in creating unique content. With Sendible, you can upload multiple contents on social media simultaneously.

16. Sked Social — Best for Easy Review and Organization of Instagram Content before Publishing

Sked Social apps Homepage

Sked Social is another Instagram scheduling tool that provides automatic content scheduling and uploading capabilities. Its visual feature allows you to organize your activities efficiently. No matter the size of your team, Sked Social provides you with efficient means of collaboration with others.

Sked Social also allows you to generate and organize your hashtags without difficulty. You are allowed to determine the specific time and dates you want your content to be uploaded on social media. Sked Social is free and has been praised by many for its reliability and efficiency.

17. Later — Best for Easy Publishing of Instagram Images, Videos, and Stories without Stress

Later apps Homepage

Later is a great option for many who want a unique and easy way to organize your content on Instagram and other social media platforms. With Later, you can publish content such as stories, videos, and images without hassles.

Later allows you to improve your strategies and create more relevance for your brand. You can create and publish up to 30 posts for each social media account. Later can be used for free.

18. CoSchedule — The most Efficient Instagram Scheduler for Easy Post Scheduling

CoSchedule apps Homepage

With an Instagram scheduler like CoSchedule at your disposal, your activities on various social media platforms, including Instagram, can be conducted easily. It is regarded as one of the most efficient Instagram scheduler tools.

It allows for easy collaboration with others and sharing of calendars. What makes CoSchedule impressive is that it can upload your content at a time it deems suitable to attract the most traffic.

19. Agorapulse — Best for Publishing Multiple Instagram Content

Agorapulse appa Homepage

If you want to manage multiple Instagram accounts simultaneously, Agorapulse is a suitable Instagram scheduler you should use. With this tool, you can publish multiple contents simultaneously without any difficulty. It also has a user tagging feature that allows you to tag other users on your posts.

You can also include locations in your content before uploading. Agorapulse provides an easy way to fashion, alter and incorporate hashtags into unique content before posting. You can group your followers for efficient management purposes with adjustable labels.

20. Bettr — Best for Instagram Post Publishing Directly from your PC

Bettr apps Homepage

Bettr is another notable Instagram scheduler. It also accommodates other social media accounts aside from Instagram. Bettr helps you simultaneously organize activities on multiple accounts across different social media platforms.

With Bettr, you can publish content on Instagram direct from your personal computer. Bettr provides essential insights to determine the best time to publish your content. You can also preview your content before publishing. Bettr can be used for free.


Q. How can I select the best Instagram scheduler?

Selecting the best Instagram scheduler depends on what you intend to achieve. There are many free Instagram schedulers, but a paid one would give you enhanced features and tools. Also, you need to consider if you want it for other social media platforms as some Instagram schedulers may not work efficiently on other platforms.

However, choosing an Instagram scheduler with a free trial period is advisable even if you want to undertake a paid subscription.

Q. Which are the Best free Instagram Scheduler Apps?

All the Instagram schedulers mentioned above are efficient; however, you can try the following: Planoly, SEMrush, Circleboom Publish, Smarter Queue, Combin Scheduler, Crowdfire, SproutSocial, Promo Republic, and Onlypult.

Q. Can I set up automatic posts on Instagram?

Yes, you can set up automatic content on Instagram. The easiest way is to use an Instagram scheduler tool. These applications allow you to automatically plan and schedule and upload content on Instagram and other social media platforms.


And that is it for free Instagram scheduler tools. With these tools, you can ease your social media tasks by automating your content. These tools will ensure your posts go live on Instagram at the right time.

Other benefits of free Instagram scheduler tools include access to analytics, Hashtag generation, competitor monitoring, collaboration, and multiple content scheduling on Instagram and across other social media platforms. Ensure you try a couple of these free Instagram scheduler tools to determine which one works best for you.