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11 Best Instagram Story Viewer (Anonymous Access): 2023 Updated

Do you want to stalk someone on Instagram? You can use these Instagram Story Viewer online tools to see their posts, videos, reels, live streams, and stories. The online tools also allow you to download the media.

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms in the world. Not only can you post photos, but also videos, reels, and stories as well as live stream. It has a lot of capabilities that you will like.

If you have a business, there are many Instagram influencers that you can consult to help promote your products or services. You just need to find the ones in your niche. You can even check their engagement analytics to see what they are doing to stay at the top.

Additionally, even if you are not an Instagram user, you can be able to view other people’s stories, posts, videos, live streams, reels, and much more anonymously. Does that sound exciting? These are some of the online tools that you can use to even download the stories.

1. InstaStoriesTrick


Would you want to view someone’s Instagram profile without being tracked? Use the InstaStories Trick platform to stalk someone on Instagram anonymously. The online tool allows you to track stories, highlights, live streams, posts, likes, and comments on Instagram.

Luckily, you won’t even need to have an Instagram account to use the InstaStoriesTrick service. How much better can it get? Your views and personal data will be invisible to the profile owner. Therefore, you can browse through different accounts in your comfort.

Additionally, it allows you to download IG stories, photos, live streams as well as videos and save them on your computer.

2. StoriesDown


Do you want to stalk an account without getting noticed? The Stories Down platform is the perfect solution. You can view the data without any login or registration. You just need to have the Instagram account’s username and use the platform’s search box.

Furthermore, you will be anonymous, and the users won't know that you watched their stories or viewed any of their posts. Moreover, it allows you to save Instagram videos, stories, and photos on your local device.

Just jot down your favorite Instagram users and start downloading valuable content. You will enjoy the experience. Luckily, you won’t be captured in the viewers list.

3. StoriesIG


You can use StoriesIG to watch and download stories anonymously. Furthermore, you just need to have a specific username, search and get the required results. StoriesIG also allows you to save photos and videos to your PC, Mac, or phone. How much better can it get?

To download the Instagram stories, simply enter the username, and you will get the media on your local device. While using the platform, you don’t even need to install anything.

You can use it to share Instagram stories on different social networks and view the stories of other users anonymously.

4. Anon IG viewer

Anon IG viewer

Anon IG viewer is a functional platform that allows you to just type in an Instagram username or even select a profile from the drop list. Once you get it, you can then stalk the user.

With Anon IG viewer you can watch Instagram stories, videos, posts, and reels from people you are interested in. They won’t even notice.

Additionally, you can download the stories or posts and save them on your phone or computer. It is free to use, and you don’t even need an account or software to use it.

5. InstaStories Watch

InstaStories Watch

You can use this Instagram Stories Watch to view Instagram stories anonymously without any registration. When you do this, the user you have stalked won't know that you watched or downloaded any of their stories, videos, or photos.

However, you can only see the stories and media of a public profile. You can’t access the private profiles. In addition, you can watch and download any live streaming. Luckily, you can view accounts of users in any part of the world.

6. InstaStories Viewer

InstaStories Viewer

Insta Stories Viewer is another platform that you can use to watch Instagram stories anonymously. You just need to have the specific user’s profile name, and you will be good to go. There won’t be any need for user authorization.

The service is free, allows you to watch stories anonymously, and doesn't need any further action. You won't even need an Instagram account to view the other user's media.

Therefore, download stories, videos posts, and other information to your local device like a laptop, tablet, or smartphone at your comfort. Track different amounts of accounts in an instant. Get the best content from Instagram in the blink of an eye.

7. StoriesIG app

StoriesIG app

Stories IG app gives you the ability to watch different Instagram users' stories anonymously. You can even download them for free. However, only download the media for good uses and not malicious reasons.

Stories IG app, allows you to watch stories without an Instagram account and even download the media to your device. The service is free for all users. Unfortunately, you can’t watch an Instagram story for a private user profile. However, you can access any public profile in the whole world.

8. Snap Insta

Snap Insta

Do you have someone in mind that you would want to stalk? Then you can use SnapInsta to check the other user’s profiles, stories, posts, and videos without getting noticed. This will help you learn more about a specific user. It is anonymous, therefore, no one will know that you viewed their profiles.

Fortunately, your data won't be shared with the profile’s owner. You won't even need to have an Instagram account to be able to use the service. Additionally, you can view the feed and stories without having to log in. Use SnapInsta to download stories, reels, videos, and photos in the best resolution quality.

9. Stori Stalker

Stori Stalker

How about checking your crush’s user profile without getting noticed? Then use Stori Stalker to make that possible. It allows you to anonymously view Insta stories, profiles, likes, comments, and subscriptions.

Furthermore, it allows you to monitor all changes in the profile and even see deleted posts. This only happens if you had saved the account for monitoring prior.

You even have the advantage of seeing daily reports or any interesting changes to your Instagram profile. However, you must enable the profile monitoring feature. It has some unique features that will make you get to know the other user better.

10. Picuki


Picuki allows you to edit and browse Instagram content without necessarily having to log in. You can use the Picuki service to edit and improve your content on Instagram to make it more appealing.

Picuki also makes it easier to know what’s trending on Instagram – therefore you will always be updated. It even gives you the power to browse Instagram anonymously without being noticed.

You can then download the Instagram active stories that seem appealing to you. What more would you ask for?

11. Insta save

Insta save

InstaSave is another platform that you can use to view Instagram stories in your comfort. You just need to enter the specific username and search for it. You can watch and download any media on Instagram without the user knowing that you checked it out.

The platform is secure, therefore,  you won’t have to be worried about your safety. At times, you may just want to view someone's story without them knowing. This is the best option for you! InstaSave is a great platform that you should bookmark. Your privacy matters.

Create a Great Instagram Experience

You can use any of these online tools to view the Instagram stories of different users. They are all legit and simple to use. All you need to have is the different user’s profile names, search in the box, and get the relevant media that you want.

You even have the advantage of being able to download them. Create a great Instagram experience in the long run. All the best as you view different Instagram stories! You will also track their engagement on Instagram.